After that lesson, the finance class was ushered into their first PE class of the semester.

They had simply selected their preferred activities for PE class in the second week of school, and only began classes half a month later.

There were many options for her to select, but Ruan An’an seemed to be not interested in anything at that time.
Finally, she too, had selected basketball after stealing a peek at Gu Jue’s selection.

She thought it would be difficult to get enough girls to form teams for basketball, but when everyone gathered at their respective stations, she was surprised to see that there were many girls who chose basketball.

Qiu Yan explained the phenomenon, “PE classes are different.
Generally, no one actually bothered to play ball or dance or do any aerobics.
The biggest fun in PE class is to watch the boys play basketball! How cool it is to watch from a close distance!”

Ruan An’an had to agree that it was true that watching the boys playing basketball is a kind of entertainment for girls that would never go out of fashion in their school days.

Although the girls and boys were separated from each other in class, there was not much difference than being together.
After all, they were all in the same court, and they were free to practice together after briefing.

Ruan An’an and Qiu Yan were together in the same team.
When they were dismissed after briefing, she turned to see Gu Jue standing at the side waiting for her.

Her team did not only consist of girls from class 1 of Finance, but also girls from other classes.
Many whispers of “F̲u̲c̲k̲” were heard from those who had not seen the beauty of Gu Jue, while some others who knew about the pair of them immediately jeered.

Qiu Yan is the leader of the commotion.
She nudged Ruan An’an toward Gu Jue’s side meaningfully and even backed off while waving her hand knowingly, “An’an, have a good time! I’m off! I’m off!”


As a matter of fact, Ruan An’an always felt like she’s an elder sister in front of the students who she was a little more familiar with in the class, including Qiu Yan, Chen Song and Lian Hao.
She thought that they were very lively and lovely as she watched them in gratification –  although she was only one or two years older than them.

But when it came to Gu Jue, it did not work at all.

Instead, he was leading her by her nose.

Gu Jue was holding a basketball in his hand, passing it back and forth between his hands while walking towards her, looking extremely relaxed.
“Do you like basketball?”

Ruan An’an shook her head.

He raised his eyebrows, “Then why choose it?”

Ruan An’an pondered for a moment, and figured that there was no need to lie about it, and answered honestly, “I only chose it because you chose it.”

“Oh, I see…” Gu Jue nodded,”Are you relying on me now?”


Ruan An’an automatically filtered this sentence and pretended not to hear it.
Gu Jue did not press on again.
He turned around and took her to the court.

After a short walk, Ruan An’an saw the basketball net, feeling inexplicably excited.
Images flashed across her mind and she looked at Gu Jue next to her, “Hey, I often see players making ten consecutive shots without fail on TV.
Can you do that?”

Gu Jue took a look at her without speaking.

But Ruan An’an sensed that his eyes and his expression were saying  “let me show off.”

Gu Jue patted the ball and stood outside the free throw line.

With the ball in his hands, he raised his arms and flicked his wrist downwards.
The orange basketball soared in the air in a perfect arc, and straight through the net, barely touching the rim.

Ruan An’an gave a loud, enthusiastic cheer.

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