The three of them had turned the originally ambiguous atmosphere into something somewhat strange.


Gu Jue had only held her a little tighter while talking, but his arm was just loosely hanging on her shoulder after that.
His arm was still loosely draped on her shoulder when Ruan An’an turned and moved.


Although there was physical contact, it was strange to see this posture.


Ruan An’an turned to look at him, “Why don’t you take it down?” She paused, then could not help whispering, “What does this mean? Are we good buddies?”




Gu Jue could not resist laughing when he heard the words “good buddies”. What good buddies? What is this little girl thinking?


Gu Jue took down his arm, shaking with silent laughter.
Ruan An’an looked at him in befuddlement.


After a while, Gu Jue asked, “Who’s good buddies with you?”


He raised his hand to rub the corner of his eye, and when he lifted his eyes again, they were glistening beautifully.


He curled the corner of his lip and smiled, “Are you sure I’m not taking advantage of you?”




Ahhhhhhhhhhhh why did you say that with that look? This is foul play!


While Ruan An’an’s mind was babbling on and on, the temperature of her ears was steadily increasing.


You can’t do this!—— She told herself.


You have to do it, do it, do it!—— Ruan An’an chanted in silence.


Are you going to let him have the upperhand every time?—— Ruan An’an questioned herself.


She took a deep breath, blinked, then looked at Gu Jue seriously, “From now on, don’t move.”


“…” It was like an order.
Gu Jue was stunned but agreed quickly, “OK, I won’t.”


Ruan An’an then slowly reached out her hand——


First, she rustled his hair, and it was as soft as it looked.


Then she teased his eyelashes, all the while praising them silently. D*mn eyelashes, even girls would enjoy those long and curly lashes!


Gu Jue blinked, and her fingertip moved down, passing by his straight nose and stopping at the side of his lips.


He had very nice lips – it was thin, hydrated and pink, and it looked the most attractive when he laughed.


Ruan An’an summoned her courage, but still did not place her finger on it.
Instead, she chose to take a detour.


… Ahem, I’ll leave your lips for the next time!


Ruan An’an’s hand stopped on his cheek and could not help squeezing the flesh with two fingers.
His cold fair skin was like an exceptional jade – cool, delicate and smooth to the touch.


The temperature on Gu Jue’s face was a little lower than that of her hands.
A slight itch stimulated his skin, as if static ran through every part of his skin touched by her warm fingertips.


Even his heart was itching when he looked at her face that was so close to him.


The whole process was a little more than ten seconds, and Ruan An’an stopped, “OK, you can move.”


Gu Jue did not speak, and his expression seemed to be a little stunned.


Ruan An’an spoke softly, “Of course, I have a reason to have done that…”


“Since you took advantage of me,” She obviously lacked confidence, but still braced herself as she explained her behavior, “Then I’ll have to do the same…”




Her ears were scarlet, even more embarrassed than Gu Jue whom she just teased.
Her big eyes darted around, refusing to make eye contact with him.


Gu Jue’s eyelids twitched and he cursed silently.

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