Ruan An’an had not had a chance to drink any water, and was thirsty from all the talking earlier.
She really hoped Gu Jue could refuse on her behalf.

However, it did not seem like a good idea for him to refuse such a reasonable request from a girl.
Although Qiu Yan was just joking, the girl took her teasing seriously.

Ruan An’an sighed on the inside.
Just do it.
It shouldn’t take long, just consider it a good deed and accumulation of virtue.

Just as Ruan An’an stood up and turned to open her mouth, Gu Jue spoke.

“Sorry, she’s the darling baby of the group.” Gu Jue emphasized the word “baby”, and then suddenly reached out to put his arms around her shoulders, the warmth from the contact of his arm travelling straight to her cheeks.

Ruan An’an leaned on him with his arms resting on her shoulders loosely, his humour tinted voice reverberating from his chest was particularly magnetic and sexy.
“We don’t simply lend out precious resources.”

The group chat for the students in Class 1 of Finance that was created three years ago had always only contained the permanent students, and usually would not add the exchange students to avoid removing them when they left.

The girl went back to her seat, completely neglecting her initial purpose for guidance in market shares.
She launched into an excited gossip of the incident which ultimately spread in the group chat.

[The two exchange students in our class are really sweeeeeeeeeeeeet]

[what’s the matter?]

[Just now Little X wanted to ask Idol a question, you know, the girl.
And asked if we could borrow her for a while.
It was just a joke right! Then the members of the girl said, “We don’t decide whether or not you can borrow Ruan An’an.
HE (pointed to Gu Jue) decides!”


[Then Xiao x asked hottie Gu, and he put his arms around the sister! Yes! He did! And said – she’s the darling baby of the group, and we don’t simply lend out precious resources! Dayum!]

[… F̲u̲c̲k̲ that’s so attractive.]

[… We were still discussing in the dorms last night that although the two were very flirtatious, they didn’t seem to be together.
We just thought that they were very well matched, and everyone liked to gossip so there were many posts on the forums… ! But d*mn it, what happened today is the real deal!!]

[@ all, to all the straight men in the group, don’t just shout about how much you wanna get a girlfriend but only know a pathetic move – delivering hot water.
Learn from this quickly!]


The rest of the members seemed to be frozen in place after Gu Jue finished speaking.

The trio stared at him holding Ruan An’an around his arm, thoughts flashed across their mind at the same time—

… darling baby of the group?

Are we babying her?

Did we approve that she was the darling baby of the group? Are you sure that she’s not YOUR darling baby? Is it OK for us to silently agree with that???

Until the girl who came left.

Lian Hao was the first to respond, “Ah… Class is starting soon.
Do we have to preview the PPT of this class?”

Qiu Yan quickly returned to her senses and nodded, “Oh! Yes, Old Professor Liu is scary.
He might ask me questions later.” While talking, she turned around and began to go through the notes in a very serious manner.

Being the only one who was not aware of the awkward situation, Chen Song smiled ambiguously, “Hey, what are you reviewing? What’s the rush? Didn’t you see them just – Ow!”

Lian Hao covered his mouth before he could finish his sentence, and turned him to face the other way and whisper something in his ear.
Chen Song stopped struggling.

Ruan An’an looked at the three people in front of her who had their backs facing her, it seemed that their backs were saying – You two may continue.
We’re deaf and blind.


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