Zhou Ming, Gu Jue’s personal assistant from the United States, began a series of reports that needed his executive decisions and signatures as soon as Gu Jue exited the elevator.
Number of reports was not a lot, but it was a bit tedious to read them.

Arriving at the office, Zhou Ming continued, “in addition… Mr.
Gu, I’ve gotten the results from the thing you asked me to check.”


“The Lin family has made a move recently, just like you’ve guessed.
They’re planning to develop VR related products.
But… I don’t know the specifics.”

As he spoke, Zhou Ming once again admired the remarkable young “Mr.
Gu” from the bottom of his heart.

He was Chairman Gu’s personal assistant, and was transferred to young master Gu Jue when the young Gu was only in his early twenties.
He was studying and running the company at the same time.
At that time, he only appeared respectful from the outside, but in fact, he was very skeptical about Gu Jue.

But the longer he worked for Gu Jue, the more impressed he felt.

The foresight and decisiveness of this young man had reached a horrifying level.

Gu Jue nodded expectantly, “I know, you may put down the documents and get on with your own work.”

Gu Jue had not officially taken over in the company, so it took him less than two hours to finish his work.
He picked up his cellphone to check for unread messages when an incoming call popped up on the screen.

“Brother?” Gu Jue leaned back into the seat as he picked up the call, “What’s up?”

“Yes, Ah Jue, when will the beta version of Fire Omen come out? I can’t wait.
I’ve already finished the Gold Omen, Wood Omen and Water Omen.
Hurry up!! There’s also a bug in the beta version of Plank Road.
Do you remember…”

Before Gu Ming could finish, the voice of a very angry Gu Qizhong cut him off on the other end of the line, “All you do is just play and play! You don’t even want to go to work anymore, you just want to stay at home and play!!”

Gu Ming was exasperated, “Dad, it’s not fair for you to say that.
I play, but did I delay my work? Besides, it’s an awesome game! Have you seen how much revenue gaming softwares has brought us?”

“Are you trying to reason with me? You stay up all night every day! Look at your dark eyes, who’s gonna take a fancy on you?”

Gu Jue chuckled at the bickering two over the line, and raised a hand to knead the bridge of his nose.

To the world, Gu Ming, the eldest son of the Gu family, was known as a rigorous and meticulous successor of a standard plutocrat very similar to Gu Qizhong.

Only close family members knew that the real eldest son of the Gu family was actually an internet addict, in fact, he was severely addicted – addicted to the games developed by his younger brother.

Gu Ming’s gaming username “Dawnbreaker Gu” was the top player in “Six Realms”, one of the top three in the ranking for all time favourite mobile games.
He had never been offline for a day since its debut – he was literally using his time and life to support his brother’s game.

Gu Jue had finished checking the progress report by the time the other two people were almost done quarreling, “There will be a full service update in a week.
Fire Omen will be released then.”

Gu Ming replied excitedly, “OK, I’ll stock up some materials.”

The father and son were still quarrelling.
Gu Jue chuckled and kindly reminded his brother, “Brother, dad is right.
You should stop sleeping so late.
I don’t want to see you at the ShuiDi Fundraiser.” (ShuiDi Fundraiser is a fund-raising platform for serious illnesses)


“Oh, and also please tell Dad to stop arranging blind dates for me…” Gu Jue’s voice was firm and clear——

“I’ve already found him the perfect daughter-in-law.”

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