Ruan An’an knew that the teacher of this class was passionate after just five minutes of lecture.


Ruan An’an had been in college for a long time, and it had been a while since she met a teacher who gave lectures with such passion and exaggeration.


Just like what was happening now-


“…Teacher believes in you! As long as you work hard, you will be rewarded! I’m not bluffing, every student in our class may enter the top 100 in the country!”


Ruan An’an listened silently “…” 


I think you are bluffing.


“There’s still an hour and a half before class ends, it’s enough time for a complete simulation exercise.
Open the…”


He proceeded to the main topic after he finished speaking.


The Game Championship was popular not only because of its authority but also because of its game mode.


The mode of the competition was a game of simulation, the concept was to run a company.


What sets the game apart from the other games was its realism to the database in the real stock market.
The data was refreshed randomly in real-time; there was no fixed strategy to follow, and no information to refer to.
It did not only test the contestant’s knowledge, but also the mind, intuition, and keen judgment.


This simulation was one of the important factors for its leading prestige for so many years.


More than ten years ago, when all examinations and competitions were still carried out on written paper, the creation of the Game Championship attracted attention with its novel and unique approach.
Even major companies were particularly interested.


After all, students who have mastered theoretical knowledge but do not know how to apply it were commonly seen.


With technological improvements and experience in hosting the competition, the simulation of real-time data in the Game Championship improved over time, and generations of simulators were developed to prepare students in advance.


The small copy given in this class was actually a very simple one.


It’s to simply train the students’ ability to invest in stocks while disregarding the other aspects.
For the students, it was also a method to adapt to the mechanism of the competition in advance.


Ruan An’an analyzed the numbers that were jumping constantly in front of her, and came up with a result confidently; it was a drastic difference from most of the other students who kept muttering “how do you buy this?”


Unable to pay attention to her surroundings when she was focused, she was not aware that someone had been staring at her.


Gu Jue did not expect too much at the beginning, he just wanted to know her capability and how many points she could get – so he could score lower than her.


After all, Ruan An’an never took notes and did not pay attention in classes.
The notebook she brought to class was still brand new after half a month since the semester started.


He did not want her to be placed at the bottom because the score would be reported on the screen publicly.
He was prepared to use himself to replace her at the bottom. 


Since he was going to court her, he had to prove himself.


Gu Jue had always treated the competition as a game, and had long grown tired of it from participating in many similar competitions when he was abroad.
He knew what to do with just a few looks on the screen.
He randomly tapped on his screen while observing Ruan An’an, but the more he watched her, the more surprised he got.


After an hour.


The room was filled with restless sighs by the time the simulation ended.
Some found it interesting and wanted to continue playing, some felt that it was too difficult, and others passionately discussed the timing to sell and purchase shares.


Ruan An’an stretched and wriggled her fingers, then turned to Gu Jue to speak, but the voice of the teacher interrupted her-


“Ruan An’an player 035.”

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