Ruan Lin walked up to her in a few steps,  thinking that Ruan An’an was particularly unreasonable, “Then don’t.
Why did you still show up here if you don’t want to? Didn’t you walk out so smugly that time? If you have the guts to leave then don’t come back!”


Ruan An’an indeed moved out a few years ago.


Her father never showed any affection and her birth mother was no longer around, all she had was a pair of stepmother and stepsister who constantly mocked and ridiculed her.


Since it was possible to leave them, she would be a fool for not leaving any sooner.


She was not Cinderella, as long as she had the opportunity, she would not tolerate a second any longer being together with the vicious stepmother and stepsister.


Whereas in this story, Lin Songbai played the role of the fairy godmother, and the vicious stepsister and stepmother never knew of her relationship with him.


“… it’s not even clean-cut.
Actually, you can just say it if you regret it.
Don’t you just want to come back to live again? You don’t need to cause so much trouble.
My mother and I won’t be unwelcoming… Why do you have to make things worse between us?”


“Do you have a lot of luggage? If you want to move back, just ask Uncle Chen to help you – oh, sorry, Uncle Chen is the new driver, he doesn’t know you yet.
I can take you to him.”


Ruan Lin did not stop; she spoke slowly, every sentence was suggestive, and the more she went on, the more superior she felt.
She turned to leave when she finished.


Ruan An’an maintained a neutral expression and grabbed her arm.
A triumphant and arrogant expression was still etched on her face when Ruan Lin turned her head.


Ruan An’an held a steady grip on her to prevent her from breaking free with one hand, and unlocked her phone with the other, then scrolled down to the list of missed calls.


She held up the screen and thrust it right in front of Ruan Lin’s face, so there was no way for her to not look.


It was a long list of missed calls in red text.


Ruan Lin recognised that number naturally.
It was saved under the lovely name “Dad” in her contact list. 


“I have been abroad for the past three years.
From the day I returned to China until today, Ruan Zheng has made no fewer than forty calls to me.”


Ruan An’an continued, “Ruan Lin, I meant it when I left the Ruan family that you and your mother treasured.
Up until today, don’t you understand that I don’t even want it?”




The smile on Ruan Lin’s face had long disappeared.
Her nails dug deeply into her hands, Her face was burning so hot it was a little painful.


Ruan An’an had a standard girly voice that sounded sweet and nice when she was happy, but she could sound just as powerful when she lowered her tone.


Seeing the increasingly rigid complexion on the face in front of her, Ruan An’an took away her phone and stood in a relaxed posture, continuing coolly, “I want to have a clean-cut with him, but who was the one asking who to come back, eh?”


“…Shut up!” Ruan Lin’s eyes were about to burst into flames, she was shaking with anger because she could not rebuke for a while.


Of course Ruan An’an was not going to shut up, “Although your mother seems to not have any talents other than seducing men…”


Seeing Ruan Lin’s increasingly ugly face, Ruan An’an smiled and clicked her tongue, “But you didn’t need to follow in her footsteps.
Changing targets from the son of Jiang family yesterday to the son of Gu family the next day.
Girls… are better off being independent.”

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