Gu Jue, this man, looked like a legit campus stud.

He was always sleepy for morning class; but no matter how sleepy he was, he could still spin pen like a professional.

He gave off an innocent college student charm at first impression, but the more she knew him, he was actually a cool-headed but candy-loving hottie, and in fact, he was exceptionally good at pick up lines.

He was complicated and attractive.

The more she knew him, the more she was attracted to him.

From her naive intention of enrolling into University C, to going to the same classes together, it was purely just to get closer to him; but she soon realised that she herself was slowly falling into his allurement.

It had only been half a month since school started.
Although sometimes Ruan An’an implied her thoughts very inconspicuously, Gu Jue never planned to confess after such a short duration of time.

But he simply could not hold back his confession.

After all, it was too cute to watch her beating around the bush just to test his feelings, he could not help it.

Gu Jue wanted to confess his feelings for her, but the girl seemed particularly surprised, her eyes sparkling, and was motionless for a long time.

“What’s the matter? You don’t need to answer anything,” He was a little unsure if he was too inexperienced, “Are you that surprised…?”

“No, I was thinking…” Ruan An’an’s voice trailed off.


“Actually, what you said about courting doesn’t seem to be obvious,” The girl’s ears were so red they were radiating heat; she pursed her lips.
“On that, you can be more obvious.”


Her expression was obviously shy.

But the word “anticipation” was written clearly in her eyes, for fear that he would not be able to see it.

More obvious…

“Okay.” Gu Jue nodded, speaking every word slowly, “I’ll work hard to court you well.”

Ruan An’an’s phone vibrated incessantly when she arrived home.
She took it out and saw an incoming call from an unfamiliar number on the screen.

Only a few of Ruan An’an’s closed ones knew her domestic phone number, and she rarely received calls from strangers or advertisements.

Without hesitating for too long anyway, she swiped the screen to pick up, “Hello?”

“An’an, it’s me.”

Ruan An’an was taken aback for a moment and was about to hang up as soon as she reacted, but the receiver on the other side seemed to have expected it, and interjected quickly, “Don’t hang up, let me finish—”

Ruan An’an took a deep breath, exhausting her patience.
“Dad.” She even snorted, “Are you trying to kill me by calling me this often?”

The receiver seemed to be choked by her words, and there was no response for a long time.

Both ends of the line were silent for a while, and then Ruan An’an vaguely heard a sigh.

She did not even bother asking questions like “How did you know that I returned to China?”.
Ruan An’an tightened her grip on the phone, “Since I answered the call, just say what you have to say.”

“An’an…” The familiar voice spoke again, “I haven’t seen you for three years, come home.”

The hoarseness of the voice made her uncomfortable.

Ruan An’an suddenly had an inexplicable feeling.
She was in a very excited state in the afternoon since the incident with Gu Jue, but this phone call seemed to have some toxicity that drained all happiness she had in an instant.

She replied softly, “… That is your home, not mine.”

There was no reply, but neither of them hung up the phone.

Forget it.

Ruan An’an narrowed her eyes and took another deep breath, then exhaled as she accepted the request, “… I will come over now, I will not eat or stay overnight.
I will leave after we meet.”

“… Okay.”

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