I won’t be able to see you today.

I’m not used to it.


Ruan An’an’s phone really fell this time and plopped onto the quilt.
She was completely dumbfounded.
Her heart stopped for a moment before beginning to beat at a very high frequency, even her blood was getting hot.


Ruan An’an finally picked and sent a recent selfie that she never posted on her Moments.
The dress matched the character she portrayed in school, the perfect interpretation of these five words – innocent pure little white flower.


She listened to the 15-second voice message on repeat for the next few minutes.
Still feeling dissatisfied, she added the voice message to her favourites.


B*tch Squad had new messages as well, sent by Yin Yuan who had finally woken up.


Completely forgetting about her humiliation from last night, Ruan An’an immediately recounted the recent matter excitedly to the group.


Yin-Has-No-Yuan: [Let me interpret this for you.
He only meant three words.]


Ruan-An-Ruan: [Which three?]


Yin-Has-No-Yuan: [Voice Message]


—”I miss you.”


Ruan An’an was completely overwhelmed by this interpretation and fell back into the quilt with a scream.



At the same time, inside Mingchen Apartment.


A picture of a young girl was displayed on the phone screen.
She looked particularly gentle with a beige blouse.
Her naturally straight long hair was draped over her shoulders, and her face was pure and beautiful.
Her slightly bent almond-shaped eyes were radiant and lively.


Gu Jue stared at it for a long time before saving it.


He thought for a moment, then set the picture as the chat box background.


Then he got up and walked over to the cat basket in the living room.


He sat on the carpet, and before he could say anything, the motionless orange cat in the basket crawled out slowly, acknowledging his presence.


The cat was very cute, but there was a strip of white at the corner of its eye, which was a scar that no longer grew fur, which added a touch of character that stood out from other ordinary orange cats.


Gu Jue said, “Dummy.”


The orange cat twitched its ears and rubbed itself against his leg.


Gu Jue sighed, “This was the name she gave you.”


The orange cat rolled over on the ground.


Gu Jue exhaled, “I even used your picture as my WeChat profile picture, but she doesn’t remember you anymore…”


The orange cat gave a soft meow.


“Do you think you’re just like her,” Gu Jue smiled and scratched its chin, the orange cat closed its eyes comfortably above his slender fingers, “A dummy too, huh?”



Ruan An’an skipped class on Friday, and the following two days were weekends.
The absence of Gu Jue for three days left an abnormal gaping emptiness within her.


She was not idle on weekends, and spent most of the day in the company, which was clearly arranged by Old man Lin.


Fortunately, busy times always flew by quickly.
On Sunday night, as she climbed into bed after a shower and prepared to surf the Internet, Gu Jue’s message notification popped right in front of her.


—He invited her if she would like to have breakfast together tomorrow morning.


Ruan An’an by nature did not have breakfast.
She did not even eat much when she was at Harvard.
Sometimes she would get gastric attacks if her diet was too irregular, and it had turned into a habit.


But this was a request from Perky Butt! Must eat!

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