Perky butt… perky butt… that’s all she can think about all day long!!!

What kind of f*cking crazy woman is this!

Jiang Yi was angry, tired, and dizzy.
With an inexplicable strength, she hauled Ruan An’an over her shoulders with much difficulty.
She half dragged and half heaved the drunkard who kept shouting “my husband” away from the VIP corridor.

Behind them, Ruan An’an’s “husband” happened to have turned his head.

Despite the rowdy environment of the bar, his ears vaguely picked up a particularly familiar sounding voice just now.

The voice had obviously originated from the two girls at the back.
One of them seemed to be very drunk.
Her entire weight was resting on the other person.

The drunk one was wearing a mini dress with her white and long legs exposed.
The cutting of the dress was made to accentuate the waist, which was particularly eye-catching under the light of the bar.

Gu Jue hesitated before taking out his phone to check out WeChat.
He clicked into Ruan An’an’s Moments.

She posted a picture of a thick textbook about an hour ago, with the caption – Fighting!!!

He raised his hand and rubbed in between his eyebrows.

Of course he had heard it wrongly.


Just the dressing alone are so different, what is with this f*cking abnormal occurrence?


“Gu Dog? What are you looking at?” Someone called him from behind.

Gu Jue retracted his gaze at the sound of his name.

Gu Jue made his way back to the other end of the bar with his silhouette looking even more alluring under the dim lights.
He took a sip of wine and shook his head lightly, “Nothing, I’ve mistaken someone for someone else.”

Of course, Ruan An’an skipped class the next day.


She sat up abruptly the moment she opened her eyes and looked at the time on the wall clock, realising that she was already late.
She immediately lost her motivation to get up and dropped back onto the bed.

Ruan An’an never had good alcohol tolerance and she knew it.
She usually did not drink too much but she was too excited last night! All she could remember was Yin Yuan’s analysis.
The analysis of her deducing that Gu Jue was definitely interested in her… She did not have any memory of what happened after she got drunk.

Suffering from a headache, Ruan An’an laid down and took out her phone to check for messages.
She kept scrolling down and finally found the B*tch Squad group chat.

There was a stream of messages sent by Jiang Yi from the night before.

No-Jiang-Yi: [In order to prevent you from forgetting, I want to remind you of your crimes last night.

No-Jiang-Yi: [There was someone in the next table at the bar, probably a hottie.
I just whistled at his hot body and then you got so f*cking crazy that you wanted to go in front of him and call him your husband!!!]


No-Jiang-Yi: [I pulled you away with everything I have.
I told you to sober up.  It’s just a handsome guy drinking with his brothers.
But you didn’t listen, you said he’s your husband because of his perky *ss! F*ck, I’m so shocked!]

… F̲u̲c̲k̲, I’m just as shocked.

No-Jiang-Yi: [After that, you hugged me and started crying, saying that you have to take your husband home.
You can’t allow him to stay there to bewitch other women.
You wanted to bring him home and Sun Emoticon him as much as you wanted.
The f*ck…]


No-Jiang-Yi: [Ruan An’an, don’t lie to yourself! Just how f*cking horny are you????]


[Sun Emoticon him as much as you wanted.]

Ruan An’an stared at that line for a long time, even the Sun Emoticon seemed to be mocking her.

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