Ruan An’an did not wake up until noon the next day, feeling resurrected and refreshed.
She got up and headed to University C according to the agreed time.

Qing Cheng always had distinguished four seasons.
As September approached, there was a slight coolness in the breeze, suggesting the beginning of the autumn season.
Even in the afternoon, it was comfortable.

University C was established a century ago and enjoyed a long history.
Despite the fierce competition among prestigious universities, it had never fallen out of the top three rankings of universities in the country as a comprehensive university.
Several majors in University C were also firmly ranked first in China.
For example, finance, and also computer science, the major Ruan An’an picked before.

The investment by “Fan Lin” with University C was also related to computer science.

Ruan An’an had never studied hard.
She was the kind of student who did not like to solve repetitive questions as soon as she learned the basics.
She spent more time tutoring Jiang Yi in high school senior year than studying herself.
She was just like the other unlearned students in school, but her results were always top in the school.

Ruan An’an was admitted to University C and majored in her favorite computer science course.
She thought she would be living her dream for four years.
Unfortunately, she was transferred to Harvard to study economics right after freshman year due to unexpected reasons.

But her studies at Harvard were a little bit different from everyone’s expectations.

Ruan An’an had always had good grades and no one cared about it, she was undisciplined in school and was never seen studying.
But at Harvard, there were basically no “idlers” like her.

She really disliked the tense learning atmosphere of prestigious schools as she had a different perspective.

With the belief of “Starting early, finishing work early, dying early, and rebirth early”, Ruan An’an had chosen to study day and night, intending to earn more credits.
After studying hard for three years and getting a degree that someone else could only get in six years, she returned to China successfully.

Although it was very tough, yet for her, it was a gain to have three years less of suffering.

A familiar figure appeared at the school gate, Ruan An’an withdrew herself out of her thoughts, smiled, and greeted him.

She was the representative of the investor “Fan Lin”, even though she used to be a student here.
She shook hands and greeted several people at the school gate one by one.
The old chancellor who she had not seen in three years, was also there, with a smile on his face.

Chancellor Li was in his early fifties, with a large bald patch on the top of his head.
He smiled pleasantly, and dragged his tone when he called her name: “Little An’an–“

Ruan An’an smiled immediately: “Huh? Do you still remember me, Chancellor?”

“What are you talking about?!” Chancellor Li glared at her disapprovingly: “I remember each and every one of my favorite students!”

Ruan An’an had indeed been his favorite pupil for a year.

Although President Li was the chancellor, he was actually a genius professor in computer science.
Back when there was a nationwide computer science competition for college students, he personally coached the team in order to compete against University F from the neighboring city, and finally led University C to win first place.
Ruan An’an was a member of the final team at that time.

She smiled even more happily: “It is a great honor for me to be remembered by you.”

Ruan An’an came here by herself and was dressed very casually.
She followed her escorts to visit the pre-finalized site for the construction of the school, then walked around, and finally went indoors for the final signature and stamp.

The details of the contract have been drawn up a long time ago, so the itinerary for this visit was quite simple.

Ruan An’an had only left for three years, but she was still familiar with most parts of the school.
She remembered that the chancellor’s office was on the top floor.
After entering the teaching building, she pointed to the toilet, “Go ahead, I will be there soon.”

Everyone understood and left for the office before her.

Ruan An’an turned and headed towards the toilet.

After relieving herself, she looked at herself in front of the mirror while washing her hands.

She had no makeup on as she had only applied sunscreen on her face today.
It may be the result of her quality sleep last night, her skin was fair and glowing, and her eyes were bright.
Coupled with her casual attire, it did not seem to contradict the atmosphere of the university campus.

There were a few girls in the empty corridor just when Ruan An An came out of the toilet.

One with a high ponytail, One with large wavy hair, and one with twisted braid.
They gathered by the elevator wall, unaware of her presence, spoke fast and immersed in their discussion.

Ruan An’an walked to the elevator and pressed the button.
She overheard their conversation as one after another exclaimed.

High Ponytail: “He was so handsome! Which department is he from? How could I have never seen this person? No, how could I not know that our school has such a fine thing?!”

Large Waves: “Let me calm down… Damn, I cannot! Oh, I just looked at him face-to-face! That face is invincible!”

Twisted Braids had a softer voice: “With a face like that…Could he be from the film school next door?”

High Ponytail retorted, “How could he be from another school? It is only the 30th.
He is obviously a student who came to unpack his luggage in advance like us!”

“Ahhhh, I want that hottie’s Wechat!” Large Waves poked Twisted braid: “Honey, you had makeup on today.
Why don’t you go and ask for it?”


The excitement in their voices was beyond words.


This perked the interest of Ruan-Ultimate-Esthetic-Associate-An’an.


Fine thing?




Was he that… handsome?


At that moment, the [Let me see] meme very well represented her thoughts.

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