Gu Jue thought for a while before replying, “I took up a part-time job as a tutor, and I have a class after school.”


“Wow, you’re working as a tutor!” Ruan An’an had forgotten the fiasco earlier, her liking for Gu Jue soared.


“How about you?”


Ruan An’an paused for a long time, but could not bear to confess that she would be partying with her sisters in the bar.


She blinked, “I… I am going to the library to study.”


After class, the two parted at the entrance of the teaching building.


Ruan An’an dropped by Yale for a drink before heading towards the main east gate of University C.
This gate was much more remote as there was no subway or bus station for students.
A particularly conspicuous bright red open-top Lamborghini Aventador parked by the gate.


Ruan An’an walked over to the car while sipping coconut juice and opened the door.
Yin Yuan clicked her tongue in a “tsk” as soon as she sat down.


Ruan An’an dressed in the simplest attire for school.
Today, she only wore a plain dress and a knitted cardigan.
Yin Yuan, who was obviously dressed up, examined her from top to bottom, “This won’t work, baby, you do look good, but it’s a little too plain.” She started the car, “I’ll take you to my store to change clothes.”


On the other side.


Gu Jue left the teaching building and crossed the long campus avenue to the affiliated hospital, then took the elevator to the basement and walked towards a black Bugatti.
He was about to start the engine when the phone in his pocket started vibrating.


The voice on the other end of the phone rang out in the silence of the basement clearly, “Where is Master Gu? The three of us are bloody waiting for you.
Even the crippled Xue Zhao is here.
Get here quickly!”


“Ten minutes.” Gu Jue laughed and replied nonchalantly, “Tell them to get ready money to lose later.” Then hung up the phone, cutting off the strings of curses on the other side, and zoomed off with a step on the accelerator.


The two sports cars left the campus in opposite directions.


The business Yin Yuan’s family owned were mostly related to shopping, owning the several large shopping malls in the urban area.


Ruan An’an changed into a particularly small dress that accentuated her figure, and Yin Yuan applied some make-up on her.


From the first place, Ruan An’an had a pure and innocent look.
The typical pure looking beauties were relatively dull.
In silence, Ruan An’an indeed carried a pure and refreshing aura, but her facial features were also very delicate, and she looked all the more dazzling when she laughed. 


She really didn’t gain the title of a “Lawn Mower” for no reason.
The “grasses” weren’t stupid, you know?


Yin Yuan was holding her head, very satisfied with her work from every angle.


“Are we done yet?” Ruan An’an looked at herself in the mirror, a little helpless,  “Master Yin’s craftsmanship has become more and more exquisite, this concubine looks just like a goddess ready to see the Emperor.”


Yin Yuan chortled as she kept away her tools, “Well, let’s go.”


The two hopped into the car again and went straight to their destination.


Unlike the last time, the chosen venue for their meeting tonight was Vaa, a famous entertainment bar in Qing Cheng.


Vaa consisted of several floors, providing VIP rooms of all sizes for drinking, singing and gambling.
There were even several floors of guest rooms upstairs.


Jiang Yi, who arrived earlier, was chatting with the manager of the store when the two came in.


“Jiang Yi is so awesome,” Yin Yuan snickered, “Who would have known that the daughter of the Jiang family, the example of a good girl, holds lifelong access to all the bars in Qing Cheng.”


“Tsk tsk tsk, it’s indeed amazing.” Ruan An’an chimed in.


The three girls chattered and laughed while they were escorted upstairs to the private room by the bar manager.

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