When class was about to start, we looked back and saw that the “friend” that the hottie mentioned turned out to be the super beautiful sister.


What a coincidence, when we were looking, the two of them were very close, the hottie smiled and whispered in her ear, it looked super intimate!


I don’t know what he told her but the sister blushed right away.


They’re so sweet, what do you think?


(Ps: Later we learned that many girls had asked him before the two of us came here! Even the good-looking girls did not succeed hahahahahahaha! My sister was relieved in an instant~)


First Commentator: Ahhhhhhhhh, they’re too sweet! I’m deducing that the two shockingly beautiful exchange students have not confirmed their relationship yet.
Otherwise, the hottie would just address her as his girlfriend.
I can foresee what my life will be like in the next few months…


Class 1 of Finance! Please work hard like today’s post host! [Salute]


Second Commentator: It’s really sweet! I just looked at their picture and imagined that hottie smiling and whispering in my ear.
Ah, I’m dead! [Heart Eyes]


Third Commentator: Dead +1! Oh oh oh oh that face is fantastic!


Fourth Commentator: Host, thank goodness that your sister was relieved hahahahahaha! [LMAO]


Twenty Fourth Commentator: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can feel the cp vibes! According to the above comments, if the two are not together, am I going to witness the coming of love of a pair of gods??


Twenty Fifth Commentator: !!! Damn it! My sister in University F has been sharing with me the love story of their school god-couple every day! She has been forwarding their d*mn posts to me everyday! That’s fine! But she also mocked our school for not having such a couple!!


I will not surrender! Now we finally have it! I’m going to forward it! ! ! [Chest up]



Ruan An’an was speechless after reading all of the comments.


So, from the perspective of others, she and Gu Jue… were they like this?


She let the information settle in her mind for a while, and Ruan An’an became enthusiastic.
She reread the entire post like she was reading a comprehension text.
For some reason, she felt extremely excited and satisfied in her heart.


In the end, Ruan An’an quickly exited the interface and registered a forum account on her own, and returned to the post.


She typed a few words, trying hard to keep her face blank.


Thirty sixth commentator: En, I think they’re flirting too! [Flowers]



As soon as she posted her comment, before she had the time to feel embarrassed, she heard the voice of one of the protagonists of the post.


“What are you looking at?”


Gu Jue’s breathy voice caught her off guard, but to be honest, it was not scary at all.
In fact, it was just too sultry, and she almost dropped her phone.  


Ruan An’an immediately locked the screen to prevent him from seeing what she was typing, and replied with the same soft voice.
“Nothing, it’s a funny post my friend forwarded to me.”


Afraid that Gu Jue would ask her to forward it to him, Ruan An’an immediately changed the topic.
“Um…what are you going to do after class?”


Gu Jue’s phone vibrated at the same time.
He looked at the sender’s address with a headache.
It’s been a while since he returned to China and tonight would be the first time joining a gathering that probably would last far into the entire night.

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