Ruan An’an was speechless.
A moment later, he suddenly stopped laughing and nodded sternly.
“En, carry me then.”


Gu Jue looked at her solemnly.
His eyes slightly curved downwards while his pale pupils looked gentle and dazzling.

In the next second, he suddenly leaned into her ear, but not too close to make people her feel uncomfortable – it was a very standard posture for whispering.

Ruan An’an was instantly enveloped by the scent of sweet mint.

He lowered his voice slightly and said every word slowly.
“Carry me then.”


Gu Jue controlled the volume very well.
It was not too low to make her cringe, but it was close enough.

His voice was already charming when he spoke normally, not to mention when he deliberately lowered his voice.

Ruan An’an was in a trance for a moment, and did not realise what he was referring to.
She regained her focus and recalled the conversation between them –

Carry me then.

Carry me then.

“…!” F*ck!

This! Is! Too! Shocking!

Gu Jue distanced himself and resumed the usual distance between two seatmates, watching her reaction with interest.

At that moment, Ruan An’an’s left ear seemed to be electrified and a vague numbness began to spread over her.
An unknown rush of heat diffused rapidly from the base of her ear to the entire ear and even her cheeks were tinted.

Gu Jue watched the girl’s little snow-white ear turn pink little by little.
She was rooted on the spot in her seat, as if someone tapped on her acupuncture point.

Gu Jue leaned back onto his seat and could not help chuckling to himself.

Ruan An’an broke out of her trance at the sound of his chuckle, as if a switch was flipped.
The first thing she did was hurriedly cover her heated ears and face by pulling out the long hair that was tucked behind her ear.

Ruan An’an stole a glance at Gu Jue who was tapping the table with the pen.
Gu Jue asked nonchalantly, “What’s the matter? Are you not feeling well?”

…What’s the matter?

Can’t you tell what’s the matter?!

Ruan An’an feigned calmness and replied, “I don’t feel uncomfortable.”

“That’s great,” Gu Jue explained slowly, “Your face is a little red.”

Ruan An’an gritted her teeth.
“…You don’t know me very well, but I do blush very often.” ​​She was being stubborn and did not watch her words when she anxiously retorted.
“It was absolutely not because I was being shy due to what you just whispered to me.”


Looking at Gu Jue’s somewhat dazed expression, Ruan An’an fell into a moment of confusion.

Are you a fool?

Has anyone asked you?

Has anyone mentioned the word shy even once?!

She had only realised the nonsense that came out of her mouth after she finished blurting.

Gu Jue could hardly hold back his laugh anymore.

She felt like digging a hole and burying her head in it.
The inner Ruan An’an in her head was screaming in a frenzy, splitting her scoldings between herself and at him for being the culprit of the entire incident.

Gu Jue had always been holding himself back.
He felt that he might scare the girl if he suddenly made a big scene, so he had to progress gradually and decided to stop teasing her when she blushed.

But… her reaction is too damn cute.

Gu Jue sat up slightly.
“Oh”, and then nodded, his smile and voice seemed particularly meaningful: “–You were shy.”


Ruan An’an blushed furiously from her cheeks to her ears.

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