Ruan An’an had only contacted Master Lin (Grandpa) once when she just returned to China, followed by attending a best friend’s birthday party, then attended two days worth of class.
She indeed had not contacted her grandfather anymore after the initial contact.


She was at a loss.
She put on her best smile, massaged his shoulders and his back, and finally got the old man to calm down.


After they chatted for a while, Ruan An’an felt a little strange.
“Where’s grandma? Did she go out or is she sleeping?”


Lin Songbai’s expression became darker for a moment and he replied stiffly.
“She went dancing.” Then he began to mutter again.
“Her friends are all so wild.
Why are they still interested in dancing when they’re so old…”




Ruan Anan rolled her eyes silently.


No wonder you were so angry when I arrived.
You’re letting off steam on me because of your wife.


During lunch, Master Lin inquired Ruan An’an about the documents of the [Fan Lin] project with University C that she had signed.
Ruan An’an explained in detail and then expressed her dissatisfaction.
“Grandpa, I took an elective course at University C which is related to VR.
I really like this major and I also like the [Fan lin] project very much! If I had studied computer science, wouldn’t it be so useful now? Why must I study finance…”


Ruan An’an transferred to Harvard because Lin Songbai suddenly summoned her to his study.
He talked to her for a long afternoon, persuading her to transfer to the United States to study finance and management, so as to take over the reigns of the company in the future.


Ruan An’an was not even twenty years old at that time and naturally wanted to pursue her dream of being a hacker.
At first, she did not agree, but was dumbfounded when Lin Songbai presented his medical history.


It was actually just the same old chronic conditions that he had, but she never knew about it and the long name of the disease looked terrifying.
Coupled with the old man’s dramatic acting skills back then, he sounded like he was saying his last words.
Ruan An’an almost cried, thinking that her grandfather only had a few years left, and began to prepare to transfer abroad without saying another word.


In her second year in Harvard, her grandmother blurted the truth to her one night when she was drunk.


“An’an, your grandpa was very delighted that you were willing to change your major.” Grandma said, “But this stinky old man was really good at acting back then.
Tsk, I am ashamed of him.”


Lin Songbai widened his eyes when he heard the words, “What do you study computer science for? I’m going to let you manage the company.
You’re not going to do any scientific research!”


After speaking, he reacted.
“Wait a moment…” The old man paused, “You just said you are going to class? Why are you taking a class in University C?”


Ruan An’an figured that she could not hide it from her grandfather for a while, but not forever.
She immediately explained how she began her studies in University C, but did not mention anything about Perky Butt.


Lin Songbai looked a little better.
“Well, it’s good for you to participate in this.
It can add a lot of light to your resume if you win.” After a while, he asked again, “By the way, has the Ruan Family looked for you ever since you have returned to China?”


Ruan An’an froze.


“Yes” Her tone faded a little as she answered, “Why wouldn’t he look for me? Called me eight hundred times a day, I finally blacklisted him yesterday.”


Ruan An’an’s grandmother would probably persuade her to remove the said person off the blacklist if she was present.


Unfortunately, grandmother was not there.
The old man immediately slapped the table and said, “Good! He deserved it! That stinky thing, Lin Songbai’s granddaughter can do whatever she wants, who does he think he is?”


The corners of Ruan An’an’s lips twitched.
“Grandpa, don’t get so worked up, your saliva is spewing out.”



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