Qing Cheng, Li Jiang Hotel.

It was 9 pm, and there was a birthday party being held on the third floor of the inner hall.

Unlike the brightly lit outer hall, the inner hall felt dim as there were not any bright lights.
The room was instead filled with lights mixed and matched by a variety of dark colors projected on the exquisitely decorated walls and carpets, partnered by sweet-sounding jazz music, boosting the atmosphere of the party.

“An’an, I heard that you went on a blind date two days ago?”

When Miss Jiang, the birthday girl, asked the question, Ruan An’an slightly lifted the glass and took a sip of wine.

She almost choked on hearing this as the tingling sensation of the wine spread across her taste buds.

How did the news spread so fast?

“How are you so well-informed, birthday girl?” Ruan An’an swallowed the wine in her mouth with lingering fear and turned her head: “So much that you even knew I had a blind date in the United States?”

“Eh-my brother knows him, he mentioned you when he came to my house today, and I overheard.” Jiang Yi widened her eyes and lowered her voice slightly, as her excitement elevated to new heights: “You didn’t deny it! So it’s true?!”

It was true that just a few days ago, Ruan An’an had experienced the first blind date in her life.

Although it failed.

She did not do it out of her own will.
To put it bluntly, she simply met up with someone and had a meal with him because the elderlies asked her to.
Though it was not wrong to categorize that in itself as a blind date.

“How was it? Is there a chance? Did he catch your attention?” After lobbing several questions, Jiang Yi pressed on: “This guy said a lot of good things about you!”

Ruan An’an’s blind date, the eldest son of the Cheng family, had a good relationship with Jiang Yi’s brother.
The two had no secrets between them and they did not avoid Jiang Yi when he shared his blind date experience.
His initially subtle compliments for Ruan An’an became more and more outrageous as he went on.


Ruan An’an tilted her head slightly, with an expression filled with thoughts.

She had a small face, her facial features were pure and beautiful.
She donned an off-shoulder gown that exposed her swan-like neck and collarbone while holding a wine glass in one hand.

Her porcelain-white slender wrist and the deep red liquid of the wine created a sharp contrast, making her particularly attractive.

Since the day they met, Jiang Yi knew An’an was a beauty but did not expect her to be even more beautiful after three years.

It was no wonder why Mr.
Cheng was so infatuated with her.

Jiang Yi stared at the goddess in front of her.

After a few seconds, the goddess finally opened her mouth and replied to each question in order: “No chance.
Did not catch my attention.
Not my cup of tea.”

“…” Jiang Yi could not help but to roll her eyes.

Did not catch her attention.

Not this sentence again!

The two of them have known each other for ten years.
Ruan An’an had a nickname called “Lawn Mower” during junior high school and high school.

The reason behind this nickname was because she was the girl who had the most confessions from all sorts of “grass”(good-looking boys).

At that time, Ruan An’an rejected many male students including so-called school’s most handsome boys and all her rejections were worded with one same reason.

—Did not catch her attention, no chemistry.

If your appearance did not catch her attention, there would not be a chance for love at all.

As the best friend of the “Lawn Mower” for ten years, Jiang Yi knew her well.
Despite Ruan An’an’s goddess-like face, she was someone who only got attracted to others based on their appearance.

She would usually shower girls with plenty of praises, but she was especially picky with men.

“None of the men caught your eyes the past few years in Harvard, and even many of our local boys are not up to your standard.”

As a lifetime honorary member of the Esthetic Association, she has never even seen a face that makes her infatuated.
It did seem quite miserable.

(T/N: Esthetic Association means people who like beautiful/handsome people.)

At that thought, Jiang Yi stopped her complaints halfway.

In order to lift the mood, she joked casually: “I think the man who can catch your eyes is yet to be born.
An’an, wait for him patiently.”

Ruan An’an continued the conversation naturally: “Well, what then?”


Ruan An’an dragged her tone, continued slowly and leisurely: “I’ll wait for him to grow up… and I will be old by then.”

“…” Jiang Yi blinked: “Huh?”

Ruan An’an: “We will have a one-night stand and later I can run away while being pregnant.”


What kind of rubbish poem is this? But it rhymes well.

Please dial 110.
Can someone carry this idiot away?

Jiang Yi looked at her with a ‘you have issues’ face: “…Did Harvard teach you limericks too? I think you drank too much, do you want some peanuts to sober up?”

Ruan An’an did drink a little too much, but Jiang Yi’s reaction put her in a good mood and she could not stop laughing for a long time.

Ruan An’an had a few more drinks with the birthday girl.
However, she noticed that there were more and more people around them who wanted to approach Jiang Yi but her presence seemed to hinder them from coming forward and all they could do was throw glances at their direction all night.

Their looks were sending her a message, “You have occupied Miss Jiang far too long enough, now it’s our turn.”

Ruan An’an felt turned off after receiving many of such gazes.

She placed the empty glass on the waiter’s tray and said, “Baby, I will leave first.
I have not recovered from my jet lag since I got off the plane yesterday.
I also have something to do tomorrow.
Let us hang out again another day.”

“Okay, rest well.” Jiang Yi paused, “But you have just returned to China for less than 24 hours, what can you do tomorrow?”

Ruan An’an hesitated for a while and thought that there was nothing to hide as this project would be disclosed in the near future.

She fixed her hair and said lightly: “I am donating a building to University C.”


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