There were no new messages after the two voice notes sent by Jiang Yi.
The phone quieted down.


Ruan An’an groaned silently.
She closed her eyes and rearranged her thoughts.


She did not look at Gu Jue, instead she continued to sit up slowly with a slightly slanted posture.


Ruan An’an rubbed her eyes with one hand, faked a realistic yawn, and then looked at the phone screen and frowned, “What is this person saying… Doesn’t she even know how to tag the person? Who knows who she’s referring to…” She complained sleepily with a tone of confusion.


After all, Jiang Yi addressed her as “Baby” instead of “An An”.
As long as it was a voice note in a group chat, who knew who was the “Baby” she was referring to?


And from this angle, Gu Jue should not be able to see that there were only three people in the group.


Everything is just right.
I have cleared my name and I’m still innocent!!!


Ruan An’an was very satisfied with her acting skills.


She moved her finger slightly and exited the group chat interface.
She quicking began to think of a new topic to distract Gu Jue away from the Perky Butt incident.


As soon as she turned her head, little did she expect that she would meet his gaze, staring right at her.


Unlike earlier when he just arrived, his drowsiness was gone, and his eyes were alert and clear.
There was a slight smile on his lips if she looked carefully.


Ruan An’an stared at him hard headedly with the candy still in her mouth, unsure of Gu Jue’s emotion.


Then Gu Jue suddenly spoke, “Yes, who knows.”




She should sigh with relief that her acting pulled off.


However, for a moment…


Ruan An’an suddenly felt that this person seemed to have seen through everything.
He was just watching her self-directing and self-acting the last ten seconds, and was thoroughly enjoying it.


But it was only for a moment.



The awkward atmosphere disappeared as the incident ended, and Ruan An’an and Gu Jue resumed their normal tone and conversation as they did yesterday.


Ruan An’an had two classes today and she did not go to the second period with Gu Jue – it was an elective course that she was not interested in.


She was going to grandpa’s house for lunch after class so the timing was just right.


Ruan An’an answered a call, walked a small distance to the south after exiting the school gate, and saw a Bentley Mulsanne with a very familiar car plate turning at the corner.


After the car stopped, someone got out of the car and opened the car door for her.
Ruan An’an smiled and greeted the driver, “Hello Uncle Wang, thank you for picking me up.”


Uncle Wang responded with a chuckle and returned to the driver’s seat after she got in the car.


After half an hour, the car arrived at the Lin Family Villa.


The Lin’s Villa was located in a relatively quiet area near the periphery of Central Qing Cheng.
Master Lin and his wife were both in their old age.
The location was convenient to travel, but it was also away from most of the hustle and bustle of the city.


Ruan An’an got out of the car, and the servants greeted her as she entered the villa familiarly.
At a glance, she saw an old man sitting on the sofa in the living room, gray-haired but healthy; he was wearing a pair of reading glasses with a book in his hands, sitting in an unusually upright posture.


“Grandpa!” Ruan An’an called him, looking up as she removed her shoes.




“Grandpa, I’m back–“


Still ignored.


Yo, the old man is very cold-hearted today.


Ruan An’an smiled, trotted to him quickly, and took his arm.
“Oh, why are you angry again, Grandpa?”


“You’re asking me?” Lin Songbai chucked the book on the coffee table, glaring at the little girl beside him, “Little girl! Don’t you know how to come back if I hadn’t asked you to?!”

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