“Wait.” Gu Jue had habitually picked up a pen to perform his finger acrobats, and reached into his pocket with the other.

Ruan An’an did not pay attention, when she came back to her senses, his palms were wide open in front of her.

A blue packaged candy laid serenely on the lightly lined palm with slender fingers.
The candy, though ordinary, looked extraordinarily delicious resting on this hand.

Gu Jue moved his hand forward again, with a smile in his voice, “Payment for the pen.”

The scent of mint thickened as he spoke, with a hint of sweetness; it was particularly enticing.

…The mystery was solved.

The alluring scent must be from this candy!

“Thank you.” Ruan An’an accepted it, feigning calmness.

She could not help thinking as she teared open the wrapper. This is given by Gu Jue.

They were about to have the same candy, about to have the same fresh and sweet minty breath together.

Ruan An’an seldom had candy, and had even fewer mint flavoured ones.
It was quite refreshing, but soon adapted to the refreshing taste and returned to her sleepy state after about ten seconds.


The cell phone vibrated several times.
Ruan An’an unlocked the screen, guessing such high-frequency vibrations could only be caused by the B*tch Squad.


The lecturer had yet to arrive and Ruan An’an still had not recovered from staying up late last night.

Ruan An’an rested her chin on one hand, her head tilted, still very sleepy.
Too drowsy to even pick up the phone, she sloppily tapped on her phone.

A female voice rang out of the phone – neither too loud nor too soft, with a hint of laughter and teasing.
It was just loud enough for the both of them to hear.

“Baby, did you see your Perky Butt? Is it still perky today?”

Her mind turned blank.

Before she had the time to react, her eyes widened when she heard the next voice note that was broadcasted automatically – 

“Hey, I heard that all perky butts are amazing, you will be blessed in the future.”



Ruan An’an held her breath.

She was also keenly aware that the Perky Butt next to her had stopped spinning his pen.

The classroom was gradually filled with students.
Due to the trending post, many turned their heads to look at them as soon as they stepped into the classroom.
The two seemed to be frozen in the moment, unlike in the pictures posted in the forum where they were laughing and talking.

Ruan An’an’s mind was filled with Jiang Yi’s comment, “Perky Butts are amazing.”

How is it great?

When is it great?

Everyone was an adult, and they should all understand.

Ruan An’an felt that even air was too embarrassed to circulate.

If she was granted a wish, she desperately wanted to borrow Doraemon’s time machine and go back in time – not by too much, just less than a minute ago would be enough.

Perky Butt was a very special and meaningful nickname.
After all, she never saw his face when she first met him and it was his butt that left a strong impression.
She liked it very much and thought the nickname was adorable.


How could this nickname be heard by the owner?!

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