Ruan An’an went home and took a shower.
After crazily gossiping with the other two, she remembered one more thing.


Ruan-An-Ruan: [Oh yes, I haven’t told you yet… Perky Butt’s surname is Gu! When I saw his name today, I suddenly felt that I’m fated to always be involved with the Gus.]


No-Jiang-Yi: [What? Are you predestined with Gus?]


Yin-Has-No-Yuan: [Don’t you remember the unrequited love she had for the one from high school? The masked brother, the school bully next door? She only remembered to ask for him after he had left, have you forgotten about it?]


Ruan An’an immediately retorted: [??? Hey! It’s not to the point of unrequited love!]


When the trio were in their first year of high school, there lived once a famous school bully in the school next door.


The boy wore a mask, a black baseball cap, and his movements were agile and slick.
He was obviously thin and slender, but he was ferocious and unambiguous in a fight.


Rumours flew that he caused trouble everywhere, but still many girls fancied him.


It was rumoured that he could almost score perfectly without studying due to his next to none cheating technique.


Ruan An’an did not pay much attention to these rumors at the time.
The only contact she had with this person was when she was once robbed after school.


She could not remember the exact location where the incident took place, but the driver who was supposed to pick her home was just around the corner.
After listening to the gangsters’ threats, Ruan An’an was about to take out her cellphone to make a call.
However, before she could act, a person appeared from behind her and stood in front of her.


It was a boy with a plain black T-shirt, his school uniform jacket draped over his shoulder, his figure thin and tall.


Ruan An’an was still a freshman in high school at the time, and was much shorter than she was now, and therefore unable to see the person’s face even when she stood on her toes.


It may be that her movements were too great from trying to have a peek at his face, and the boy turned his head and held her head down, “Stay still, don’t be afraid.”


He might have even stroked her head.


With his head turned, Ruan An’an finally saw his face.

He wore a mask and a cap, covering most of his face… she could barely see anything.


The boy stood out in an extraordinarily casual posture, and began to challenge the robbers in front of them, “Hey—”


“Are you that poor that you had to rob a defenseless little girl?”


His tone was provocatively carefree, even though he was covered by a mask, his voice was as clear as day.


“Come on, try and rob me.” The boy threw his school uniform to the side and walked towards the group.
“Daddy has plenty of cash.”



Now that she thought about it, he sounded so immature to self-proclaim as “Daddy”.
She was very young at that time and found him inexplicably handsome like her knight in shining armor who saved damsel in distress.


Ruan An’an had to admit that this scene and these sentences would continue to haunt her for a long time.


She was different back then.
She never mentioned it to anyone even though she had always thought about him, and never asked around about him either.
When she finally confided in Jiang Yi a long time later, Jiang Yi guessed that he should be the school bully from the school next door, whose surname was Gu, and that was all she knew.


Most importantly, the school bully was two years senior to them, and by the time she mentioned him with Jiang Yi, he had already graduated.


The love bud died before it had the chance to bloom.
Since then, the protagonist of Ruan An’an’s love life was named as “Brother Mask ” by Yin Yuan and Jiang Yi.

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