“Yeah, you studied your butt off.” Xue Zhao, who was still struggling as a graduate student, rolled his eyes, “Didn’t you have a high position at the Overseas Headquarters?  Are you willing to give it up and focus on the domestic business now?”


“Most probably.” He nodded, “There is nothing much to give up.
It’s the same to work anywhere, it’s just a matter of time.”


Xue Zhao originally wanted to reprimand him for his boasting, but stopped when he realised Gu Jue was not boasting.

After a few seconds, Gu Jue added, “Oh, I suddenly remembered, I’m not actually liberated.”

Xue Zhao was confused.

Gu Jue replied, “I forgot to tell you that I am now an exchange student in University C, majoring in finance.”

Xue Zhao: “???”

Xue Zhao couldn’t believe it, “What the hell did you say? What are you doing as an exchange student for?” He was so shocked that he almost kicked Gu Jue with his broken leg.
“You already have a Stanford PhD! Gu Dog, are you sick?!”

Gu Jue only smiled.

Xue Zhao guessed boldly.
“You’re possessed by the magic of studying.
You even want to get a PhD from University C as well? After University C then University F, and finally a PhD Grand Slam???”


What the hell, you even thought of a doctoral grand slam? Gu Jue inwardly sneered.
“Am I an idiot?”

Xue Zhao’s eyes widened, “Then what are you doing right now if you’re not an idiot??”

Gu Jue did not answer immediately, instead he smiled.

He was sitting on the sofa with his legs straight in a relaxed posture.
He looked particularly sinister with his laugh.

Gu Jue’s good looks have been recognized since he was a child, but at the sight of his smile, the phrase “smitten” came across Xue Zhao’s mind.

Gu Jue spoke slowly, “Probably because of…” He stopped again.

The ward was extremely quiet.

Xue Zhao was filled with anticipation.

After a few more seconds passed by, looking the smile plastered on Gu Jue’s face… It could probably be described as “falling head over heels in love”.

Then, Gu Jue spoke in an unusually gentle tone, “In order to chase after a little girl.”


After Gu Jue parted ways with Ruan An’an in the milk tea shop, he later went to the affiliated hospital of the school to visit a friend, while Ruan An’an strolled around on the campus, her fingers furiously tapping on her cellphone.

Ruan-An-Ruan: [@No-Jiang-Yi @Yin-Has-No-Yuan!!! Come out here!]

[Just now, Perky Butt wanted to buy me milk tea, but he didn’t have enough money on WeChat so when we arrived at the store he borrowed some from me, saying that he would pay me back later.
I almost asked him to use Alipay…but fortunately I didn’t say that in the end!!!]

[After we added each other on WeChat, I transferred money to him, but he immediately returned the money to me as soon as we sat down with our milk tea.]

[I asked him how he could have money so quickly.]

[He said! He actually had money! He borrowed my money! Just! To! Add! Me! On! WeChat! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!]

After typing these words, Ruan An’an spammed a bunch of emoticons and memes in the B*tch Squad group chat, her excitement did not cease even when she almost reached the school gate.

She was just impressed at herself for being quick to hold her tongue, or she would not know how to get her hands on his WeChat.

However, she did not expect… Gu Jue had deliberately made the first move.

It was the opposite pole to Ruan An’an’s indirect tactics.
He was not just deliberate, he even told her plainly about it! Ruan An’an’s mood had a 180 degrees change.

At one moment he borrowed the money and then confessed his motive for borrowing money the next moment!

He did not even bother to lie! So honest!


Ruan An’an blushed deeply.


She was not a person prone to blushing.
Jiang Yi and Yin Yuan once questioned whether she was a monk, otherwise why would she seem to be so calm about everything?

The combination of the flirtatious words of Gu Hottie and the fact that he ticked all the checkboxes on her list for a hottie, made Ruan An’an’s cheeks so hot that it was about to explode.
The lethality of Perky Butt was too great.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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