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The shop was renovated into a wooden cabin and a wooden signboard hung by the entrance with “Harvard Milk Tea Shop” written on it in large characters.


The signboard looked like it had been freshly lacquered because the fonts were still glistening and it looked very new.


Ruan An’an opened the door to enter as she explained to Gu Jue, “That is the place to order… I will take you to see what they have! I personally like Pearl Milk Tea but it doesn’t help to quench my thirst, so I think it’s better to order fruit tea instead…”


Gu Jue remained silent and finally picked lemon green tea when she finished introducing the drinks.


Ruan An’an felt a halt in Gu Jue’s footsteps when they proceeded to order.

She turned her head to ask, “What’s the matter? Did you change your mind?”


Gu Jue shook his head “I don’t have any cash and my WeChat probably doesn’t have enough money.
Can you lend me some money now and I will repay you back later?”


“You don’t have enough money in WeChat?” Ruan An’an responded in conditioned reflex, “Then Al-“


Her brain suddenly reined in and stopped her tongue before she finished saying the word – Alipay.


(T/L: Alipay is a third-party mobile and online payment platform.)


She continued “Then I’ll… have no choice.”


She swallowed the four words that she almost blurted out – Then Alipay works too.


No! Alipay won’t work!


Using WeChat to borrow money would mean that we will need to add each other as friends!




I almost lost my chance!!!


While Ruan An’an was raising a devil on the inside, she remained composed outside, showing no changes in her facial expression.
After they exchanged QR code and added each other on WeChat, she transferred 30 RMB.


While Gu Jue paid for the drinks, she checked out his WeChat excitedly.


His profile picture was a very white and beautiful hand, patting the head of an orange cat.
The picture was clean and harmonious.


She could recognise the owner of this hand easily.
Only Gu Jue would have such good looking hands.


And this cat…


Ruan An’an looked around, inexplicably feeling a strange familiarity when she saw the orange cat.
It was quite different from those found on the Internet.
She seemed to have seen it somewhere.


Before she could solve the question, she was interrupted by the voice of the cat owner.


“The milk tea is ready, where shall we sit?”




Ruan An’an locked her phone at once.
There were not many people in the milk tea shop at this point so there were plenty of empty seats.
She pointed to a random table, “Let’s sit there.”


Her confusion about the cat before was completely forgotten.


Both of them sat opposite each other.
Ruan An’an poked a straw into her drink and took a sip of milk tea contentedly.
She caught a glance of the huge advertising poster by the door with the words “Game Championship” printed on it.
This poster could be seen everywhere on the campus.


Ruan An’an seemed to be reminded of something and opened her mouth to ask him– “Perk–“


Her mind wanted to call him by his name, but it might be because she used his nickname with Jiang Yi and others too many times before, she let slip and almost called him Perky Butt.


Gu Jue raised his eyes quizzically when she called out to him.
His handsome silhouette was illuminated by the sunlight outside the window, making him even more dazzling.


This was different from sitting together side-by-side in class.
His beauty had a whole new impact on her when they were sitting face to face.
She was so caught off guard that she was speechless for a moment.


Fortunately, she caught her tongue in time.
Ruan An’an quickly corrected herself “…Classmate Gu, ahem” she pointed her finger in the direction of the poster behind him, “Did you exchange to this university to participate in the Game Championship?”

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