Chapter 98: Someone’s Here (2)

“Young Master, what’s going on here?”

“Ya, why is there suddenly a Young Lady?”

“They can’t call her Young Lady just because she’s a master.
Isn’t that like a joke? What is it with Yun Feng? Are those who have the surname ‘Yun’ all superior?”

“Young Master, say something.
What if that girl is truly some Young Lady? Wouldn’t your status be insecure?”

“Right, everyone knows that the commander position is yours, Young Master.
We don’t want an outsider to take advantage of us!”

“That’s enough.
Shut up!” Zhao Yan shouted.
His face had turned a lot darker because of what these people said just now.
These mercenaries had no idea who this Young Lady who suddenly showed up was, but he really didn’t know any more than they did.

Zhao Yan lifted his head and gazed towards the second floor with a gloomy face.
His eyes glittered.
Why does she have to come this time, not earlier, not later? Really, father, why do you have to call her Young Lady? How many years has the Red Maple Mercenary Team been in the hands of the Zhao family? And you’re giving it away now? I truly can’t reconcile myself to this!


In a room on the second floor, Yun Feng was sitting there, while Zhao Mingqi elaborated on the whole story.
After hearing it, Yun Feng just thought it was a little coincidental.

The Red Maple Mercenary Team had two founders.
One of them was the ancestor of the Yun family, Yun Lan, and the other was also a heavy hitter.
However, after these two founders established this mercenary group, they only wanted someone else to work for them.
First of all, Yun Lan ran somewhere else the next day after the mercenary group was founded.
The other heavy hitter then had to take on this responsibility temporarily, but he didn’t stay long either.
He finally got an opportunity to choose one of the people he trusted and handed the mercenary group over to his hands.
After that, he also left everything with the others.

These two founders were more like titular leaders.
That person who took over the mercenary group dared not make himself superior.
He managed the business of these two leaders, who threw their responsibilities to others, cautiously and conscientiously.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team gradually developed and also started growing stronger constantly.
The Acting Commander of each generation eagerly hoped that the descendants of the two founders would come here, but they didn’t.
Many years have passed and they seldom talked about the two founders of the Red Maple Mercenary Team anymore.
Newly joined mercenaries didn’t even know about them.

And Zhao Mingqi was the Acting Commander.
He called himself the Acting Commander, but everyone else all called him Commander.
He had said this many times to the others and they still couldn’t change it.
However, in Zhao Mingqi’s mind, this Commander was the immediate descendant of those two founders.
Without those two founders, how would the Red Maple Mercenary Team exist?

Generations of Acting Commanders had tried to look for the descendants of those two people, but the whereabouts of that big shot was erratic.
They couldn’t find him at all and something seemed to have happened to the Yun family as well.
They didn’t accept the kindness of the Red Maple Mercenary Team and only hid in the city.

Zhao Mingqi had never thought that the descendants of the Yun family would end up here, which made him feel complicated.
He was delighted and also a bit sad.
After all, he was slightly heartbroken as he was about to hand over his commander position.
Even though he knew this position didn’t belong to him, the Red Maple Mercenary Team was also his responsibility in his heart.

After hearing that, Yun Feng also understood what happened.
She smiled at Zhao Mingqi and told him her thoughts.
“You don’t have to call me that, Commander Zhao.
Even though the ancestor of the Yun family is one of the two founders, they never made any major contributions to this mercenary group, in all fairness.
On the other hand, Commander Zhao, the Red Maple Mercenary Team is developing very well under your guidance.”

Zhao Mingqi couldn’t help but feel surprised as Yun Feng said such calm and mature words with that innocent face.
He also knew that this little girl in front of him had a mature mind even though she was so young.
Her words gave warmth to Zhao Mingqi’s heart.
It was truly gratifying that his hard work throughout the years was recognized.

When Yun Feng said this, the ancestor was also a little ashamed.
Especially when he heard Zhao Mingqi say that he disappeared the next day, he couldn’t help refuting, “The next day? That was the third day, alright…”

Yun Feng was very speechless, but looking at Zhao Mingqi’s expression, she also knew that this man had already taken the Red Maple Mercenary Team as his own responsibility.
Even though they called her Young Lady, the Commander of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was still Zhao Mingqi and must be Zhao Mingqi.

“Commander Zhao, I didn’t come here for the commander position.
I just want to do some training and it was just a coincidence that I ran into Uncle Wang.
Don’t feel any pressure.”

Wang Ming chuckled and admired Yun Feng’s open mind.
Although the strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team had dropped, they couldn’t be underestimated.
How would anyone else be so calm about the commander position and not steal or fight over it?

“My Lady, don’t say that.
You’re the owner of the Red Maple Mercenary Team.
This is something that can’t be changed!” Zhao Mingqi also understood what Yun Feng meant and he found this little girl in front of his eyes even more upright and kind.
The members of the Yun family were all good people indeed!

“Alright, let’s not talk about that for now.
I heard Uncle Wang talk about that brutal fight that happened a while back and I also know that someone is behind all this.
Their purpose is to make the Red Maple Mercenary Team fall from its position in the assessment which will be held very soon.”

Zhao Mingqi also smiled in frustration.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team had always been like clear water.
In this dirty mercenary world, the Red Maple Mercenary Team was like the Yun family.
They kept that righteousness in their minds after all, which certainly made them the thorn in other people’s flesh.

“We’ve lost all our elites and the new generation isn’t strong enough.
What a disaster, what a disaster…”

Yun Feng pressed her lips and smiled, while Wang Ming laughed.
Zhao Mingqi glanced at the two of them.
“I know that my Lady has the strength of level 5, but it still isn’t enough…”

Wang Ming burst into laughter again.
“Commander, my Lady isn’t a warrior.
She’s a level-5 mage!”

“What? What did you say? A level-5 mage?!” Zhao Mingqi couldn’t believe it and his eyes popped out.
He looked at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng then slowly nodded.
Zhao Mingqi seemed to feel that their originally dark future became extremely bright in a heartbeat!

A level-5 mage! Even though mages were weak, they possessed powerful magic.
As long as the warriors didn’t get close, there would only be one ending for them when they faced the mages.
They would lose!

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