Chapter 92: Beaten Up (1)

Yun Feng nodded.
“So, the ones who issue a challenge will mostly be the one-star or two-star teams.
Groups that have three stars or above rarely challenge the others.”

Xiao Ying laughed with a deep voice and shook her head.
“It’s not like that.
The Shiny Plains is huge and there’s a specific area for mineral veins of each level.
The areas in which the mercenary groups with more than three stars are allowed to develop and search are also different, and there will be a difference between the quality of the ores they get.
Normally, three-star teams can only get ores with the lowest level, while mid-level and high-level ores are occupied by four-star and five-star groups.
Even though the ultimate ores still hadn’t appeared yet, I’m sure they can be found in the area for the five-star mercenary groups.”

Yun Feng finally realized that the Shiny Plains was also strictly divided like that.
It seemed that every level had teams that issued challenges.
After all, everyone wanted to move to a higher level.
Then, they would be able to go to a more favorable area and mine ores that had a higher quality.
By then, the money they could get wouldn’t be able to be measured with numbers.

“We were also thinking of challenging a four-star mercenary group during the level assessment this year, but we never thought that the fierce battle that time would cost us so many elites.
We don’t have the strength to issue a challenge anymore.
And now, we’ll also face the danger of being challenged by the two-star and one-star teams.
If we don’t win, we’ll immediately be banished from the Shiny Plains.”

The power of the elites of a mercenary group could be said to be the signature of the entire group.
With stronger elites, they could recruit new members more quickly and would be able to increase the strength of the mercenary group.
However, losing their elites didn’t only bring them a huge loss, they wouldn’t be able to recruit new members either.
A mercenary group without the supply of new blood was destined to be unable to rise again forever.

“The Red Maple Mercenary Team always tells people that we’re the most upright and fair mercenary group.
Even in the world of mercenaries, we never kill, loot or suppress others intentionally.
However, I can’t believe this righteous group would suffer such a huge blow.
Young people like us failed our predecessors…” Xiao Ying said as tears welled up in her eyes.
She sat there and wept softly, while the other young people next to her remained silent with gloominess on their faces.

“That’s enough, Xiao Ying.
We shouldn’t use those solutions.
We shouldn’t do it in those dishonest ways.
We have to fight with dignity and honesty.
Even if we lose, that’s fine.
We can start all over again!” The tough man yelled loudly.
His voice hit these young people’s hearts like bells.
After hearing what he said, Yun Feng’s mind couldn’t help but ripple slightly.
Such an upright spirit was a bit similar to that of the members of the Yun family.
The Yun family was willing to make friends like this!

“You’re right.
Why don’t you fight honorably and fairly? Even if you lose, you’ve exerted yourselves and you won’t regret anything, right?” Yun Feng stood up and agreed with the man loudly.
The tough man immediately burst into laughter after hearing that.
“Great, great! You’re so bold, little girl.
I like it!”

Yun Feng smiled and put up a beautiful, beaming smile on her little face.
Meatball also turned around and looked at the man with its huge eyes.
Its hostility seemed to have eased a bit.

Seeing the man laugh heartily, Xiao Ying’s eyes couldn’t help but turn a little red.
These days hadn’t been easy for her Captain and she rarely saw him laugh without restraints.
Really… “Since Captain said that, we’ll fight with honor and dignity! Then, we’ll not have any regrets in our minds.
Am I right?”

Xiao Ying stood up and so did the few young people next to her, looking emotional.
“That’s right! Xiao Ying is right.
We have to fight fair and square!”

“We’re not afraid of losing! If we lose, we’ll try again next time!”

Xiao Ying swept away the gloomy atmosphere just now and walked to Yun Feng as she said with an apologetic look, “Little girl, I’m sorry about earlier.
I had no choice but to come up with this idea, which defies the way the Red Maple Mercenary Team does things.
However, don’t worry.
I won’t think about it anymore.
You’re right.
Rather than going that way, it’s better for us to fight with honesty!”

Yun Feng nodded.
Meatball which was on her shoulder also put away its slightly ferocious look.
It also calmed down and restored its original cuteness after feeling that the other party wasn’t preying on it anymore.

“Tut-tut, how confident! I already heard the bragging sound from far away.
I was wondering who it was.
It turns out to be the Red Maple Mercenary Team!”

The tent curtain was lifted up and a few people swaggered in with a cocky look.
They all didn’t seem to be good people.
When they saw Yun Feng was there, they couldn’t help but feel shocked.
And after seeing Meatball on her shoulder, their eyes abruptly brightened.

“Tut-tut! A Magic Beast? The Red Maple Mercenary Team, who always flaunts their righteousness, are also going to bribe someone and do something they despise?” The man who was speaking had a pair of triangular eyes and his smiley face looked like he needed a biff [1.
A strike.].
After hearing that, the tough man couldn’t help but flush.
He was actually right.
They wanted to use this solution at first, but it was banned in the end.

“Li Qunou, did the Evil Wolf Mercenary Team not learn a lesson last time?”

The man called Li Qunou immediately looked cold and viciousness shot out of his triangular eyes.
He chuckled with a deep voice.
“What are you talking about, Captain Wang? Do you still want to fight with us with your old, weak and injured members?”

“You…” After hearing that, Xiao Ying widened her eyes furiously and her gorgeous face flushed.
However, the young people next to her pulled her back and signaled her not to act recklessly.

“Li Qunou, we beat you once and we’ll certainly beat you twice.
Don’t make trouble on my territory!” The tough man shouted as his fighting energy as a level-5 warrior burst out.
Li Qunou stepped back slightly with a trace of embarrassment on his face.

“Wang Ming, don’t try to do this the hard way! Your elites are all dead.
How would you still have the strength to fight with us? I’ll watch you get out of here after the level assessment this time! If you still want to stay, I don’t mind showing you the right way!”

Yun Feng chuckled as she stepped forward and looked at Li Qunou.
“What way?”

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