“What do the patterns on your clothes represent?” Yun Feng stared at the man in the hood with her black eyes.
The man in the hood was startled and the corners of his mouth slowly curled up.
“You want to know?”

“Tell me!” Yun Feng exerted strength with her finger, and the man in the hood coughed uncomfortably again.
“If you want to know, why don’t you find the answer yourself?” The man in the hood seemed to be testing Yun Feng’s patience, and Yun Feng didn’t have time to waste on him! She exerted strength with her finger again.
Yun Feng’s finger had already sunk into the man’s pale skin, with bruises on it!

“Spit out everything you know!”

“Ahem!” The man in the hood’s windpipe was suddenly stuck.
Yun Feng loosened her fingers slightly.
He couldn’t die yet.
She had to get an answer for other things! “Is the man who supported the Helian family on the East Continent with you?”

The hooded man’s gaze suddenly became hot and Yun Feng’s heart also felt hot! “Oh? You met him?”

Yun Feng unconsciously exerted more strength on her fingers.
Her heart was beating like a drum and she felt like it was about to jump out of her chest! “Where is he?”

The man in the hood smiled evilly.
“I don’t know.”

Yun Feng’s heart suddenly ached.
“You don’t know? Do you think I’ll accept this answer?” She exerted strength with her fingers and the man’s neck was grabbed by Yun Feng again! If Yun Feng exerted strength again, his head and body would immediately be separated!

“Hm!” The man in the hood became even paler, but the smile at the corners of his mouth didn’t change.
Yun Feng suddenly smiled.
“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell.
I have plenty of ways to make you talk.”

The fingers on the side of the man’s body, which had been moving slowly, finally moved into the robe, as if they had found something.
“Crack!” Something was instantly squeezed.
Yun Feng’s expression changed.
She only felt that the space around her was distorted with the man as the center!

“Hehehehe, hahahahahaha!” The man in the hood burst into laughter.
The power of spatial distortion around suddenly increased.
Even though Yun Feng had advanced to the Lord Level, she wouldn’t survive if she was dragged into such a powerful distorted space!

The expressions of the three Hall Masters in the air couldn’t help but change drastically when they noticed this terrifying power of distortion.
They looked at each other.
Even if they were pulled in, their lives would be in danger!

“Master!” Lan Yi quickly swooped down from the sky and dragged Yun Feng out of the distorted space.
After making a few turns in the sky, Lan Yi finally brought Yun Feng out.
After feeling the terrifying power of distortion with his body, Lan Yi’s expression changed drastically.
“What exactly is that power…”

Mu Canghai, who was in the crowd, immediately closed his eyes when he saw this scene.
When he opened his eyes again, a strange light burst out of his gray pupil.
The laughter of the man in the hood instantly stopped and his body slowly stood up from the deep pit.
The space around him had already distorted strongly.
His body was gradually being pulled into this space.
“Kid, don’t do anything unnecessary!” The man in the hood looked at Mu Canghai and said with a hoarse voice.
There was already sweat on Mu Canghai’s forehead and his gray pupil was shrinking rapidly.
Mu Canghai only felt pain in his eyes.

The space had already been completely distorted.
Yun Feng also understood that the man in the hood must have used some method to escape, but she couldn’t stop him! No, he couldn’t leave.
He couldn’t leave without giving her an answer! Yun Feng’s body moved and she was about to rush over.
The anger in her heart had already outweighed her rationality.
She must know the whereabouts of her ancestor’s soul!


“Master!” Seeing that Yun Feng was about to rush over, Little Fire and Lan Yi immediately stopped her.
Lan Yi reached out and grabbed Yun Feng’s arm.
Little Fire stood in front of Yun Feng, while Yaoyao rushed over and wrapped her fishtail around Yun Feng’s body.
A chill passed through Yaoyao’s body, making Yun Feng regain her rationality.

“Hehehehe, you can’t stop me! Yun Feng, you’ve ruined my business.
I’ll remember it!” The hooded man’s evil voice came.
His body had already been pulled into the distorted space quickly.
Thick dark elements slowly oozed out of his body.
Yun Feng’s eyes were slightly red.
She squeezed the air with her hand and the dark elements were all eliminated!

The space had already returned to normal.
The hooded man had completely disappeared at this moment!

“Damn it! Damn it!” Yun Feng clenched her fists and stood in the air.
He escaped, but he still escaped!

In the crowd, Mu Canghai suddenly closed his eyes.
Drops of blood flowed out of his gray eye.
Qu Lanyi looked at him.
“Even if Yao Guang was here, he might not be able to stop that disgusting man from leaving.
The distortion of space is far beyond your ability.”

Mu Canghai covered his unusually painful eyes with his hand and said coldly, “I know.
I just hoped I could help her.”

Qu Lanyi didn’t say anything.
Mu Canghai covered his eyes with one hand and slowly turned around.
“You don’t have to tell her about this.”

Qu Lanyi didn’t look at him and only nodded.
Mu Canghai turned around and walked out of the crowd.
His body flashed and he was already gone.
The development of this battle had already exceeded everyone’s expectations.
Yun Feng as a Lord-Level summoner, the disgusting contracted Magic Beast of the hooded man, the appearance of Yaoyao, and the ending with the hooded man’s sudden escape.
Everyone watching the battle felt like they were in a dream.
Was this real?

Since it was a battle, there would certainly be a result.
When the man in the hood ran away, Yun Feng would certainly win.
After Ling announced this result, everyone seemed to still be in shock.
They looked at Yun Feng in the sky and the arena that was almost destroyed in a daze.
Finally, someone shouted, “How satisfying! A Lord-Level summoner!”

One of them was sweating profusely and everyone suddenly woke up.
The Lord Level! A Lord Level summoner! Yun Feng! Everyone cheered Yun Feng’s name like they were on steroids, but Yun Feng, who was in the sky, didn’t care about this.
Yaoyao had already resumed her original girl’s body and was nestled in Yun Feng’s arms quietly.
Yun Feng didn’t want to stay here any longer.
She was about to flash away when three figures already stood in front of her.

Yun Feng glanced over with her black eyes.
“What can I do for you, Hall Masters?”

The Master of the Bright Moon Hall burst into laughter and sized Yun Feng up in satisfaction.
“I knew you had a unique treasure.
Not only are you so powerful, but you also have astonishing Magic Beasts.”

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