Qu Lanyi suddenly rushed over at this moment.
When he was about to rush forward without caring about anything, he suddenly felt an unusual aura! Little Fire and Lan Yi also keenly noticed it and couldn’t help but stop!

“Hahahaha, hahahaha!” The man in the hood roared into the sky.
He was at the peak of the Lord Level.
It was useless even if she advanced to the Lord Level! She would still die quickly! The man in the hood didn’t laugh for long when he suddenly froze there.
His face, which was half covered by the hood, suddenly froze like a stone.
The people who were sent flying by the force just then got up from the ground in a sorry state.
When they looked up at the ring, they couldn’t help but widen their eyes!

The dust and the flying fog dispersed.
Yun Feng was still standing there.
The ground next to her had completely shattered and stones were everywhere, but the ground under her feet wasn’t damaged at all! There was a layer of blue barrier around her, protecting Yun Feng firmly behind her.
Floating in front of Yun Feng was an extremely tempting body.
Her upper body was beautiful and alluring.
Her long hair covered her chest, and her facial features were young but carried an endless charm.
The woman’s lower body wasn’t her legs, but a long blue fishtail!

Qu Lanyi, Little Fire and Lan Yi were all surprised.
They were no strangers to Yaoyao’s form.
This was the mature form she showed after inheriting the ancient power!

There was a black vertical line in her blue eyes.
Her blue ears and fins fluttered slowly in the air.
Yaoyao slowly said, showing the sharp teeth of the blue-finned.
“How dare you hurt Xiao Feng? I’ll take your life!”

“Sea… Sea… Sea Demon!” Someone in the crowd shouted in shock! Ling also looked at Yaoyao in extreme shock.
That was hatched from the sea demon egg Miss Yun auctioned off last time? When the three Hall Masters saw Yaoyao, their hearts suddenly heated up.
That was… a sea demon! Yun Feng had such a Magic Beast!

The man in the hood was obviously stunned too.
One of the merfolk who lived in the Endless Ocean had appeared here, and she belonged to Yun Feng! The man in the hood’s burning eyes burst out again.
The things in Yun Feng’s hands were indeed extraordinary!

Yun Feng was also very shocked.
She had been keeping Yaoyao in the Dragon Palace, but Yaoyao came out forcefully just then and even appeared in front of her in her mature form.
That attack of power at the Lord Level just then was completely blocked outside.
Was this the power of the ancient times? She thought that Yaoyao had only inherited a part of the power, but her power was actually so astonishing! The power of that ancient race was too terrifying!

The long blue fish tail swayed abruptly and Yaoyao’s face instantly became ferocious! Her entire body was emitting a faint blue light from inside.
Yaoyao’s entire body was like a transparent blue gem, releasing dazzling light!

Yaoyao kept getting closer and the man in the hood grinned again.
Greed, endless greed, was shown on his face! However, Yaoyao, who had inherited the power of the ancient times, wasn’t someone he could peep at! Before the man in the hood made a move, Yaoyao’s blue fishtail had already smacked down abruptly.
The man in the hood thought he could dodge it, but he didn’t expect that the fishtail was like a shadow.
His body had just moved when it smashed down fiercely!

The hooded man’s body, which was wrapped in the robe, was smashed deep into the ring by Yaoyao, creating a pit a few meters deep! A glint of light flashed through Yaoyao’s blue eyes.
Blue water elements surged out of her body and immediately turned into thousands of arrows, instantly freezing into ice! They came from the sky like a storm!

Thousands of ice arrows smashed down densely.
This scene made people speechless! The hooded man wouldn’t be any better if he wasn’t smashed into a beehive!

After the ice arrows, the hooded man in the deep pit was already in an extremely sorry state! The dark robe on his body had already been torn apart, revealing his skinny body! His pale arms were full of wounds and were covered in blood! His face was still half covered by the hood.
He wiped the blood at the corners of his mouth and took a deep breath.
He was indeed very strong.

The man in the hood looked up.
Little Fire and Lan Yi had already gathered at this moment.
There were three Magic Beasts blocking the sky, and those two undead were firmly wrapped in Yaoyao’s blue bubble, unable to move!

“Tsk!” The man in the hood cursed secretly.
The attack of the peak of the Lord Level just then didn’t do anything to Yun Feng.
The man in the hood wasn’t stupid.
He certainly knew that he would lose this battle without a doubt.
He had already aroused a lot of resentment in Thousand Peak City.
It wasn’t good to stay any longer.
It was better to leave first.
As for what happened next, he had his own way!


The man in the hood smiled viciously.
The space around his body suddenly distorted violently.
Even if he wanted to leave, he had to see if Yun Feng allowed! A black shadow suddenly pounced forward and squeezed the air with her fair hand! The man in the hood felt that something was wrong, but it was already too late! Yun Feng’s hand was holding his neck firmly.
There was raging anger in the depths of her clear black eyes!

The girl suddenly exerted strength with her fingers.
The man in the hood grunted and his body sank again!

“Our debt has just begun to be settled!”

“Cough, cough, cough!” The man in the hood suddenly coughed a few times.
Being choked by Yun Feng, he only felt difficult to breathe.
A few drops of blood were stuck in his trachea and were very uncomfortable.
A few drops splashed out of his mouth after Yun Feng exerted her strength.
His pale face was even more transparent and his lips were even more evil when they were stained with blood.

“Qingqing’s Ring of Contract, spit it out!” Yun Feng’s cold voice was full of coldness.
She held the hooded man’s neck firmly with her finger and felt the bone-piercing coldness coming from his skin.
Half of the hooded man’s face was covered by the hood.
The corners of his mouth twitched.
“Tsk!” He put his pale finger into his black robe.
After a while, a green Ring of Contract appeared in the hooded man’s hand.
Yun Feng took the Ring of Contract and put it away.

“Ahem! What else do you want?” The hooded man’s voice became even hoarser after his neck was grabbed.
Yun Feng disrupted his escape just then.
It was impossible for him to break through by force right now.
The sky had already been sealed by the three Magic Beasts.
If he wanted to get rid of Yun Feng, he would have to use that powerful attack just then to shake her off before he had a chance to escape! The hooded man couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious in his mind.
He didn’t expect to die in the hands of this little girl.
Did he have to use that move? In short, he had to get out of here first!

The fingers hidden on one side of his body moved slightly.
Yun Feng didn’t notice the subtle movements of the hooded man.
There was still a question in her mind that she needed an answer to!

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