Yun Feng flipped her hand and the thick dark elements quickly turned into arrows that shot towards Yun Feng! “Earth Shield!” Yun Feng suddenly shouted.
The Lord Level Earth Shield quickly blocked the black arrows, but the dark elements around the black arrows had the effect of melting.
Yun Feng clearly felt that her Earth Shield was being swallowed by the dark elements constantly! One of the biggest characteristics of the dark elements: Devouring!

Yun Feng squeezed her hand hard and the Earth Shield immediately exploded.
Without the Earth Shield, the Dark Arrow whizzed over.
Yun Feng’s body quickly dodged to the side.
Little Fire and Lan Yi couldn’t help but feel anxious in their minds.
They immediately exerted too much force and the rotten corpse was torn apart again!

The smile at the corners of the man’s mouth widened and the rotten flesh fused together again.
Seeing this scene, Yun Feng also understood the man’s intention!

Every time it died, it would be reborn and it could gain power from it! What a domineering, unreasonable and evil ability!

No matter how careful Lan Yi and Little Fire were, even if they ignored the rotten corpses and turned around to attack the hooded man, the rotten corpse was everywhere.
If they weren’t careful, they would tear it into pieces.
After being torn again and again and being reborn again and again, the rotten corpse suddenly changed!

The rotten body gradually became smooth, as if the lost flesh was regenerating rapidly! However, even though the body looked like a human being, the facial features were completely different from those of a human being! The man in the hood burst into laughter.
At this moment, the body that had already changed suddenly raised its front limbs and inserted them deeply into its torso!

“Ugh…” The sound of vomiting came from the crowd again.
Many people couldn’t stand such a scene.
The hand that was inserted deep into the body grabbed something, which was dragged out of the body forcefully! The front limbs pulled forward, and the sound of friction and slipping came!

This sound made most of the people present change their expressions! Even the faces of the three Hall Masters couldn’t help but turn pale.
Why was this dark summoner so disgusting?

“F*ck, that’s too f*cking disgusting…”

“I can’t watch anymore.
I really can’t take it anymore.”

Some people couldn’t stand it anymore and kept vomiting.
The arm that was pulling from the inside of the torso on the ring suddenly exerted strength and a second rotten corpse was pulled out!

“Boom!” Someone had already fainted on the ground!

The corners of the man’s mouth raised high.
That evil smile was even more disgusting with such a strange Magic Beast.
Yun Feng looked at the rotten corpse that was dragged out forcefully and couldn’t help but frown.
It seemed that there was another ability of this Magic Beast, which was reproduction!

After the rotten corpse was dragged out, it turned from one to two! The two undead pounced on Little Fire and Lan Yi.
Little Fire and Lan Yi both dodged subconsciously.
“It’s so disgusting!” Little Fire cursed secretly.
The scene just then disgusted it too.
“What kind of disgusting race is this?”

The two undead didn’t care about that.
The constant deaths just then had already let them be reborn many times and given them powerful strength! Even though Little Fire and Lan Yi had advanced to the Lord Level with Yun Feng, facing such disgusting undead, especially with their constantly increasing strength after every death, the strength of the Lord Level was immediately useless!

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Little Fire and Lan Yi could only keep dodging and couldn’t make any substantial attacks.
Once the two Magic Beasts changed the direction of their attack, the disgusting undead would immediately wrap around them.
Unknowingly, Little Fire and Lan Yi were entangled tightly and could only make endless defense.
The possibility of attacking was instantly zero!

What a sinister and disgusting move.
Yun Feng noticed Lan Yi and Little Fire’s current situation and couldn’t help but want to take another look at the man in the hood.
Even though those two were disgusting, they were indeed quite useful.
The man in the hood smiled weirdly and the dark elements came fiercely, but Yun Feng’s expression didn’t change.
She, who had already reached the Lord Level, didn’t have to be afraid!

The man in the hood knew that his attack would miss, but he still attacked patiently.
The smile at the corners of his mouth kept going.
Yun Feng’s body suddenly flashed and approached the man in the hood like lightning.
She was about to punch fiercely and hit him, when the man in the hood said, “I’ve been waiting for you to come.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened and she instinctively stepped aside, but the man in the hood kept chasing her.
His body approached Yun Feng like a ghost and he suddenly flipped his pale hand.
There was a seal on it!

Sensing the deep aura inside, Yun Feng widened her black eyes and the lips of the man in the hood slowly cracked.
Yun Feng seemed to see a long tongue that was as thin as a tongue.
“I certainly have a backup plan.
Can you withstand the attack of a peak Lord?”

A cold aura spread out from the inside of the hooded man’s body.
The sealed force was unlocked and a powerful aura instantly swept the entire space like a wave!

Qu Lanyi was about to jump up without thinking, but was bounced off by the power! The three Hall Masters, who had been watching the battle calmly, suddenly stood up after seeing the powerful aura.
“Swish, swish, swish!” The three of them immediately flew to the sky and their different Lord auras exploded!

“The peak of the Lord Level, this man has such a sealed power!” The Hall Master’s face darkened as he felt this unusually powerful aura.
If the three of them weren’t here, everyone in the Thousand Peak City would probably be killed by this power!

“Don’t be distracted! He’s at the peak of the Lord Level.
Be careful!” The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master said coldly.
The Ancestral Forest Hall’s Master grunted.
The aura of the three Hall’s Masters combined and collided fiercely with the power of the peak of the Lord Level.
Even the three Hall’s Masters felt their bodies and minds shake! The peak of the Lord Level was so domineering and powerful!

Under the protection of the three Hall Masters, they finally survived.
However, Yun Feng, who was on the ring, was the direct recipient of this power! Little Fire and Lan Yi pounced crazily.
The undead blocked their way.
The two Magic Beasts didn’t care about anything else.
Kill! Kill! Kill!

Half of the arena was instantly destroyed by this force! Yun Feng’s life and death were unknown under this powerful force! Mu Canghai suddenly jumped in the chaos and wanted to run to the arena, but he was bounced back by an invisible force.
The Master of the Thousand Snow Hall stood in the sky and looked at Mu Canghai coldly.
“This is a battle.
The others aren’t allowed to go up!”

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