“How is that possible? She’s so talented!” Mo Changge whispered in shock, which attracted the attention of the three Hall Masters.
“Changge, what’s going on?” The silver-haired handsome man said unhappily.
Mo Changge looked at Yun Feng in shock and immediately said, “Brother! She was still at the peak of the Monarch Level a month ago!”

What?! The three Hall Masters were quite shocked! The Hall Master narrowed his eyes fiercely.
She was still at the peak of the Monarch Level a month ago, but she had risen to the Lord Level a month later.
What kind of speed was that? It was also possible that this little girl had been at the peak of the Monarch Level for a long time and accumulated a lot before she could break through in one go.
However… the time for this breakthrough was too short!

“How long did it take for the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall to break through to the Lord Level?” asked the Master of the Bright Moon Hall.
A trace of stiffness flashed through the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall’s shriveled face as he said in a low voice, “More than three years.”

“It took me four years.” The Master of the Bright Moon Hall looked at the Thousand Snow Hall’s Master, who replied, “About three years.”

After the three of them said that, Mo Changge opened his mouth in shock.
His brother took three years, while Yun Feng… only took one month! The truth wasn’t just one month.
Yun Feng’s breakthrough only took less than half a day! If the three Hall Masters knew about it, they would probably hit their heads together and be too ashamed to face her.

In the eyes of outsiders, Yun Feng’s speed was indeed a genius among geniuses, but this was just what it looked like on the outside.
The hardships Yun Feng experienced and her own hard work couldn’t be imagined by others at all!

“This girl…” The Master of the Bright Moon Hall only felt shocked.
There was actually such an astonishing person in the world.
The girl on the ring suddenly emitted a kind of brilliance, a kind of aura of a powerhouse that nobody could compare to!

The three Hall Masters pondered in their minds again.
Yun Feng’s status in their minds suddenly rose another level.
For the audience below the stage, it was still unknown who would win between the man in the hood and Yun Feng.
There were no surviving summoners under the man in the hood, and Yun Feng had never lost again.
When these two people, who had never lost before, faced each other, sparks would certainly fly and it would be more interesting!

Sensing Yun Feng’s undisguised aura, pride rose in Qu Lanyi’s eyes.
Fengfeng had indeed reached the Lord Level.
His wife was indeed extraordinary.
Mu Canghai was also shocked when he sensed Yun Feng’s aura! “She…”

The man in the hood on the ring wasn’t ordinary either.
Yun Feng’s unconcealed aura spread out.
The man in the hood couldn’t help but stiffen for a moment after noticing that.
Then, he chuckled evilly and his pale fingers came out of the robe.
The black Ring of Contract that was originally destroyed by Qu Lanyi appeared again!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but sneer when he saw the black ring on the hooded man’s finger again.
This man indeed had a trump card.
It wasn’t surprising that he could summon another skeleton and have another Ring of Contract.
However, if he didn’t show 0his ability this time, he was destined to lose to Yun Feng!

“I didn’t expect there to be a second one.” Yun Feng sneered and called out.
Little Fire and Lan Yi landed on both sides of her.
The two Magic Beasts appeared and immediately put on a vigilant look.
A dark-element summoner must be summoning a dark-element Magic Beast.
This was the first time the two of them fought with a dark-element Magic Beast!

The man in the hood laughed evilly again.
The people around the ring couldn’t help but feel terrified after hearing that.
Yun Feng could fight without batting an eyelid.
She was indeed courageous! “Come out.” The man in the hood’s slightly hoarse voice sounded slowly.
Everyone widened their eyes.
It wasn’t that they had never seen the man in the hood fight, but this was the first time he summoned his Magic Beast! Dark Magic Beasts weren’t easy to see!

The crowd was full of anticipation for the dark Magic Beast, but when the Magic Beast appeared, some people couldn’t stand it anymore and immediately vomited! That wasn’t a Magic Beast, but a corpse that was almost rotten!

The three Hall Masters couldn’t help but feel disgusted when they saw this scene.
They really didn’t expect a dark Magic Beast to be so disgusting.
It was very likely that the hooded man’s personal preference.
Previously, it was a huge skeleton, and now, it was a rotten corpse.

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Qu Lanyi suddenly narrowed his beautiful eyes and stared at the rotten corpse next to the hooded man.
This wasn’t a rotten corpse.
This was a race that looked like a rotten corpse.
They were called the undead and were the strongest dark-element Magic Beasts!

The undead, as their name implied, would never die!

Why did he contract with the undead? How did he do it? Qu Lanyi’s face suddenly darkened.
He jumped up and rushed to the edge of the ring! “Yun Feng!” Qu Lanyi shouted loudly.
Yun Feng turned around in shock.
Seeing Qu Lanyi come over, the man in the hood cursed softly and the rotten corpse next to him had already attacked Yun Feng!

Without paying attention to Qu Lanyi, Yun Feng immediately dodged.
Little Fire and Lan Yi followed her.
The sharp teeth and claws of the Magic Beasts immediately tore the rotten corpse apart!

Seeing this scene, Qu Lanyi’s black eyes couldn’t help but darken slightly.
The rotten corpse was instantly torn into several pieces and landed on the ring.
Everyone was extremely shocked.
It was torn apart just like that! The dark-element Magic Beast that had just gone on stage was gone just like that.
It was so fragile!

The corners of the man’s mouth slowly curled up.
The Ring of Contract on his finger didn’t disappear or crack.
Yun Feng immediately understood something.
Under many unbelievable gazes, the pieces of meat on the ground quickly gathered together on their own, like a powerful magnet!

This shocking scene made everyone gasp! None of the pieces of flesh of different sizes were missed.
They quickly and forcefully pieced together and the rotten corpse appeared again!

“Don’t let it die.
Every time it dies, its power will increase!” Qu Lanyi shouted loudly.
Yun Feng only found it unbelievable after hearing that, but she immediately nodded.
Little Fire and Lan Yi had received Yun Feng’s order not to let it die.
This was too difficult for two Magic Beasts that had entered the Lord Level! This rotten corpse could be completely penetrated with a gentle touch!

“You even know it.” The man in the hood glanced at Qu Lanyi and sneered.
He turned his gaze to Yun Feng.
“It’s indeed surprising that you’ve risen to such a height in such a short time, but…” The man in the hood suddenly smiled.
His evil laughter went straight to the heart!

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