The contracted Magic Beast was dead, which was the price of forcibly getting strength!

“Why…” Yao Man looked at the Ring of Contract that disappeared on her finger.
Her eyes darkened and she directly fell on the ground and fainted.
Yun Feng looked at the Electric Python on the ring with its skin and flesh torn.
A glint of pain flashed through her eyes.
Little Fire and Lan Yi descended from the sky.
Yun Feng knew what they were going to say.
“I know.
This is the result of Yao Man forcibly increasing her strength.”

Little Fire and Lan Yi looked at the dead Electric Python and were more or less a bit upset in their minds.
This scene completely shocked all the summoners present! The death of a contracted Magic Beast could be said to be a fatal blow for summoners! However, Yao Man had a huge background.
It was easy to have another lightning-element Magic Beast, but it was another story if she could find a second Electric Python.

“Battle No.16, Yun Feng wins!” Ling said loudly.
The audience was silent.
Yun Feng turned around quietly and walked off the ring.
Everyone couldn’t help but look at her.
This time, there were no cheers, but everyone’s heart trembled heavily!

The corners of Mo Changge’s mouth curled up in satisfaction.
Yao Man had already been taken away by the people of the Thousand Snow Hall.
The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master didn’t look good.
The death of Yao Man’s contracted Magic Beast was a big deal, but it was most important that Yao Man could stay alive.

The next four matches were no longer attractive under the influence of Yun Feng’s match.
Everyone watching the battle seemed to be a bit distracted.
Twenty people were picked from the twenty battles, and these twenty people would draw numbers again to fight.

This time, the twenty people would draw numbers on the ring and choose their opponents in front of all the audience! Ling clapped his hands again and soon, an exquisite box was brought up.
There were also twenty number plates inside with ten groups of numbers on them.
Whoever drew the same number would be opponents.

This time, Yun Feng’s number plate was ten, and the hooded man was one.
The two of them were far apart.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit frustrated.
The next ten battles were extremely fast, especially the battles between the hooded man and Yun Feng.
There was basically no suspense at all.
Similarly, the hooded man killed another summoner.

There were already dozens of summoners who died in the hands of the hooded man in this year’s Convention! This was a huge loss for the entire summoning world!

The atmosphere in the next ten rounds was very depressing.
The audience was also a bit depressed.
Very soon, only ten people were left after the second round of battles.
These ten people would draw numbers again for the final battle! The same box, the same numbers.
Five groups of numbers.
The people with the same number would be opponents!

After this battle, the last five people would be elected.
These five people would be the final winners, and Yun Feng didn’t care about whether she could qualify at all.
The only thing she cared about was whether she could meet the hooded man!

Ten numbers, five groups of numbers, ten people.
She only had a 20% chance!

Perhaps because it was the final battle, the audience became nervous again.
Perhaps everyone was hoping that Yun Feng and that dark summoner would fight!

They drew their numbers one by one.
The man in the hood took out the number plate from the box with his pale fingers.
Number five! The others continued drawing numbers.
When everyone except Yun Feng drew their numbers, the result was revealed! Nobody drew number five, which was opposite to the man in the hood.
At this moment, there was only one number plate left in the box.
The other contestants couldn’t help but feel relieved.
It would be best if these two people matched up!

There was a cold smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth as she slowly took out the only remaining number plate.
Number 5!

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Some people suddenly breathed heavily.
This might be the most anticipated battle right now.
It was even more anticipated than Yun Feng’s battle with Yao Man just then! Yun Feng was also very satisfied with this result.
Perhaps it was the heavens’ will.
She really met the hooded man!

There was a smile at the corners of the hooded man’s mouth.
That scorching gaze came through the hood again.
And this time, Yun Feng fought back without hesitation.
Her cold gaze carried a scorching temperature.
The hooded man was startled.
He smiled weirdly and turned around, dragging his long dark robe down the ring.

5, the battle between Yun Feng and the hooded man was the last one.
Everyone’s enthusiasm was ignited and surged again!

Yun Feng returned to the waiting area quietly.
The four matches were enough for her to calm herself down .Take back Qingqing’s Ring of Contract, and then kill him in one strike? If that man in the hood was really killed so easily, she would find it boring.
She must capture him alive and ask him where her ancestor’s soul was!

The first four groups’ battles didn’t seem exciting at all.
The audience only shouted a few times insincerely.
Everyone was looking forward to the last battle.
As the fourth battle ended, the fifth battle, the battle between Yun Feng and the hooded man, began!

After Ling announced, the atmosphere at the scene suddenly heated up like boiling water.
Everyone started shouting at the top of their lungs, “Yun Feng, kick him down! Take revenge for those dead summoners!”

“That’s right.
Teach him a lesson! Let him die on this ring too!”

Everyone below the ring was shouting.
The hooded man had already caused public anger by taking the lives of dozens of summoners.
The summoners had already been indignant about this.
Yun Feng had become their representative they entrusted their lives to.
In this current situation, only Yun Feng had the strength to teach him a lesson fiercely!

The man in the hood dragged his robe and walked on the ring.
The rustling sound caused by him even attracted the curses of the crowd.
At this moment, Yun Feng suddenly opened her eyes and didn’t hold back at all! Her powerful aura of the Lord Level spread out and she jumped, standing on the ring!

“She’s indeed at the Lord Level as we guessed.” The Master of the Bright Moon Hall rubbed his chin with his finger and looked at Yun Feng with glittering eyes.
Her aura was indeed at the Lord Level, the real Lord Level!

“Tut-tut, this little girl is interesting.” A smile appeared on the dry face of the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall and the expression on his face became even stranger.
A glint of light flashed through the eyes of the Master of the Thousand Snow Hall and Mo Changge was a bit shocked.
How was that possible? She was still at the peak of the Monarch Level a month ago.
In one month, she had broken through to the Lord Level!

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