Yao Man took a deep breath.
She also felt the weakness in her body.
The effect of the potion she took just then was about to disappear! Thinking of this, Yao Man bit her lips hard and flipped her hand.
Another bottle of potion!

The audience couldn’t help but exclaim when they saw the potion in Yao Man’s hand! Good lord! Another bottle of potion! She was truly rich! Not everyone could get such a potion.
This woman used two bottles at once.
She was truly ruthless!

“She prefers victory to her life?” Someone in the audience couldn’t help but exclaim.
Most of the people present were summoners, so they were certainly no strangers to this potion.
Even though this potion was powerful, its effects were also very fierce.
Only people who would do anything to get what they wanted could be so bold as to swallow two bottles in a row!

Seeing Yao Man’s movement, Mo Changge grunted in disdain and cursed in a low voice.
The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master couldn’t help but frown.
The second bottle? Yao Man really didn’t care about anything.
She took the second bottle!

“Tut-tut, it seems that Yao Man still hasn’t seen through,” said the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
The Master of the Bright Moon Hall couldn’t help but frown.
“Master of the Thousand Snow Hall, aren’t you going to stop her? After all, she’s a rare talent.”

The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master didn’t say anything, but his handsome face was a bit calm.
Mo Changge, on the other hand, looked indifferent and even a bit gloating.
Yao Man had better become a piece of garbage, so he could completely get rid of that hypocritical and disgusting woman!

The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master didn’t say anything.
Even if he did, it was already too late.
Yao Man swallowed the potion immediately.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown.
Yao Man’s already weak aura was forcibly increased again and she remained at the Lord Level! However, her cheeks were already paler and she was drenched in cold sweat!

After Yao Man took the second potion, she only felt a bone-piercing pain from the depths of her body.
She suppressed it secretly.
This time, she had to win no matter what! The Electric Python in the sky suddenly twitched violently because of Yao Man’s movement.
Its originally purple eyes were bloodshot.
Little Fire and Lan Yi couldn’t help but curse when they saw this scene.
“That woman took the potion again to defeat Master!”

“Brother Fire, after the second enhancement of the Electric Python, it’s probably on the verge of collapse!”

Little Fire’s body suddenly jumped up and dodged an attack from the Electric Python.
The scales all over the Electric Python’s body were severely damaged because of the forced increase.
Forcefully increasing their strength was a kind of danger to humans, and even more so to Magic Beasts! The reason why Yun Feng didn’t contract Yaoyao immediately was that she was afraid that Yaoyao would suffer like this!

The Electric Python raised its head and hissed.
There was deep pain in its hiss.
Its scales fluttered and blood stains covered its entire body.
Red blood flowed slowly along the body of the Electric Python, but it couldn’t do anything.
It could only endure this inhumane torture!

“Damn it! Damn that human!” Even though they were enemies, Little Fire and Lan Yi were Magic Beasts after all.
They could feel the pain of the Electric Python.
If it were Yun Feng, their master, she would never do this!

“Brother Fire! It’s no longer a threat.
We just need to stall for time!” Lan Yi didn’t attack anymore.
Little Fire nodded.
The two Magic Beasts only defended.
Even though the lightning python’s attacks were still fierce, the pain inside its body had already greatly reduced its attack!

Yao Man, who took the potion the second time, was in a very bad condition.
After the second time of strengthening her body, her vitality had already been greatly damaged.
Even though the power of her attacks was still there, she was obviously unable to do anything.
Seeing that her attacks had no effect on Yun Feng, Yao Man felt a burst of evil fire in her heart! She flipped her hand again and it was another bottle of potion!

Everyone was a bit shocked when they saw the third bottle of potion! The third bottle! This woman really didn’t want to live anymore!

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The effect of Yao Man’s second bottle of potion didn’t disappear, but she was about to take the third bottle of potion right now! Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened completely.
It was time to kick her off the stage.
The deal she made with Mo Changge was to kick Yao Man off the stage, but he didn’t ask to kill her on this ring! Even though the Yao family couldn’t say anything if she died on this ring, they would definitely cause trouble for Yun Feng in private.
If Yao Man died, it meant that a lightning-element summoner at the peak of the Monarch Level was dead!

Yao Man laughed crazily.
At this moment, she was a bit crazy.
She reached out and was about to swallow the third bottle of potion when she felt a gust of wind and a black shadow approaching her forcefully.
At this moment, Yao Man, who was in extreme pain all over her body, couldn’t dodge at all.
Her wrist was suddenly grabbed!

“Argh!” Yao Man screamed in pain and felt like the world was spinning.
The next second, she had already fallen off the ring!

Even though she fell off the ring, Yao Man didn’t forget to hold the potion in her hand tightly.
After the fall, the pain all over Yao Man’s body suddenly rose, making her entire body twitch a few times in pain.
The girl on the ring looked at her coldly.
“Yao Man, you lost.”

She lost? Yao Man lost? After being stunned for a moment, Yao Man suddenly got up from the ground.
“I lost? Let me tell you, I didn’t! As long as I drink this bottle of potion, I’ll be able to beat you!” Yao Man raised her head and was about to drink the potion she was holding tightly in her hand, but Yun Feng’s expression turned cold.
She squeezed her fingers fiercely.
Her movements were almost unnoticeable, but they contained the power of space control!

“Pa!” The potion bottle in her mouth suddenly exploded.
Yao Man looked at the broken potion bottle in her hand in a daze.
The potion flowed down her hand and was completely useless!

“How is that possible…” Yao Man couldn’t accept such a situation.
She was Yao Man, the top genius of the Yao family.
She reached the peak of the Monarch Level before she was thirty.
She was a lightning-element summoner! She… lost!

“Ugh!” Yao Man’s face turned pale.
A sharp pain suddenly came from inside her body.
She held her abdomen and bent down in pain.
Yao Man felt that her entire body was about to be torn apart in an instant! At this moment, a sorrowful cry came from the sky.
The Electric Python suddenly let out a cry, which made everyone present feel a chill in their hearts! Following this roar, the body of the Electric Python fell from the sky like a stone that had lost its base!

“Boom…” The giant python fell on the ring and completely paralyzed a corner of the ring! The body of the Electric Python didn’t move anymore after it fell, and the purple Ring of Contract on Yao Man’s finger shattered and turned into powder!

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