Yao Man, who was on the ring, also attacked at the same time.
The purple lightning elements around her wand attacked like long snakes, not giving Yun Feng any time to react at all.
Yun Feng keenly dodged to the side and spun her hand gently, holding the wand in her hand.

“Lightning Spear!” Yao Man roared as the purple lightning spear slashed at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened slightly as she spun her wand.
“Earth Shield!” Her body was immediately surrounded by a hard shield made of earth elements.
When the lightning spear stabbed it, it made a sharp sound.
Yao Man thought she could break it with one strike, because Yun Feng had the strength of the peak of the Monarch Level.
She had reached the Lord Level right now! However, Yao Man had never thought that the lightning spear wouldn’t only fail to break the Earth Shield, but also could barely break its defense!

Was this the Earth Shield at the peak of the Monarch Level? Not only did her Lord Level lightning spear not penetrate it, but it also caused little damage? Yao Man was puzzled in her mind, but then, as the sound of the Earth Shield breaking and Yun Feng quickly dodged, the doubts in Yao Man’s mind were immediately dispelled.
That was right.
She was much stronger than Yun Feng right now!

Yun Feng dodged with a smile at the corners of her mouth.
Even though she suppressed her strength, her mental strength had still entered the Lord Level.
Even though it was the Earth Shield at the peak of the Monarch Level, the effect of the defense was obviously several times better than before! Yun Feng deliberately shattered the Earth Shield just then.
Yao Man’s Lightning Spear couldn’t penetrate her defense at all!

Even though she had promised Mo Changge that she would kick Yao Man down as soon as possible and it would only take a few moves for Yun Feng to do so right now, Yun Feng suddenly didn’t want to do that anymore.
She, who had just entered the Lord Level, happened to lack such a candidate for practice.
After entering the Lord Level, she certainly had to experience the difference between the Lord Level and the peak of the Monarch Level more.
Combat was undoubtedly the best choice! Experience and grow in battle!

And Yao Man was a sparring partner who came to her door.
Yun Feng chuckled in her mind.
That was good.
She could also use her to practice.

Poor Yao Man didn’t know that Yun Feng was treating her as a practice target.
She was like a beginner in anatomy.
In order to become more proficient, she certainly needed a lab rat, and Yao Man was the sample in Yun Feng’s eyes.

The lightning elements kept gathering from Yao Man’s wand, and Yun Feng took countermeasures.
On the surface, it looked like she was dodging in panic, but those who really understood would inevitably see the clues.

A doting glint flashed through Qu Lanyi’s eyes.
He knew what Yun Feng was thinking.
Mu Canghai, on the other hand, frowned tightly and said after a while, “Is she different?”

Qu Lanyi chuckled and didn’t answer.
The three Hall Masters, who were high up in the sky, certainly saw the strangeness.
After observing for a long time, a hint of surprise flashed through their eyes.
The Hall Master frowned and said, “Instead of saying that she’s dodging, it’s more like… she’s doing it with ease.”

The Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall chuckled.
“You can tell too? I didn’t expect this little girl to be so playful.”

The leader of the Thousand Snow Hall looked cold.
After a long time, he finally said, “What do you think Yun Feng’s current strength should be?”

The Master of the Bright Moon Hall burst into laughter, and the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall also smiled weirdly.
The three of them looked at Yun Feng.
The same answer had already appeared in the minds of the three Hall Masters.
A Lord-Level summoner!

The Lord Level was indeed a height that people looked up to.
It wasn’t something ordinary people could reach.
Even those powerhouses at the peak of the Monarch Level might not be able to cross this step in their entire lives.
Every step was like a ditch.
Even though this was a level that countless powerhouses dreamed of, it didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be anyone at the Lord Level.
For example, the reason why the three Masters of the West Continent could sit in the position of the Hall Master was greatly related to their strength.
The strength of the three Hall Masters was at the Lord Level!

Naturally, these three Lords couldn’t be the only ones on the vast West Continent.
Even the East Continent had fierce warriors at the Lord Level.
Compared to the East Continent, there were warriors and mages on the West Continent who had reached the Lord Level.
The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master was a mage at the Lord Level, but there were very few summoners who had reached the Lord Level!

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Summoners also had the ability of a mage.
Their control of magic and Magic Beasts depended on their mental strength.
Even though mages could reach the Lord Level, it didn’t mean that summoners could as well.
Summoners had their own unique characteristic, which was that they weren’t alone.
They had their contracted Magic Beasts!

Sometimes, contracted Magic Beasts would be a kind of help, but sometimes, it was the opposite! The key to the advancement of a summoner’s strength was very likely to be helped by a Magic Beast, and also very likely to be pulled to the bottom of the well fiercely! Every phase of advancement of a summoner was a risk, and the higher one went, the more dangerous it was!

Magic Beasts had a rebelling tendency.
It was actually very rare for Yun Feng to be able to get along with her Magic Beasts equally and for the Magic Beasts to be so loyal to their master.
Little Fire and Lan Yi contributed to Yun Feng’s successful advancement to the Lord Level! A Lord Level summoner wasn’t a big deal for the three Hall Masters, but Yun Feng was different.
The biggest difference was that she didn’t have only one element, but many!

If a single-element Lord Summoner was a miracle, then a multi-element Lord Summoner was a miracle among miracles! Yun Feng’s potential expanded further as her strength increased.
The three Hall Masters couldn’t estimate how much she could grow in the future.
She had such achievements at such a young age.
It was just a matter of time before she surpassed them!

They really wanted to get such a person! Such a genius with an unlimited future!

The eyes of the three Hall Masters couldn’t help but burn.
The three of them had different thoughts in their minds, but their goal was the same: Yun Feng!

The fierce battle on the ring continued.
After all, the effect of the potion could only last for a while.
Under the continuous high-intensity attacks, Yao Man’s strength was obviously weakened and her body was also a bit dizzy.
Yun Feng understood in her mind that the effect of the potion seemed to have reached the limit.

Yao Man’s high-intensity attacks didn’t cause any damage to Yun Feng at all.
This was what made Yao Man most angry and even crazy.
According to the situation last time, she could cause some damage to Yun Feng, but none this time! Every attack seemed to capture her figure, but in the next second, she deviated precisely! Yun Feng seemed to be able to predict the speed and even direction of her attacks!

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