The leaders of the three halls on the stand all had different expressions.
The leader of the Bright Moon Hall couldn’t help but click his tongue, while the leader of the Ancestral Forest Hall chuckled and showed a smile on his dry face.
“She’s willing to do anything to achieve her goal.
This woman is indeed scheming and ruthless.” He glanced at the Thousand Snow Hall’s leader on the side slightly.
“The Thousand Snow Hall is lucky to have such a person.”

The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master smiled lightly.
“You flatter me, Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
There are countless elites in the Ancestral Forest Hall.
The Thousand Snow Hall is just so-so.”

The Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall laughed dryly and didn’t say anything else.
Mo Changge, who was standing aside, almost jumped up after Yun Feng appeared, but his obvious relieved look attracted the attention of the Master of the Thousand Snow Hall.
Mo Changge finally suppressed the excitement in his heart.
Seeing Yao Man use this move, he grunted in disdain.
This woman didn’t have any ability, but she was very good at using external forces.
How pretentious!

“Even though she relied on external help to reach the Lord Level, she’s still at the Lord Level after all.
Look, how do you think Yun Feng should react?” The Master of the Bright Moon Hall burst into laughter and looked at Yun Feng with a bit more anticipation in his eyes.
He thought very highly of Yun Feng.
She had extraordinary strength at such a young age and she was calm and poised.
She was also extremely flexible.
She was a talent among talents!

If he could get such a genius, he would be able to get twice the result with half the effort in the future and he would even get unexpected gains! The Hall Master looked at Yun Feng with a smile.
Yan Ming, that kid, could be said to be doing well in the Bright Moon Hall right now.
Everything was thanks to Yun Feng back then.
That illegitimate son of the Yan family had such achievements today.
He had some relationship with Yun Feng back then.
He didn’t know if Yun Feng would be willing to reconsider this favor.

“That depends on Yun Feng’s strength.” The Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall’s little eyes glittered.
When he looked at Yun Feng, a strong interest flashed through his eyes.
He wasn’t unfamiliar with Yun Feng.
What happened in Jushui Town couldn’t escape his eyes as long as he wanted to know.
And the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall had heard about Yun Feng of the Yun family at that time.
He didn’t pay much attention back then and only looked back when he knew that the first-rank Qiu family took the initiative to please the Yun family.

When he looked back, Yun Feng jumped into the sight of the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall again.
She was young, but there were layers of mysteries that couldn’t be solved.
The Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall immediately became interested.
He was only interested in Yun Feng alone when he came to the Thousand Peak City this time.

The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master keenly noticed that the two Hall Masters next to him were paying so much attention to Yun Feng.
He couldn’t help but feel shocked.
He couldn’t help but glance at the smiling girl on the ring.
What kind of person was she? She made the two Hall Masters so interested and she even made them show the most abundant facial expressions so far! The silver-haired handsome man couldn’t help but turn his head slightly.
When he glanced at Mo Changge, he suddenly thought of something.
“Changge, is she the person you mentioned?”

Mo Changge chuckled.
“That’s right.
It’s her!”

Surprise also flashed through the eyes of the Thousand Snow Hall’s Master.
He originally thought that it was someone Mo Changge casually made up to avoid what he promised, but he didn’t expect such a person to really exist! The eyes of the three Hall Masters all gathered on Yun Feng.
Across the entire West Continent, Yun Feng was the only person who could make the three Hall Masters think about her at the same time!

After taking the potion, Yao Man raised her arm abruptly! The purple Electric Python appeared on the arena in the original form of a Magic Beast! One of the protruding horns on its head was gone.
It was torn off by Little Fire last time and the skin Lan Yi removed was also scarred.
However, it was obvious that Yao Man had put in a lot of effort to restore the injured Electric Python to its current state in a short period of time.

Looking at the horn that her Electric Python had lost, Yao Man was enraged.
“Yun Feng! Your contracted Magic Beasts won’t have a good day today!”

Yun Feng chuckled and examined Yao Man’s aura at the Lord Level.
It was obviously different from hers.
Even though she had reached this level, her aura was unstable and was basically fake.
Even though it could be maintained for a while, it was still fake after all.

Yun Feng wore the Rings of Contract on her finger.
Normal people wouldn’t notice the change of the patterns on it, so Yao Man certainly didn’t notice it either.
As Yun Feng called out softly, two beams of light, one red and one green, appeared.
Lan Yi and Little Fire, who had also suppressed their strength, appeared next to Yun Feng.
The huge body of the Fire Cloud Wolf was covered with traces of fiery red elements, and a pair of huge charming wings spread out on Lan Yi’s back.
Once the two Magic Beasts appeared, another wave of screams and shouts came from the crowd.

“Let’s begin! Yun Feng!”

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“Yeah, let’s fight! Let’s fight!”

They shouted crazily.
The crowd, who were looking forward to an exciting battle, was instantly thrilled.
Yao Man, who was on the stage, couldn’t wait either.
She took out her wand and pointed it at Yun Feng opposite her.
“Come on.
I want to see how you defeat me today!”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
If she was right, Yao Man had prepared more than one bottle of potion today.
She could be said to be going all out for this competition.
This was just the first round and she was already swallowing the potion so desperately.
It seemed that she wanted to remain in the Lord Level throughout the game and her body would definitely be exhausted in the end.
Yun Feng didn’t care about that.
If she wanted to, let’s do it!

“Howl, howl, howl!”


The three Magic Beasts roared at the same time.
Little Fire had already rushed over impatiently and grabbed forward fiercely with its glittering wolf claws.
The body of the Electric Python bent and dodged, while the huge tail behind it swept towards Little Fire.
At this moment, Lan Yi flapped his wings fiercely and a strong wind blew.
The entire body of the Electric Python twitched.
When the strong wind blew, there were wounds on the surface of the Electric Python’s body!

The three Magic Beasts immediately rose to the sky and the sky was immediately in chaos! The roars of the wild beasts intertwined with each other.
At this moment, the ferocious nature of the Magic Beasts was exposed! The crowd looked up at the fierce battle in the sky with their heads raised and their hearts kept shaking.
What would happen if a human fought with such a Magic Beast?

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