“Brother Fire, you’re really…”

Yun Feng listened to the conversation between the two Magic Beasts with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth.
Yao Man had to take potions to reach the Lord Level, and she had already broken through! Yun Feng’s breakthrough wasn’t a coincidence.
She had been at the peak of the Monarch Level for a long time and her strength had been accumulating steadily.
She could seize the opportunity to break through in one go.
She didn’t lack any of the factors, but the heavy accumulation was the most important.

The higher the level, the more dangerous it was and the more important it was to stabilize one’s strength.
If one was impetuous and moved forward too rashly, they wouldn’t have much cultivation.

Yun Feng had the opportunity and luck to reach the Lord Level, but it was mostly because of her hard work and accumulation.

The cheers outside shook the sky, but the few big shots in a certain place were very calm.
From the beginning to the end, they, who were watching the competition from the high ground, didn’t have any emotional fluctuation.
They only frowned even when the man in the hood went on stage.

“Is Yun Feng really not coming?” A rough man finally couldn’t hold back anymore and mumbled.
He was the Master of the Bright Moon Hall.
Sitting next to him was the shriveled old man, the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall, and the silver-haired handsome man, the Master of the Thousand Snow Hall.
Standing behind the Thousand Snow Hall’s Hall Master was the extremely sullen Mo Changge.

The Thousand Snow Hall’s Master turned around slightly.
Mo Changge’s expression suddenly changed.
“Changge, you seem to be very nervous?” The silver-haired handsome man said slowly.
Mo Changge laughed dryly.
“Brother, you’re thinking too much.”

The silver-haired handsome man raised his brows slightly and glanced at the ring.
“If Yao Man wins this time, do you know what you promised me?”

Mo Changge’s face darkened and his handsome face was immediately covered with a layer of dark clouds.
Shock and frustration also surged in his peach-blossom eyes.
“Yes, I know.
However, things haven’t been decided yet.
It’s still unknown if Yao Man can win.”

The silver-haired handsome man curled his lips slightly and turned around without saying anything.
There was a kind of coldness all over his body, like an ice sculpture.
Nothing in the outside world could arouse his interest at all.

Yun Feng, come out! Mo Changge looked at the ring and wished that he could go up and knock Yao Man down.
He didn’t believe that Yun Feng was someone who went back on her words.
He didn’t believe that he had misjudged her! Yun Feng, where exactly are you? If you don’t show up, you’ll run out of time!

Yao Man became more and more complacent on the ring.
Three minutes passed in the blink of an eye.
Ling frowned more and more tightly on the side.
Everyone was waiting, waiting for that slim figure to get on the ring! Time had already reached the finish line under this tense atmosphere!

“It’s time! Yun Feng, she escaped! The Yun Feng you’ve been waiting for has escaped!” Yao Man shouted at the audience with an indescribable pride on her face.
She didn’t expect such an outcome, but it was even better!

Ling sighed helplessly and raised his arm.
“Unfortunately, it’s already time, because…”

“Yun Feng!” Yaoyao, who was in the crowd, suddenly shouted as she stared at a certain spot.
The crowd couldn’t help but fall silent after she shouted.
Yao Man sneered.
“Why are you shouting? She won’t come even if you shout! It’s useless no matter how you shout! She’s a coward!”

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“Who are you calling a coward?” A voice that was like the sound of a goddess resounded in the ring.
Everyone’s expression changed! Yao Man’s eyes widened, while Ling heaved a sigh of relief.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and shook his head helplessly.
Mu Canghai’s stiff expression finally eased a bit, while Xia Qing’s little face glowed.
Her teacher was here!

“It’s really Yun Feng! Hahaha, she’s here!”

“We’ve waited for too long!”

“Yun Feng! Yun Feng!”

The crowd was stirred again.
Yun Feng slowly walked up from below the ring.
Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but be attracted to her.
At this moment, Yun Feng seemed to be covered in a kind of light, which made people involuntarily follow her.
Yao Man looked at the person who qualified on the opposite side of the ring and gritted her teeth fiercely.
She looked aside.
“It’s useless even if you come! It’s already time!”

Yun Feng stood on the other side and glanced at Yao Man indifferently.
Ling smiled at Yun Feng.
“Miss Yao Man, I’m sorry.
Miss Yun appeared five seconds before the end of the time.
According to the rules, Miss Yun isn’t eliminated.
This battle is still valid.”

Yao Man’s face changed abruptly and she felt frustrated in her mind.
“Hm! Alright! I didn’t want to use this method to resolve the grudge between us!”

Yun Feng smiled indifferently.
Having reached the Lord Level, she didn’t care about Yao Man at all.
However, Yun Feng suppressed her strength secretly at this moment.
She didn’t want everyone to know her strength when she fought.
If the man in the hood did something in advance, she would lose the initiative.
That was why Yun Feng planned to show everything when she fought with the man in the hood.
She must kill that man in one strike!

Even though she had suppressed her strength, her level was no longer the same as before.
She felt that it was more than enough for Yao Man right now.

“You came at the last moment.
You’re just so-so.” Yao Man snorted in disdain.
Yun Feng didn’t care.
Seeing Yun Feng’s indifferent expression, the anger in Yao Man’s heart suddenly soared! “Yun Feng! I’ll definitely humiliate you today!”

Yao Man twisted her wrist and a bottle of potion appeared in her hand.
Yun Feng glanced at it.
Potion? Yao Man wanted to rely on the potion to win?

Yao Man drank all the potion one by one.
Just like last time, she instantly crossed to the Lord Level and her aura completely changed! Some people below the ring shouted in dissatisfaction, “You rely on potions every time.
Can you use a different method?”

“That’s right! You rely on potions every time.
It seems that your own strength isn’t enough!”

“Shut up! As long as I can win, who dares to doubt my means?” Yao Man’s voice came later.
She, who had advanced to the Lord Level, spoke with an intimidating momentum.
Those people who were dissatisfied just then immediately fell silent, while Qu Lanyi snorted in disdain.
“Even potions are useless for Fengfeng.” Even though Yun Feng suppressed her strength, she was no stranger to Qu Lanyi, who was at the Lord Level.
How would he not know what changes Yun Feng had undergone? The difference between reaching the Lord Level with the help of potions and reaching the Lord Level with her own strength was thousands of miles!

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