“Master has touched the barrier!” Little Fire roared excitedly.
Lan Yi also nodded.
“Brother Fire! We’ll help Master break through the barrier!” Little Fire burst into laughter.
“Of course!” Both of the Magic Beasts closed their eyes and strengthened the connection between them and Yun Feng.
The power of the two Magic Beasts faintly transmitted into Yun Feng’s body through this connection.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when she noticed these two forces.
It was indeed a bit difficult for her to break through alone.

Facing the invisible barrier, the smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth became even wider.
When her energy gathered with Little Fire and Lan Yi, Yun Feng felt that the inside of her body was full.
The barrier that blocked her just then seemed to be much weaker.
Yun Feng immediately hit this barrier fiercely with all her strength and she heard a clear sound in her mind!


Something was broken by Yun Feng by force.
When the sound came, Yun Feng suddenly felt a new kind of power surging into her body crazily, and the huge vortex in her spiritual space also started spinning crazily at this moment!

The vortex spun and the suction force in Yun Feng’s body appeared again, even more fierce and stronger than before! The space around instantly distorted and some kind of power in the world was being forcibly pulled into Yun Feng’s body.
At this moment, Yun Feng was truly a black hole, absorbing crazily and endlessly!

“Master!” Little Fire and Lan Yi shouted at the same time.
The voices of the two Magic Beasts suddenly appeared in Yun Feng’s mind.
Yun Feng immediately woke up from the confusion of this powerful force.
She clenched her fists on her knees and the terrifying suction force was suppressed bit by bit, while the huge vortex in Yun Feng’s spiritual space suddenly slowed down!

“Calm down!” Yun Feng roared fiercely in her mind, but the huge vortex was only suppressed by Yun Feng for a moment.
It was spinning crazily again.
Little Fire and Lan Yi couldn’t help but feel extremely nervous in the contract space.
Would their master be able to get through it safely?

Yun Feng bit her lips hard and let herself feel a trace of pain to keep her mind clear.
Powerful energy surged into her body and Yun Feng clearly felt that her strength increased rapidly, even crossing a level! However, this energy became crazier and crazier, as if it was going to burst Yun Feng!

Suppress, keep suppressing.
Yun Feng retracted the spreading aura around her into her body bit by bit.
The terrifying suction force also gradually shrank and the distorted space around her slowly returned to normal.
Yun Feng closed her eyes tightly at this moment.
Her little face was already slightly pale and there were even tiny drops of sweat.

This was a difficult and extremely dangerous process.
If she made any mistakes, she would be doomed forever! This was also a test she must go through to cross the peak of the Monarch Level! Her tolerance and control of powerful forces! Once she was controlled by this powerful force, she would only explode!

Countless experts at the peak of the Monarch Level had died during this period of time.
Although the peak of the Monarch Level and the Lord Level were only one step away, there might be a difference between life and death!

In the room, Yun Feng was crossing the final threshold.
Once she crossed it, she would enter the Lord Level! The noise outside became enthusiastic again, but everything had already been automatically blocked out of Yun Feng’s world.
Time passed quietly.
Yun Feng’s suppression was still going on, but more than half of the matches outside had already ended.
The contestants walked on the ring one by one and the results were also coming out one after another.
It would soon be the turn of Yun Feng’s number 16!

Yao Man sat in the waiting area.
Apart from the battle of No.
8, nobody else in the arena interested her.
Thinking of No.
8’s battle, Yao Man couldn’t help but feel a trace of coldness in her heart.
She was originally immersed in her thoughts and thought about how she could embarrass Yun Feng completely this time.
However, after that disgusting dark summoner went on stage, Yao Man’s heart couldn’t help but race and she looked over.

The unlucky member of the Qiu family was the one who fought with the man in the hood.
Seeing that he was on the stage, the audience cheered even more enthusiastically.
However, after the member of the Qiu family got on the stage, he didn’t have any intention of fighting at all.
He directly opened his mouth and was about to admit defeat.
Everyone thought that this battle would end so easily and sighed a few times.
However, something unexpected happened suddenly.
The kid of the Qiu family had just opened his mouth and said three words, “I will admit…” He was never able to finish that sentence.

The hooded man didn’t let the kid of the Qiu family admit defeat at all.
He took his life directly! His contracted Magic Beast didn’t show up.
It only attacked with dark elements and directly made the kid of the Qiu family fall on the ring, never to get up again!

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The audience was shocked.
Everyone looked at this scene in surprise.
Everyone knew that the kid of the Qiu family was going to admit defeat.
That man was too cruel and extreme!

The man in the hood looked at the dead member of the Qiu family on the ring and only smiled evilly as he turned around and walked off the ring.
As the host, Ling couldn’t help but frown when he saw this scene, but there was nothing he could do.
The dead member of the Qiu family was never able to admit defeat.
Since he didn’t admit defeat voluntarily, it didn’t matter to the man in the hood if he died.

This wasn’t the first summoner who died in the hands of the hooded man.
Almost everyone who fought with him died on the ring.
Even if you wanted to admit defeat, you wouldn’t have a chance.
And that poor man from the Qiu family became the first person to die in the second round!

Yao Man sat there.
Every time she thought of the body that was carried off the ring, she couldn’t help but feel cold all over her body.
She rubbed her arms and glanced at the ring.
No.12 was fighting right now.
There were only four groups left until her No.16.

The corners of Yao Man’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up slowly.
Yun Feng, I’ll definitely teach you a lesson this time! This time, I won’t be fooled by you like last time.
I’ll kick you out of this ring fiercely!

Very soon, the four groups in the middle finished fighting.
Yao Man couldn’t help but feel a fire burning in her heart.
She couldn’t wait any longer! When Ling announced that Yao Man and Yun Feng would be fighting as No.
16, the audience immediately burst into an uproar! Up till now, the atmosphere at the scene had reached the climax for the first time! Everyone was cheering and discussing enthusiastically.
This wasn’t the first time Yao Man and Yun Feng fought.
The first battle between the two of them was concluded with a hilarious result, which was a tie!

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