“She’s really bold.
I feel uncomfortable when I see that person.
I’ll stay as far away as possible.”

“Me too.
He’s disgusting.
Is she too scared to move?” Someone snickered, but was mocked by others.

“Look at who she is.
She’s Yun Feng.”

“Yun Feng? She’s that Yun Feng!”

“No wonder.
Only Yun Feng dares to do this.
I dare not to sit there anyway.”

Some people were whispering.
Yao Man gritted her teeth and glared in Yun Feng’s direction.
She accidentally saw the man in the hood and a chill ran down her spine.
Yao Man quickly looked away.
“Hm, pretentious.”

While the other summoners were discussing, one of them stood up.
The few people who were familiar with him couldn’t help but look at him in surprise, because he was walking back and his destination was Yun Feng.

“Yun Feng, I’ve heard a lot about you.
My name is Qiu Hengyu.
I think you’re familiar with this surname.”

Yun Feng looked up slightly.
Standing in front of her was a cheerful young man in his late twenties.
He was smiling at her.
Yun Feng thought for a moment.
Qiu? Some fragments suddenly flashed in her memory.
“The Qiu family.
I know.
I still remember Qiu Shicai.”

The young man standing in front of him seemed a bit embarrassed.
“Well… You don’t remember Brother Qiu Yan?”

Yun Feng frowned slightly and finally remembered who Qiu Yan was.
“I remember now.
Why? Do you need something?”

The young man called Qiu Hengyu was obviously relieved.
He sat next to Yun Feng like they were friends.
“Do you remember what Brother Qiu Yan said back then? If the Yun family is willing…”

Yun Feng waved her hand and stopped him from talking.
The Qiu family had indeed extended a hand to the Yun family back then to rope them in, but Yun Feng didn’t want the Yun family to become anyone’s vassal.
She had replied ambiguously back then, but she didn’t expect the Qiu family to be so persistent.

“Got it.
My attitude is still the same as before.”

Qiu Hengyu was completely speechless.
He had a mission this time.
He had to find Yun Feng and curry favor with her at the convention.
However, Qiu Hengyu knew that Yun Feng was here.
He could never meet her.
If it weren’t for this time, he really wouldn’t have a second chance, so he certainly wouldn’t let it go.

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“The Qiu family admires the Yun family very much, especially your strength, Yun Feng.
The Yun family is only at the third rank after all.
Your strength will be buried.
Why don’t you…”

“Are you done? As I said, my attitude is the same as before.” Yun Feng’s tone immediately became cold.
Qiu Hengyu opened his mouth and didn’t dare to say anything else when he saw Yun Feng’s gloomy face.
He was only at the Commander Level and didn’t have the strength to bargain with Yun Feng.
Back then, Yun Feng didn’t even care about what Qiu Yan said to her, let alone him.

Qiu Hengyu smiled wryly.
“Then I won’t bother you anymore.
You’ll definitely qualify in the second round.” Qiu Hengyu stood up and walked back.
Yun Feng didn’t say anything, but she thought of another problem.
After the convention this time, the Yun family in Jushui Town would encounter a rare and precious opportunity.

The door on the other side of the room was pushed open again.
Ling, who was dressed neatly, walked in.
He glanced at everyone with a smile and lingered on Yun Feng for a few more seconds before moving away.
“It’s my honor to have all of you here.
I’m also glad to see so many outstanding talents.
The purpose of the convention is to let the summoners spar with each other and exchange experience, but it’s obviously a bit different this time.
I’m sure you know very well why the Summoning Union wants to hold the second round of battles with only five final winners.”

Everyone present had different expressions.
They more or less guessed that something was unusual.
Ling continued with a smile, “Everyone, you must understand that if you win the second round, you’ll get more than you think.
The Summoning Union looks forward to your good performance in this round.”

Informative and yet suspenseful.
This was Ling’s art of talking.

He waved his hand gently and someone immediately pushed the door open and sent a box into the room.
Ling shook the box gently.
“There are forty number plates inside.
Whoever draws the same number will be opponents.
Do you understand? If you do, please come and draw.”

The summoners all got up and walked to the box to draw numbers.
Yun Feng wasn’t in a hurry.
When she saw that it was about time to draw numbers, she finally got up.
The hooded man sitting behind her also got up slowly.
Once the two of them moved, everyone froze for a moment.
Even though the temperament of these two people was completely different, their momentum was equally powerful.

The man in the hood gently passed Yun Feng and his pale hand directly went into the box.
There was a faint evil smile on his lips from the beginning to the end.
Ling wasn’t affected at all and he smiled lightly.
After the man in the hood took out a number card, he smiled creepily.
Everyone who got the number card earlier subconsciously swallowed and prayed in their minds that they wouldn’t be his opponent!

The man in the hood dragged his robe elsewhere.
Yun Feng reached her hand in.
There was only one number left in the box.
Yun Feng took it out and saw that it was number 16.
The few people around Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel relieved when they saw that number.
They didn’t want to meet the man in the hood or Yun Feng.
Facing these two people, they only had no other choice.

Seeing that everyone had drawn a number, Ling smiled lightly.
“Alright, everyone has drawn a number.
Now, please show your number so that you’ll know who your opponent is.”

All the summoners showed the number in their hands.
The hooded man was holding No.
8 in his hand, while Qiu Hengyu from the Qiu family was holding the same.
He didn’t know if he was unlucky.
When Qiu Hengyu found out, he could only smile wryly and there was nothing he could do.

Yun Feng looked at these numbers and soon found the other No.16.
When she saw the person with the number clearly, a disdainful sneer appeared at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth.
It was indeed fate.
It seemed that she didn’t have to put in any effort.
She would be able to put Mo Changge’s request into action very soon.

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