Chapter 89: Let’s Go, Shiny Plains (2)

Yun Feng nodded.
“Ancestor, you mean the energy inside the ores can help humans reach higher levels?”

The ancestor smiled with satisfaction.
“That’s right.
Ores are divided into different levels as well.
Low-level ores have the least and the most impure energy, which is difficult to absorb.
Mid-level ores are a little better, while the high-level ones are a level higher than the mid-level ones.
The ultimate-level ores are the most perfect ones.
They have the most and the purest energy that is rare in the world.
If you can get an ultimate ore and absorb the energy inside, your strength will be increased by more than one level.
If you sell it, you’ll get so much money that you won’t be able to finish it even after a few lifetimes!”

After hearing this, Yun Feng also understood the importance of ores and the Shiny Plains should be the place where the most amount of ores were produced.
There were always mercenaries around here.
If they could take control of a place that had countless ores, endless money would undoubtedly be brought to them, even if those were only ores with the lowest level.

However, Yun Feng wasn’t really interested in these ores.
In her opinion, improving her strength wasn’t a long-term strategy after all.
The main point was that she still had to rely on her own efforts.
If she reached a certain level by absorbing the energy in the ores, her foundation wouldn’t be stable, which would be harmful to her and would affect her future development.
So, it was better for her to use these external means less, even better if she didn’t use them at all.

“Kid, you’re right.
External power can indeed enhance your strength, but it’s not a long-term strategy after all,” the ancestor said with sincere words.
Yun Feng also agreed and nodded.
She relied on herself!

Meatball seemed to be very interested in the Shiny Plains.
Ever since Yun Feng got there, Meatball had been acting extremely thrilled.
It looked around on Yun Feng’s shoulder, as if it was looking for something it liked.

After walking a distance, Yun Feng gradually saw the situation ahead of her nearby as the mist of sand lifted.
There were many tents that formed a large area.
Each tent had a different logo on it and people kept going in and out of the tent.
Yun Feng realized she had come to the camp where the mercenaries were.

“Who are you?” A guy with muscles all over his body came up and gazed at Yun Feng skeptically.
It was indeed strange for a kid of Yun Feng’s age to show up there.
However, the muscular guy didn’t ask her to go away directly.
After all, these mercenaries were people who had roamed all over the empire.
They had seen quite a lot of weird people, which included some masters.
Besides, Meatball was standing on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
When the muscular guy saw Meatball, he looked a little strange and his eyes immediately gazed at Yun Feng’s hands.
He only restored his normal expression slowly after making sure that he didn’t see certain things.

Yun Feng smiled gently.
“Can’t people go this way?”

The muscular guy frowned and looked at Yun Feng, who only reached his chest, and Meatball on her shoulder as his eyes glittered.
“That’s the rule! Those who aren’t from the Mercenary Union are not allowed to go further!”

Yun Feng also understood in her mind after hearing that.
The Mercenary Union wasn’t easy to deal with.
The entire vast Shiny Plains was within their sphere of influence, so people other than the Mercenary Union weren’t allowed to pass through.
They even built a special road for those who wanted to go to Ge Yuan.
What a domineering policy! The royal family of the Karan Empire couldn’t do anything about this either.
If not, how would they let the Mercenary Union take the Shiny Plains, this fat meat?

The royal family of the Karan Empire was powerless regarding this.
They couldn’t fight back when the fattest piece of meat of their territory was taken, not even a symbolic protest, which showed how powerful the Mercenary Union was.

Yun Feng looked up and glanced at the tents inside.
There were a lot of them.
Looking around, there should be more than a hundred of them.
Besides, the levels of the mercenaries wandering around weren’t low.
Many of them had level 5 and quite a lot had level 6.
She wasn’t sure if there were more powerful ones.
So, it didn’t seem possible for her to force her way in.

Yun Feng nodded to show that she understood.
She turned her body around and was about to leave.
Right at this moment, a few people walked towards her.
The tough man in the front was apparently a little shocked when he saw Yun Feng, so were the few young people behind him.
The teenage girl couldn’t help but exclaim, “There’s a kid here!”

Yun Feng glanced at them.
When she walked past them, Meatball on her shoulder made the eyes of these people pop out.
The creature on this kid’s shoulder… was a Magic Beast!

The teenage girl gave the tough man a signal with her eyes.
The man then stode in front of Yun Feng and knelt to look at Yun Feng horizontally.
He seemed to be trying to show a harmless, friendly smile, but it didn’t work.

“Kid, are you alone?”

Yun Feng nodded.
The man chuckled and felt that the kid before his eyes was a bit strange.
She had such an innocent face, but her eyes were exuding the matureness and calmness that only adults had.

“Um… Well… It’s very dangerous for you to walk here alone.
There are a lot of Magic Beasts in this place!”

After hearing that, Yun Feng moved her eyebrows slightly and gave the man a gaze.

The man completely froze and his rough face blushed slightly.
He scratched his head with his big hand.
“It’s safer if you follow me.
Are you going to Ge Yuan?”

Yun Feng nodded again.
The man’s eyes brightened as he laughed.
“That’s great.
Let me take you to Ge Yuan.
What do you think?”

Yun Feng looked at the man with a deep gaze, while the man chuckled with a little guilty conscience.
Clearly, he was planning something.
The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up.
“Sure, thank you very much.”

The man was startled, and then laughed loudly.
“Great, great!” He gave the few young people behind him a gaze and they all seemed to be very happy.
Yun Feng saw everything, but she remained quiet.

“Brother, this is a newcomer who’s just joined our Red Maple Mercenary Team.
Please allow her through,” The tough man whispered to the guard and seemed to have given him something.
The guard glanced at Yun Feng a few times, then let her enter unwillingly.

The tough man entered with a smile on his face as Yun Feng followed behind him slowly.
The few young people that came with him sized Yun Feng up as they pondered in their minds.
Their gaze even became scorching hot, especially when they saw Meatball on her shoulder.

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