“This is a Spirit Stone, something our ancestor left behind.
Feng, do you still remember the first time you came to the ancestral hall?”

Yun Feng frowned gently.
The childhood memories that belonged to this body appeared in her mind vaguely.
Yun Feng, who was just one year old, was brought to the ancestral hall.
Then… She touched something.
Her father, who originally had anticipation on his face, became devastated after she touched that thing.
Yun Feng thought carefully.
The thing she touched… That thing… That… thing was this stone!

“When the children of the Yun family are born, their qualities must be tested with the Spirit Stone.
If they can become a summoner, the stone would resonate.
However… it has been a few centuries and the stone hasn’t changed at all, not even once…”

Yun Jing’s words were full of sadness and frustration.
Although the Yun family had never given up hope the last few centuries, they also became more and more disappointed.
When hope was dashed again and again, they didn’t expect anything anymore.
Even if they still had expectations, it was just one over ten thousand of what they used to have before.

In the end, the Yun family didn’t hold out much hope anymore, but that bit of weak fire of hope still existed in their hearts and had never gone out completely.

“Father, can I touch the stone?” Yun Feng asked carefully.
Yun Jing looked at Yun Feng in shock, then finally shook his head and gave Yun Feng the stone in his hand.

The moment Yun Feng’s fingers touched the stone, she felt like the stone was an incomparable black hole that sucked in the mental strength in her body without restraint like crazy.
Yun Feng was immediately startled.
She didn’t throw the stone away, but pulled the mental strength in her body back forcefully.

Yun Feng’s face gradually turned a little pale and she felt that her entire body was drenched in a layer of cold sweat.
The stone was still sucking in her mental strength and Yun Feng also continued to resist.
Both sides pulled and pulled, competing with each other.
Yun Jing was staring at the tablets of the former leaders of the Yun family, so he didn’t notice Yun Feng’s expression right now.
When Yun Feng felt like she couldn’t stand it anymore and all the mental strength in her body was about to be taken away, the weird suction force of the stone disappeared all of a sudden.

What happened? Yun Feng looked at the stone in her hands in shock.
Suddenly, white light flashed and something entered her body swiftly in a blink of an eye.
She couldn’t avoid it at all!

Something… entered her body! Yun Feng was secretly startled in her heart.
She didn’t know if it was a good or a bad thing, but the stone was left by her ancestor.
How would he hurt the Yun family? Thinking of this, Yun Feng’s chaotic mind also calmed down gradually.
She observed her body carefully.
Nothing had changed and she didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, so she thought maybe the white light was nothing.

Yun Feng opened her hand.
The stone was lying in the middle of her palm quietly.
The vague glitters on it had already become dim.
Yun Feng certainly noticed that and she knew something in the stone had indeed entered her body.

“Alright, Feng.
Let’s go.” Yun Jing’s voice came.
Yun Feng got up and gave the stone in her hand back to her father.
She found that her father didn’t notice anything strange.
He only put the stone back to where it was carefully.
When they walked out of the ancestral hall, Yun Feng looked back for a glance.
The short-haired man in the picture smiled gently and arrogantly.
Yun Feng also lifted the corners of her mouth and smiled at the ancestor the Yun family was so proud of.

When Yun Feng returned to her room, she sat on her bed.
She was in fact a bit anxious in her heart.
What was the thing that entered her body? Would it affect her? And what was that suction force that came from the stone? If the thing inside her body caused harm to her mental strength, Yun Feng would go mad!

Yun Feng closed her eyes and calmed her mind, feeling the waves of mental strength inside of her carefully.
When her consciousness melted into the spiritual space, a voice suddenly sounded in her mind with a hint of joy, some indifference and more exhaustion.

“Kid, are you the second summoner of the Yun family? I’ve waited for you for a really long time.”

Yun Feng’s body shook and she was confused.
Someone was talking! Inside her body! Yun Feng consciously became a bit flustered.
That voice then sounded again.
What was even more unbelievable was that a human slowly appeared in Yun Feng’s spiritual space.
When that human was completely shown, Yun Feng only felt like she was struck by a thunderbolt!

“Kid, you should know who I am, right?” The man slowly raised the corners of his lips and put a smile on his face.
Yun Feng was only dumbfounded and she couldn’t believe what she saw! Short black hair, handsome facial features and this gentle smile with a hint of fierceness.
Wasn’t this the man in the picture, the summoner ancestor of the Yun family?

Yun Feng’s consciousness was shocked and stunned.
The man seemed to be very content with Yun Feng’s reaction and he couldn’t help but laugh with a hint of satisfaction from succeeding in teasing her.
“Are you scared, kid?”

“An… Ancestor!” Yun Feng yelled in her mind.
The man seemed to have heard Yun Feng, but this title made him frown and dissatisfied.

“Ancestor? I’d prefer you calling me Grandpa Lan rather than that name.”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth pulsed a bit when she heard this.
If someone came in at this moment, they would see this strange scene.
Yun Feng, who was closing her eyes, had a frustrated look on her face.

Looking at this handsome ancestor who was about the same age as her brother Yun Sheng, Yun Feng was kind of speechless.
Grandpa? This title would sound even more awkward.

“Ancestor, what… is going on?” Yun Feng expressed her biggest doubt in her heart.
Was the soul of her ancestor in that stone? So, that terrifying suction force also came from her ancestor?

“Let’s just put this aside.
Kid, I still don’t know your name.”

Yun Feng froze for a second.
She still hadn’t told him her name.
“Yun Feng.”

“Kid, I’m wondering why I didn’t feel any mental strength in your body the first time I had contact with you, but found the mental strength in your body like an ocean this time?”

Yun Feng smiled with embarrassment.
She couldn’t just tell him directly that the body changed its soul… Since Yun Feng didn’t answer, the ancestor didn’t ask again.
“What you’re seeing is my soul, but of course not all of it.
This is just a very small part of it.
I cut part of my soul out before I died and attached it to the stone, as I wanted to guide the next summoner of the Yun family on the right path.
After all, the number of summoners who have appeared is too small and people in the world still don’t have a deep understanding of summoners.”

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