r>Qu Lanyi looked cold.
“If you dare to touch her, I’ll skin you alive!”

The man in the hood didn’t seem to hear him.
He looked around with his face covered by the hood, and then let out a weird smile.
“This is outside of Thousand Peak City.
In other words…” The man in the hood turned around and faced Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi.
The corners of his mouth widened.
“You can die here.”

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi’s bodies instantly tightened.
The next second, the two of them flashed away from different directions.
The man in the hood raised his arm at the same time and threw a fierce mental strength at the place where the two of them were just now.
The ground instantly shattered!

A pale arm extended out of the long robe.
The veins under the pale skin seemed to be visible, and on that pale and slender finger was a black ring!

Inexplicable excitement came out of the hooded man’s body, as if he had met a prey that satisfied him.
The hooded man slowly touched the black ring with one finger, as if he was enjoying it.
He suddenly breathed in the air.
“It’s time.”

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The man in the hood touched the finger of the ring and moved it away.
He put it on his lips and touched it gently.
Yun Feng’s body suddenly felt cold.
Then, a slightly hoarse voice sounded.
“Come out.” The black ring looked like it was taken out of ink.
Thick dark elements appeared from the ring like silk and kept rising, while the space enveloped by the dark elements was distorted violently.

Qu Lanyi flashed to Yun Feng and grabbed her wrist.
“Let’s go!” Yun Feng nodded.
Qu Lanyi was so exhausted that the danger had increased.
Yun Feng wasn’t worried about herself, but she couldn’t let anything happen to Qu Lanyi! Instead of fighting here, she should leave as soon as possible!

“Neither of you can leave!” The voice of the man in the hood came.
He raised his arm, and the black silk flashed towards Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi’s hands! Qu Lanyi slashed his hand, and a fierce light element was activated from his palm, hitting the black silk and pushing it back temporarily.

“Hu… Hu…” Qu Lanyi’s breathing became heavier.
Yun Feng was shocked.
“You can’t use the light elements anymore.
I don’t know what happened, but you can’t attack anymore!” Yun Feng held Qu Lanyi’s hand tightly and stared at his face.
There seemed to be more sweat on it.

“Even if you’re a five-element mage, you won’t have an advantage against the dark elements! Only the light elements can cause substantial damage to the dark elements!” Yun Feng’s lips moved slightly, but Qu Lanyi interrupted her again.
“Even if you fuse the elements, you won’t cause fatal damage to him! The dark elements have a devouring function.
They can devour other elements!”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything else, but held Qu Lanyi even more tightly.
“Even so, I won’t leave you alone.
Even if I can’t hurt him, I won’t leave!”

“You…” Qu Lanyi was stunned.
At this moment, the space that was completely distorted by the dark elements finally made a sound.
The space that was soaked in black seemed to be the road to the netherworld.
“Crack!” The space was suddenly torn apart by a pair of hands.
Those hands were more like a skeleton than a hand.
The white bones were connected and made an ear-piercing sound every time they moved.
The bones of the hands broke the space, followed by a pair of bone arms and an extremely huge skull!

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