“Don’t worry.
The rascal should be able to do this with his ability.” Mo Changge couldn’t help but comfort Yun Feng when he saw that she had been frowning.
Yun Feng nodded, but her furrowed brows didn’t relax for a moment.
Ling seemed to have thought of something as he looked at the closed door opposite Yun Feng.

“Young Master Changge, Miss Yao Man lives opposite.
Aren’t you going to greet her?”

“What?” Mo Changge suddenly widened his peach-blossom eyes and looked at the door opposite him in shock, as if he was afraid that the door would open.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Mo Changge had been here a few times, but Ling had never mentioned this.
Ling replied with a smile, “Young Master Changge didn’t ask, did he?”

Mo Changge’s expression froze.
He looked at the opposite room and finally said, “Yun Feng, I’m going back first.
Tell me if you have any news.”

Without waiting for Yun Feng to answer, Mo Changge left in a hurry.
A glint flashed through his thin glasses and he still had that faint smile on his face.
“Don’t worry, Miss Yun.
Miss Xia Qing will definitely be fine.
Please rest well.
Ling has something to do.

Ling bowed elegantly and left.
Yun Feng was grateful in her mind.
Ling must know that she was very frustrated at this moment.
This was also a kind of consideration.
Mu Canghai leaned against the wall on the side and looked at the door with his black and gray eyes, thinking about something.
Lan Yi stood next to Yun Feng quietly with a worried look.
Yun Feng waited outside quietly.
She didn’t know how long she had to wait.
She only hoped that Xia Qing could open her eyes.

For three whole days, Yun Feng’s door didn’t open at all.
During these three days, Yun Feng just waited outside, in the corridor, and didn’t go anywhere.
Fortunately, almost nobody came to the fourth floor during these three days.
Ling only came a few times and was a bit worried when he saw Yun Feng waiting outside.

“Go take a rest,” said Mu Canghai, but Yun Feng shook her head.
Mu Canghai sighed helplessly.
“I know it’s fine for you not to rest for three days, but you should relax your mind.”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth.
She wouldn’t be able to relax until the result was out.
She couldn’t be at ease at all.

“Master, Brother Fire and I are here.” Lan Yi whispered on the side.
Seeing Yun Feng like this, his heart ached.
Little Fire also nodded.
“Master, go rest.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything and had no intention of leaving.
Lan Yi and Little Fire didn’t say anything else after seeing that.
Mu Canghai walked to Yun Feng gently and grabbed Yun Feng’s wrist with his big hand.
Yun Feng only felt a coldness coming from Mu Canghai’s hand and her chaotic mind immediately became much clearer.
Mu Canghai smiled.
“I’m still useful at a time like this.”

“Thank you.” Yun Feng didn’t reject him.
Feeling the rare coolness, her chaotic and hot mind slowly calmed down and her mind was also a lot calmer.

In the room, Yan Che and Qu Lanyi had already been working for three days.
The mental strength consumed by such a high-intensity elemental confrontation was obvious.
Even though the two of them were both strong, they were already exhausted.
“How tricky.
There’s only a little bit left.” A few drops of sweat fell on Yan Che’s handsome face.
After three days of struggle, a large part of the dark elements in Xia Qing’s body had already been successfully fused.
Of course, the dark elements that had been fused had been absorbed into Yan Che’s body.
As the main force of the fusion, Qu Lanyi was very pale at this moment.
When Yan Che looked at him, he couldn’t help but feel shocked!

“Transvestite, your eyes…” Yan Che looked at the bloody redness that slowly appeared in the depths of those black eyes, which was extremely strange.
Qu Lanyi suddenly glanced over sharply.
“Don’t look elsewhere.
Focus on your own business!”

Yan Che was slightly shocked by the bloody light in the depths of those black eyes.
He didn’t say anything else and focused on dealing with the difficult dark elements in Xia Qing’s body.
However, the doubts in his mind were like thick clouds.
What exactly was wrong with that guy’s eyes?

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Yan Che closed his eyes again.
Qu Lanyi’s breathing had already become heavy.
The redness in his black eyes was faintly discernible.
Sweat dripped down on his handsome face, as if he was forcibly suppressing something.
Xia Qing’s lifeless face on the bed gradually became better after Yan Che and Qu Lanyi worked hard for three days.
There was a hint of redness on her face and her breathing became gentle and strong.
She didn’t look like she was dying like before.

The last bit of the dark elements in Xia Qing’s body was finally fused and put into Yan Che’s body.
Yan Che opened his eyes and took a deep breath.
“Kid, you’re really killing me.
I’ve helped you so much.
Shouldn’t you give me some benefits?” Xia Qing, who was on the bed, opened her eyes the moment the dark elements in her body were eliminated.
Seeing Yan Che drenched in sweat, Xia Qing raised the corners of her mouth.

“Alright, let’s talk after you recover.
I guess your teacher is getting impatient.” Yan Che chuckled.
He might have gained the most this time.
Thinking of the dark elements that he had absorbed into his body, Yan Che was a bit excited in his mind.
He had just stood up when Qu Lanyi suddenly flashed and opened the window, jumping out!

Yan Che watched Qu Lanyi leave in a hurry and frowned hard.
What was wrong with that guy’s eyes? Wasn’t he a light-element mage? How could such eyes appear on a light-element mage? Or…

Xia Qing, who was on the bed, was extremely weak.
Her dry lips moved a few times and finally attracted Yan Che’s attention.
Yan Che wiped the sweat on his face and got up to walk to the door.
Yun Feng, who had been waiting outside, was shocked when she heard the sound of the doorknob turning.
Her body moved and she staggered.
Mu Canghai quickly held her.
Yun Feng only felt a coldness quickly envelop her entire body.
Mu Canghai immediately let go after holding her.

Yan Che opened the door and looked around when he saw Yun Feng’s tense expression.
“Hm? Little Peach Blossom isn’t here?”

Seeing Yan Che like this, Yun Feng understood that Xia Qing was fine.
She immediately flashed into the room without saying anything.
Little Fire also flashed in immediately after seeing this.
The speed of the two of them made Yan Che immediately turn his body sideways.
He only felt two gusts of wind blowing past him.

Yan Che rubbed his sore shoulders and arms with a smile at the corners of his mouth.
As soon as he raised his head, he saw Mu Canghai’s eyes and was shocked again.
“Your eyes…” Mu Canghai glanced straight at him.
Yan Che touched his chin suspiciously.
“That transvestite’s eyes are like that, but your eyes are like this…”

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