Qu Lanyi looked gloomy.
“Sissy, don’t say anything.
Nobody will think you’re mute.”

“Little Peach Blossom, is the person you want me to help related to him? If he is, I won’t agree to it.” Yan Che turned around and winked at Mo Changge.
Mo Changge chuckled and pointed at the bed.
“You know me.
If this person is related to him, I won’t interfere.
It’s her.”

Yan Che followed Mo Changge’s finger and looked over.
He saw Xia Qing, who was lying on the bed with a pale face.
His cheeky smile suddenly became serious, which made Mo Changge a bit shocked.
“It’s this little girl?” Yan Che frowned and walked towards the bed quickly.
Seeing Yan Che approach, Little Fire let out a wolf howl.
Yan Che said coldly, “Get out of my way.”

Yun Feng asked Little Fire to move aside, and Little Fire finally got up.
Yan Che observed carefully with a solemn expression.
Mo Changge walked over and was very surprised.
“You know this little girl? Rascal, are you thinking of taking advantage of her?”

Yan Che ignored Mo Changge’s teasing.
Ling said slowly on the side, “Young Master Yan, do you have a solution?”

Yan Che was silent for a while and said, “Everyone, get out.”

“What?” Little Fire suddenly roared angrily, and its cute facial features instantly became ferocious.
Yun Feng also frowned in disagreement.
All of them? Leave him and Qingqing alone? “No,” said Yun Feng.
She wouldn’t let Yan Che stay here alone.
Xia Qing couldn’t afford any accident right now.
Besides, Yun Feng didn’t trust Yan Che completely.

“No?” Yan Che looked at Yun Feng with a faint smile.
Yun Feng’s black eyes immediately turned cold.
“That’s right.

Mo Changge shook his head helplessly.
“Yun Feng, he has a weird personality.
If he agrees to help, he won’t do anything else.
Don’t worry.”

“It’s not that I’m worried about him.
I just don’t want anything to happen to Qingqing again.” Yun Feng looked at Mo Changge.
Ling said indifferently on the side, “Why don’t we do this? Young Master Yan will appoint someone to stay here.
Miss Yun can rest assured.”

Yan Che chuckled.
“Sure, then… you.” Yan Che pointed forward and everyone looked over.
The person Yan Che was pointing at was Qu Lanyi, who had a sullen face.
Seeing that Yan Che was pointing at him, Qu Lanyi sneered, “Sure, that’s for the best.”

Seeing that Yan Che left Qu Lanyi behind, Yun Feng was relieved in her mind.
Ling pushed his glasses.
“If that’s the case, let’s go out first.”

Mo Changge shrugged and patted Yan Che’s shoulder.
Yan Che winked again.
“Little Peach Blossom, see you later.”

Mo Changge raised the corners of his mouth and walked out.
Ling also walked out.
Mu Canghai glanced at Yan Che and walked out with a cold expression.
Little Fire looked like it was unwilling to leave Xia Qing’s bed.
Yun Feng sighed helplessly.
“Little Fire, let’s go.”

Little Fire clenched its fists and rushed out without looking back, while Lan Yi followed Yun Feng.
When they passed Qu Lanyi, Yun Feng found his hand.
Although they only shook hands gently, there was a lot of meaning behind it.

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Qu Lanyi smiled and quickly kissed Yun Feng’s cheek.
“Don’t worry.
I’m here for you.”

Yun Feng nodded and walked out with Lan Yi.
When the door was closed, Yan Che slowly turned around.
“Stupid transvestite, it’s been a long time.
My hands are suddenly itchy.”

Qu Lanyi sneered.
“If you want to fight, just finish what you need to do.
I’ll be there for you anytime.”

“Humph!” Yan Che snorted and looked back at Xia Qing’s condition.
“Your light element came in time.
The concentration of dark elements in her body is unusually high.
She’s already lucky to be alive.
A dark summoner.
This person really makes people jealous.”

Qu Lanyi walked over with a solemn expression.
“Do you have a solution or not?”

Yan Che burst into laughter.
“Is this little girl worth your trouble? Or did you rescue her because she’s related to Yun Feng?”

Qu Lanyi pursed his lips.
“I don’t need to tell you why I do things.”

Yan Che put on a carefree smile again and looked at Xia Qing.
“There is a way.
I can’t force out the dark elements in her body, because they’re too strong.
They’re like parasites.
It’s extremely disgusting.”

Qu Lanyi thought of the hooded man.
He was indeed an extremely disgusting person.

“I can send my dark elements in.
When the dark elements in her body feel the invasion of the same element, they’ll certainly gather and fight back.
When all the dark elements are gathered, it’ll be the chance to pull them out completely.”

Qu Lanyi frowned hard after hearing that.
“You mean we have to fuse the dark elements with the light elements?”

Yan Che nodded.
“Light and darkness are enemies.
The best way to deal with the dark elements is the light element.”

“I’ve tried.
It can’t be fused.” Qu Lanyi shook his head.
It wasn’t difficult.
He had tried, but it didn’t work at all.

Yan Che extended a finger and shook it gently.
“Tut-tut, it’s possible to do things that you can’t do alone.”

“Do you mean…”

Yan Che burst into laughter and said in an extremely light tone, “The reason why your light elements can’t fuse with those dark elements is because they’re too powerful, but my dark elements can weaken these originally powerful elemental energy.
When two tigers fight, one of them will definitely be injured.
The dark elements in her body are out of control right now and are already unowned.
How can they compare to the power of elements I control?”

Qu Lanyi looked at Yan Che coldly.
“Are you trying to make the dark element in Qingqing yours?”

Yan Che chuckled.
“Not really.
I like this little girl too.
I certainly don’t want anything to happen to her.”

Qu Lanyi snorted.
“Let’s begin.”

Yan Che slowly picked up one of Xia Qing’s cold little hands, and Qu Lanyi picked up the other.
There was a faint smile at the corners of Yan Che’s mouth as he slowly closed his eyes.
Qu Lanyi also closed his eyes at the same time.
In the hands of the two of them, gloomy and warm black and white elements rose at the same time and instantly entered Xia Qing’s body!

The room was silent.
It was the same outside the room.
The few black shadows were all standing outside Yun Feng’s door.
Yun Feng had never looked relaxed, and Little Fire was even more nervous.
The anxiety in its heart could only be forcibly suppressed at the bottom of its heart.
It looked at the door firmly.
What was going on inside?

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