pleasant laugh.
He sounded a bit crazy and there was uncontrollable excitement in his laughter.
The black-robed man finally straightened his body.
A corner of his clothes was lifted and the complicated patterns appeared in Yun Feng’s eyes again.
The anger in Yun Feng’s heart suddenly soared!

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“Are you with him? You…” Yun Feng’s blurted question was stopped by Qu Lanyi.
Yun Feng only felt that the gaze behind the hood was extremely hot, as if it was going to penetrate her entire body.
The man in the hood slowly turned around and his gaze disappeared from Yun Feng’s eyes.

Yun Feng clenched her fists tightly as her body trembled slightly.
When she thought of the soul of the ancestor that was taken away, the pain in her heart was endless.
Yun Feng would never be able to forget it! Qu Lanyi’s warm hand wrapped around Yun Feng’s hand tightly.
Yun Feng’s expression calmed down, but the anger in the depths of her black eyes became brighter!

Nobody could touch Yun Feng’s reverse scale.
She wouldn’t let go of anyone who stole the ancestor’s soul and hurt Xia Qing.
She would never let them go!

The man in the hood disappeared again after the Magic Beast Auction.
The Magic Beast that Yun Feng fought with the man in the hood at the auction was delivered by Ling.
It was an earth-element Magic Beast with a bloodline that could only be considered a good quality.
Yun Feng observed the Magic Beast carefully.
The Magic Beast was as obedient as a lamb in front of Yun Feng and didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.
In the end, Yun Feng didn’t find anything, but there was something unusual about the man in the hood buying this Magic Beast.

She put the Magic Beast into her bracelet.
Even though she didn’t know what was special about this Magic Beast, the man in the hood must have a purpose for it.
She would know sooner or later.

Thinking of what the hooded man said, it seemed that he indeed had thoughts about her contracted Magic Beasts.
Luckily, Yaoyao didn’t came.
Otherwise, with the mermaid here, the hooded man would have to snatch her no matter what.
By then, Yaoyao’s existence would definitely be the talk of the town.

The dark mage Mo Changge promised to find for Yun Feng finally came to Thousand Peak City ten days later.
When Mo Changge received the news, he was at Yun Feng’s place.
“That rascal is here.” Mo Changge only said that, but Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi had a strange feeling.
After a while, Ling knocked on the door.
Mo Changge immediately went to greet him.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi didn’t see who this rascal was right away, but they heard his conversation with Mo Changge and Ling.

“Rascal, you’re here.
Where did you go this time?” It was Mo Changge.

“Little Peach Blossom, did you miss me? I came this time for your sake.
Why is that fox still here?”

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi froze.
Wasn’t this voice…

A slender figure stepped in.
When he saw Yun Feng, his eyes brightened.
When he saw Qu Lanyi, he said, “Hey, transvestite, you’re still here.”

Qu Lanyi put on a smile and stood up.
“Sissy, it’s been a long time.”

Yan Che was the useless dark mage Mo Changge knew.
Thinking of Mo Changge’s expression at times, she found it inexplicably familiar.
And now, she finally found the root of the problem.
He and Yan Che were truly alike at times.

“Rascal, do you know him?” Mo Changge raised his brows and walked to Yan Che.
Yan Che raised the corners of his mouth.
“Yes, everyone knows transvestites.”

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