Yun Feng glanced at Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua and said casually, “Qingqing is fine.
Thank you for your concern.”

“We should apologize! If it weren’t for…” Qian Shaoyao didn’t say anything else.
Jia Qingyu stood aside with a pale face and didn’t say anything.
She suddenly looked a lot more obedient.

“Are you here for the auction too?” Yun Feng knew that Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua were truly concerned about Xia Qing.
Besides, Xia Qing’s matter didn’t really have anything to do with them.
If anyone was at fault, it was Jia Qingyu.
It had nothing to do with the two of them.
Yun Feng’s tone also eased a lot.

“Yes, it’s my first time participating in the Magic Beast Auction.
I’m a bit excited!” Qian Shaoyao blushed and looked at Yun Feng with admiration.
Yun Feng smiled.
“If you want a Magic Beast, buy it.
The Magic Beasts at the Magic Beast Auction are all rare.”

Mu Shaohua and Qian Shaoyao both raised the corners of their mouths.
Buy it? It depended on whether they had the money or not.
Even though they brought a lot of money with them, there should be people who were richer than them.

“Right, precious Magic Beasts aren’t sold for money.
They can only be bought with ultimate ores.”

Hearing what Yun Feng said, Mu Shaohua and Qian Shaoyao were immediately dumbfounded.
Paying with ultimate ores? Yun Feng chuckled.
“There should be an ore exchange office here.
You can exchange for them later.”

Mu Shaohua and Qian Shaoyao were finally relieved after hearing that.
After saying that, Yun Feng turned around and followed Qu Lanyi, who had a sullen face, to the entrance of the Trading Center.
After confirming her identity, the staff naturally greeted her with a smile.
“Master Yun Feng, you’re a distinguished guest of the Summoning Union.
You have your own room.
Please go to the fourth floor.
Someone will receive you.”

Yun Feng nodded.
The three people behind her didn’t have such a privilege.
They weren’t summoners registered in the Summoning Union and they didn’t have high strength.
The staff didn’t look nice.
Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua both blushed and were obviously a bit embarrassed.

“They’re with me,” said Yun Feng casually.
The staff were stunned.
Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua both looked at Yun Feng gratefully.
Yun Feng glanced at the staff, who immediately understood what she meant.
“It’s fine if they’re with you! Master Yun Feng, there’s nothing you can’t do.
This way, this way.”

Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua followed Yun Feng.
Jia Qingyu followed them silently.
Yun Feng was a bit surprised that she wasn’t as unreasonable as she used to be.
The few of them came all the way to the fourth floor.
A special receptionist led Yun Feng to a room.
Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua were very surprised and admired Yun Feng’s ability even more.
As expected, being strong made one’s journey smooth.

There wasn’t just one room on the fourth floor.
Naturally, there were also other four-star VIP rooms.
This VIP room was very luxurious.
Just like the auction Yun Feng participated in last time, the first floor of the room was completely transparent.
There was a communication device and a button.
Through this completely transparent wall, she could directly see the situation of the auction hall and the situation on the stand clearly.

Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua both sat there a bit awkwardly.
This was the first time they experienced the status and respect brought by strength.
The two of them admired Yun Feng more and more.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi sat on the other side.
Yun Feng looked outside.
The hall was already full of people.
The few floors downstairs should be the same.

“I wonder what kind of Magic Beasts there will be.” Qian Shaoyao and Mu Shaohua were both a bit excited.
Even Jia Qingyu, who had been silent, was looking forward to it.
The three of them had contracted Magic Beasts, and they didn’t feel that anything was wrong in the past.
However, this time, they truly felt that their Magic Beasts really couldn’t be taken out.

Fortunately, they had brought enough money.
After all, the three empires wouldn’t be stingy.
This time, the three of them were determined to get a Magic Beast of excellent quality.

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com ,Please!

After a while, the auction began.
As Yun Feng expected, the host this time was still Ling, who gave still an extremely provocative opening speech, which made the enthusiasm in the hearts of everyone present boil faintly.
Then, the Magic Beasts that everybody had been looking forward to appeared one after another.

As Ling said, Yun Feng didn’t have to come to the Magic Beast Auction at all, because even though the quality of the Magic Beasts was good, they couldn’t compare to Yaoyao, whom Yun Feng bought.
The quality of the Magic Beasts ranged from low to high, and the sounds of bidding rose one after another.
Mu Shaohua and the others also participated.
After all, they were young people.
Their blood would certainly boil when they saw a Magic Beast that was suitable for them.
Yun Feng only smiled as she listened to their enthusiastic bidding.
In the end, only Qian Shaoyao bought a Magic Beast that was suitable for her.
After all, there were too many people competing.

Qian Shaoyao was very happy and her little face was flushed.
The first batch of Magic Beasts were auctioned off and the prices were satisfactory.
Next was the second round of bidding.
The quality of the Magic Beasts also rose by a level, but they were just ordinary for Yun Feng.
Little Fire, Lan Yi, Yaoyao, any one of them was an outstanding Magic Beast that summoners were jealous of.

“An ultimate ore.” A slightly hoarse voice suddenly came.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi both trembled and their expressions instantly darkened.
“W-What’s wrong?” Seeing the sudden change in their expressions, Qian Shaoyao couldn’t help but feel a bit worried.

Yun Feng sneered and pressed the button next to her.
Her clear and cold voice came out.
“Ten ultimate ores.”

Once the voice sounded, Ling looked over in surprise on the stage.
Perhaps he was surprised that Yun Feng would appear here.
The hoarse voice paused for a few seconds and said again, “Fifteen.”

Yun Feng sneered even more.

The hall immediately fell silent.
All the summoners were very surprised.
The Magic Beasts being auctioned on the stage right now weren’t any rare species.
In terms of bloodline, they could hardly be on the top tier.
Were these two people crazy? They offered such a high price? And it wasn’t time to bargain with ores yet in this round!

“Thirty.” The slightly hoarse voice sounded again with a hint of anger in it.
Yun Feng followed.
“I’ll add five more to his price every time.”

The slightly hoarse voice fell silent again.
Everyone’s breath stopped at this moment.
What was going on? There were so many ultimate ores? Were ultimate ores like cabbages? There were so many of them? They bid so desperately for a Magic Beast that wasn’t worth the price at all!

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