Chapter 88: Let’s Go, Shiny Plains (1)

Countless people went in and out of Park City.
Among the people who kept coming and going at the west gate, a little girl slowly stepped out of Park City.
Sunlight shone over her body, creating a thin, long but strong shadow behind her.

After walking out of Park City, Yun Feng looked at the map in her hands.
This was a simple topographic map of the Karan Empire.
Looking at that larger city in an area to the west of Park City, the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth slightly curled up.
Ge Yuan, one of the three first-class cities in the Karan Empire.
That was her next destination.

Meatball came out of the bracelet and stood on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Its round body stood straight, as if it was really looking forward to seeing what was ahead.
“Nana!” Meatball made a joyful sound.

Yun Feng turned her face to the side slightly as Meatball’s fluffy fur touched her cheek.
She poked Meatball’s little head gently with her finger.
“Why? Are you excited as well?”

Meatball made another sound.
Yun Feng looked at the land in front of her where she couldn’t see the end.
“Then, let’s go.”

Ge Yuan was one of the three first-class cities in the Karan Empire.
The three first-class cities in the Karan Empire weren’t just the three largest and most flourishing places, but were the political, economical and military centers of the Karan Empire at the same time.
The three places might have a slightly different focus.
For Ge Yuan, the most famous thing of this first-class city around the Karan Empire was definitely the Mercenary Union stationed there.

Apart from the royal families, the four empires on the East Continent also had some forces.
They weren’t under any government organizations and had their unique way of management and operation standards.
Mercenary groups were the larger forces among them and the Mercenary Union was the one that united these forces, the huge organization that managed all the mercenary groups on the East Continent.

The Mercenary Union had four branches in the four empires on the East Continent and these four branches had become the Mercenary Unions of all countries in the four empires.
Each mercenary group had to complete a detailed registration at the Mercenary Union.
Any mercenary group formed without registration would be repelled and cracked down severely.
This was a powerful means of the Mercenary Union, which made it become a latent factor that kept the four empires in balance.
After all, the mercenaries in all the countries, other than their army, all had detailed registrations.
Nobody could hide anything.
The mercenaries in the four empires were completely exposed on this point.

After all, only a minority of people could climb up to a high position on the East Continent.
Even for people from the School of the God of War, there was only a limited number who could get to the high positions.
Only a small part of the large population on the East Continent could go on a glorious road, while most of the others might spend their entire life being ordinary or choose to go on the road that most capable people would take, becoming a member of a mercenary group.

Even though mercenary groups lived on the blade and they might even die during a mission, the reward of taking such a high risk was a huge amount of bounty.
Some people wouldn’t have to worry about their lives further after completing just one mercenary mission.

It could be said that 70% of the warriors in the Karan Empire had joined the mercenary groups, while only 30% worked for the royal family.
So, there were certainly some powerful warriors in the mercenary groups.
In the territory of the Karan Empire, there were countless mercenary groups, large and small, strong and weak.
This was a kind of force which was a threat.
However, even if the royal family was worried about it, they couldn’t do anything.
The royal family of the Karan Empire still couldn’t lay a hand on the Mercenary Union.
After all, the Mercenary Union in the Karan Empire was just a branch.

So, mercenary groups, these potentially threatening armed forces, started booming and gradually became an essential factor in people’s lives.
Once they encountered some difficulties or needed something that required taking risks, they could give the mercenaries a mission.
As long as you offered a suitable price, someone would do it for you.

The most unique characteristic of Ge Yuan was that it was a real paradise and a real home for mercenaries.
The Mercenary Union of the Karan Empire was located here, which made Ge Yuan the city with the most developed armed forces.
The source of these armed forces all came from the past mercenaries.

Yun Feng walked as she looked at the markings on the map.
From her location, she would have to cross the Shiny Plains in order to reach Ge Yuan.
In fact, Yun Feng had a thought of joining a mercenary group.
In the coming three years, she didn’t only have to improve her strength, but also enhance her life experience.
When a person had rich life experience, things that the person knew and understood would increase as well.
It was useful and harmless for her to experience all kinds of life.

Besides, mercenaries weren’t displays that were just put there.
They had a lot of missions and were very busy.
For the mercenaries, killing and adventures were their entire life.

Stepping on the thin, fine sand underneath her feet, Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and glanced around this extremely wide white plain in front of her.
When the wind blew, a thin layer of sand was stirred up and the dazzling white ground glittered under the sunlight.

“This is the Shiny Plains…” Yun Feng stepped into the plain as a warm wind came.
Yun Feng slowly spread her sensing power and found that her power could only cover a part of the plain, which showed how large it was.

“Kid, the Shiny Plains is a treasured place that produces ores.
At the same time, there are also a lot of Magic Beasts around.
Of course, it’s also the place where mercenaries appear most frequently.”

Yun Feng listened to what the ancestor said as her eyes gazed to the side slightly.
A black shadow flashed past her swiftly, making some rustling sounds from the sand on the ground.
That was a precipice lizard.
Its mud yellow body quickly crawled to a place far away from Yun Feng, as if it was constantly on guard.

Yun Feng smiled.
Magic Beasts were indeed very cautious.
Even though she didn’t show any hostility, it still hid from her.
Yun Feng walked forward and found that all the Magic Beasts below her level all avoided her and made a big road for her.

“Ores…” Yun Feng mumbled.
No matter which world she was in, ores were also precious.
The same applied to this world as well.

“Kid, ores aren’t as simple as you think.
There’s a small amount of energy in these ores and the energy is something that all warriors and mages dream of!”

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