It was indeed as Qu Lanyi said.
If he hadn’t taken action in time, Xia Qing’s body would have been hollowed out by the dark elements in an instant.
By then, Xia Qing would also… Thinking of this, Yun Feng couldn’t help but exert strength in her hand.
If it weren’t for her, that man in the hood might not have attacked Qingqing.
She was the one who brought this disaster to Xia Qing.

“Qingqing…” Yun Feng called softly.
The little girl on the bed was sleeping peacefully.
If it weren’t for that too pale face and the extremely cold body temperature, she would have seemed to be sound asleep.
Yun Feng slowly caressed Xia Qing’s cold little face with her hand.
“Qingqing, you’re the student I’m most proud of.
I’ve always been proud of you.”

Yun Feng had never said this before.
If Xia Qing heard it, she might smile happily.
She received the best praise.
Yun Feng glanced at Xia Qing’s finger and suddenly found that Xia Qing’s Ring of Contract was gone.

“Her Ring of Contract was probably taken away by that disgusting man by force,” said Qu Lanyi casually.
He stood up and walked to Yun Feng.
“It was very chaotic back then.
That man only made a few moves on the stage and Xia Qing was thrown out of the ring.
I didn’t have time to care about anything else.”

“Damn it! Damn it!” Little Fire roared in depression with a painful expression on its face.
Yun Feng looked at Xia Qing’s empty finger and sneered.
“Qingqing, I’ll help you get your Ring of Contract back.
I’ll return everything he put on you!”

The door was pushed open and Mo Changge and Ling walked in.
Seeing the two of them, Yun Feng stood up gently.
“Let’s talk somewhere else.”

Ling nodded with a smile, while Mo Changge shrugged indifferently.
Qu Lanyi rubbed his forehead and leaned against Yun Feng gently, showing a vague intimacy.
Yun Feng knew that he must’ve consumed a lot of light elements, and his body was already showing signs of exhaustion.

“Let’s go to my room,” said Mu Canghai coldly.
“Thank you.” Yun Feng said softly as she held Qu Lanyi’s hand.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and held Yun Feng’s hand.
Seeing how intimate the two of them were, Mo Changge couldn’t help but look cold.
“Where’s your room?”

Mu Canghai turned around and walked out.
Mo Changge looked at Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi deeply, then turned around and walked out.
Ling followed him without saying anything.
“Little Fire, Lan Yi, stay here.”

“Yes, Master.” Little Fire looked at Yun Feng gratefully.
What it wanted to do right now was to stay with this girl and not go anywhere.
Lan Yi nodded.
“Don’t worry, Master.
With me and Brother Fire here, Qingqing will be fine.”

Yun Feng nodded and held Qu Lanyi’s hand as they walked out of the room.
The room instantly became silent.
Lan Yi hid in the corner, while Little Fire kept kneeling by the bed.
Its body was as tight as a hard stone.
It clenched its hands tightly and put them on its knees, with red marks on its palms.

Little Fire knelt just like that and looked at her with its eyes.
It clenched its fists on its knees and didn’t touch Xia Qing.
Its black eyes were full of crazy suppressed pain and its boy’s face was tight, like its body.

“Stupid girl, open your eyes… I’m right next to you.” Suddenly, Little Fire said with a hoarse voice and a sense of anger and pain that it was suppressing.
“Stupid girl, look at me…”

Nobody in the room replied to him.
There was only the hoarse voice that kept circling in the air and the pain that couldn’t be hidden no matter what.
Lan Yi’s slender body was hidden in the shadows.
He leaned against the wall and listened to Little Fire mutter as light flashed in his blue eyes.

“Stupid girl, as long as you open your eyes, I’ll take back what I said before.” Little Fire was still talking as it stared at Xia Qing with its black eyes without blinking.
“Stupid girl, don’t play dumb with me.
You heard me.
I know you can hear me.”

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“Brother Fire…” Lan Yi finally couldn’t stand it anymore and said indifferently, but Little Fire didn’t seem to hear it.
“Stupid girl, I don’t hate you… Did you hear that? I don’t hate you at all.”

Lan Yi closed his thin lips and didn’t say anything else.
He finally said that he liked her, but the person on the bed didn’t react at all.
She closed her eyes and slept quietly, as if she was immersed in a beautiful dream that only she knew.

In Mu Canghai’s room, the few of them sat down one after another.
Qu Lanyi was still leaning against Yun Feng gently.
The exhaustion didn’t seem to have subsided.
Mo Changge glanced at the two people leaning against each other with his peach-blossom eyes and put on a smile.
“It’s truly surprising that such a person came to the Summoners’ Convention.”

“Mo Changge, do you really have a solution?” asked Yun Feng.
Mo Changge chuckled.
“How comforting.
You do remember my name.” He raised his peach-blossom eyes and winked at Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi glanced at him coldly.
“If you have a solution, just tell me.”

Mo Changge leaned back lazily.
“I’ve always been lazy to meddle in other people’s business.
If it weren’t for Yun Feng, what does the life of that little girl have to do with me?”

Yun Feng’s face turned cold.
Ling pushed his glasses.
“Young Master Changge, just get to the point.
It’s not your style to beat around the bush.”

Mo Changge glared at Ling.
“Don’t you have anything else to do? Why are you standing here?”

Ling chuckled.
“I happen to be very free right now, Young Master Changge.”

“Humph! I do have a way.
That little girl’s body is being corroded by the dark elements.
It’s actually very simple.
You just have to eliminate the dark elements in her body.”

“You think I didn’t think of that? It’s just that the dark elements are too domineering and powerful.” Qu Lanyi glanced at Mo Changge coldly and mockingly.
Mo Changge also smiled at Qu Lanyi.
“Just because you can’t do anything doesn’t mean I can’t.
I have a way to pull the dark elements out of this little girl’s body, but…”

“Tell me your conditions.” Yun Feng finally got to the point.
She looked at Mo Changge solemnly, but Mo Changge looked hurt.
“It’s too hurtful for you to be so professional.
We’re not strangers.”

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