“I… I don’t know either.
I just… I just said a few unnecessary words.
Who knew that man would go up after hearing that she was your disciple? You… You can’t blame me! It’s all your fault! You harmed her, not me!”

“Jia Qingyu! Can you be more shameless?” Mu Shaohua suddenly roared.
“If you didn’t take the initiative to point it out, would those people know? It’s all because of you!”

“Why is it my fault? It’s not my fault at all! It’s all her fault! Who asked Xia Qing to be her student?” Jia Qingyu cried and roared.
Mu Shaohua wanted to say something, but Mu Canghai said coldly, “Stop talking!”

Yun Feng’s expression was cold and dark as she looked at Xia Qing, who seemed to be lifeless on the ground.
Her student was in such a situation because of her.
If she weren’t Qingqing’s teacher, Xia Qing wouldn’t have encountered such a thing! If Qu Lanyi hadn’t come with her, Qingqing would probably…

Thinking of this, Yun Feng’s heart couldn’t help but turn cold.
Qu Lanyi said, “Don’t think too much! Xia Qing has never thought like this.
S you so unfamiliar with me? My heart…”


“If you have a solution, tell me quickly!” Little Fire roared furiously, but Mo Changge ignored it.
“Yun Feng, do you remember what I said when I left? You didn’t come to find me when you came to the West Continent.
How can I stand that? Hm?”

Seeing that Mo Changge wasn’t paying attention to it at all, Little Fire couldn’t help but want to step forward impulsively, but Lan Yi held it back firmly.
“Brother Fire, calm down!” said Lan Yi in a low voice.
Little Fire’s eyes were full of anger.
Looking at Xia Qing’s pale face, it felt a pain in its heart.
In the end, it could only let out a wolf howl angrily and stand there.
If there was a chance, it wouldn’t just tear that hooded man apart, it would also tear this man with peach-blossom eyes who appeared out of nowhere in front of it!

Mu Shaohua, Qian Shaoyao and Jia Qingyu, who was hiding on the side, didn’t dare to say anything.
The person who came was a complete stranger, but this person also brought a kind of aura that spread out slowly and invisibly, making the three of them speechless.

“If you have something to say, just say it.
My patience is limited!” Looking at the sad expression of the man in front of her, Yun Feng gritted her teeth so hard that they made creaking sounds.
She didn’t have much patience to squander.
If he still didn’t want to say it, she didn’t mind punching him away!

“Beautiful roses indeed have thorns…” Mo Changge whispered and glanced at Yun Feng a bit frivolously.
At this moment, Yun Feng’s patience was exhausted.
She slapped Mo Changge, who was still squatting on the ground just then, suddenly moved back and avoided Yun Feng’s unexpected attack! Yun Feng narrowed her eyes slightly.
This man was indeed something.

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