Yao Man didn’t know that she only broke through to the Lord Level in a short period of time after taking the potion, but the effect of the potion was limited.
After the fierce battle just then, the effect of the potion was weakening and Yao Man’s attacks weren’t as domineering as before!

Yun Feng waved her longsword and was about to slash at Yao Man! “Master…” The Electric Python, which was fighting with Lan Yi in the air, was distracted when it saw this.
No matter what Lan Yi did, its huge body stood in front of Yao Man and Yun Feng’s longsword cut deep into the python’s body!

Yun Feng looked at the python’s dark purple eyes with her black eyes.
“I won’t hurt her.
You should know that.”

Yun Feng didn’t mean to hurt Yao Man.
She just wanted Yao Man to stop pestering her!

The Electric Python smiled wryly.
Yao Man, who was blocked by it, suddenly shouted angrily, “Bastard! Do you think I’ll lose to her? Get lost!”

Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
Yao Man exerted her strength and hit her contracted Magic Beast with the lightning element! The Electric Python twisted its body in pain and rolled to the side, looking like it was in pain.
Lan Yi landed from the sky and looked at Yao Man with a gaze as cold as ice.
Magic Beasts had their own dignity.
Very few summoners knew how to respect their contracted Magic Beasts like Yun Feng did.
Yao Man was a typical representative of others.
Most summoners used contracted Magic Beasts as tools, and even worse.
It was obvious how resistant Magic Beasts were to humans.

“Yun Feng! I won’t lose to you!” Yao Man stood there panting.
A deep sense of exhaustion surged out of her body.
She knew that the effect of the potion was about to end.
She wanted to fight Yun Feng now! She didn’t believe that she would lose to her!

Yun Feng turned around and was about to leave.
Yao Man raised her hand and hit Yun Feng with a lightning element.
“You’re not allowed to leave! Go and stop her!” Yao Man roared.
The Electric Python, which was lying on the ground and bleeding non-stop, slowly got up.
It seemed that it wanted to drag its broken body to block Yun Feng.
Yun Feng suddenly turned around and the longsword in her hand was already at the tip of Yao Man’s nose!

Yao Man’s breath tightened and sweat appeared on her face.
“W-What are you doing…”

Yun Feng sneered.
“It’s up to you whether you win or lose.
If you stand in my way again, don’t blame me for being rude.
There’s nothing wrong with killing someone on the ring.”

Yao Man swallowed.
The coldness in Yun Feng’s eyes made Yao Man tremble.
Yao Man suddenly understood that if she really stopped her, Yun Feng would really kill her! The effect of the potion had already reached the limit.
Yao Man bit her lips and didn’t dare to say anything.
Yun Feng put away her longsword and her body quickly flashed.
She grabbed the dazed Qian Shaoyao and Lan Yi on the ground and left quickly, leaving Yao Man and her contracted Magic Beast on the ring in a sorry state.

“How… How should we settle this?” The people responsible for supervising the arena were all dumbfounded.
Everyone knew that Yun Feng would win this battle between Yun Feng and Yao Man, but she turned around and left in the end.
How should they settle this?

Seeing Yun Feng leave, Mo Changge, who was standing far away, also followed her with a smile at the corners of his mouth.
However, he was quite regretful in his mind.
If Yun Feng could get rid of Yao Man, she would solve a problem for him.
Unfortunately, what a shame.

After Yun Feng left, there were discussions on the arena of Region A.
Yao Man stood on the arena and felt that her face was burning as she listened to the discussions below.
She was like a clown, being mocked by everyone for overestimating herself! The wound of the Electric Python on the ground was still bleeding.
Yao Man glanced at it in disgust and said softly, “Useless!”

“This round… will be considered a tie!” The person in charge of supervising hesitated again and again.
He felt that a tie was the best result.
Yao Man gritted her teeth fiercely.
It was rare for her to look like this.
Yun Feng was the first person who made her like this! Yao Man, who had thirty-nine consecutive victories and a tie, wasn’t eliminated.
Yun Feng was the same.

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Hearing this result, the discussions rose again.
Most people were on Yun Feng’s side, which made Yao Man even angrier.

“Are the judges blind? It’s a tie? Everyone knows who won!”

“That’s right! Something just happened, or Yun Feng would’ve won!”

Yao Man glared down fiercely.
“Those who aren’t convinced, come up!”

Some summoners immediately shut up, but there were also people who went up angrily.
However, they were knocked off the stage by Yao Man with one attack.
After winning forty times in a row, Yao Man became the first person to qualify in Region A! Yao Man, who got off the ring, didn’t feel comfortable at all in her mind! She originally wanted to defeat Yun Feng and win forty rounds in a row, making everyone look at her with envy and admiration! However, even though she had indeed qualified now, she was extremely frustrated in her mind!

It was like farting.
She wanted to fart loudly at first, and she had already prepared her strength and timing.
However, at the critical moment, the fart lost its sound and came out silently.
That was truly frustrating!

Compared to the excitement in Region A, Region C had just become lively, but it was full of the smell of blood.
When Yun Feng arrived, she only felt that the crowd had already dispersed, and in the middle of the crowd was Xia Qing, who was lying there silently!

Yun Feng’s black eyes narrowed and her body suddenly landed.
“Qingqing! Qingqing!” Yun Feng looked at Xia Qing, who was lying there with no color of blood, and only felt that her heart was twisted tightly.
Little Fire had already transformed into a human being.
There was deep anger in the depths of its pure black eyes!

Qu Lanyi had been holding Xia Qing’s hand.
“You’re here.
I’ve already stabilized Qingqing’s condition, but it’s still not optimistic.”

“What exactly happened?” Yun Feng couldn’t help but roar.
Mu Shaohua, who had been standing aside with a solemn expression, walked out.
“We were assigned to Region C with Xia Qing.
Xia Qing had already won thirty rounds in a row.
She’s truly impressive… However… However…” Mu Shaohua seemed to have thought of something and his voice suddenly trembled.

Qu Lanyi said casually, “Qingqing met that disgusting guy.”

“What did you say? He’s also in Region C!”

“We weren’t supposed to meet him, but…” Qu Lanyi suddenly glanced at Jia Qingyu, who had been silent and pale.
Yun Feng immediately glanced at her like a sharp sword.
Jia Qingyu shivered and couldn’t help but cry.

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