That was an attack that belonged to warriors! What was wrong with Yun Feng? Was she a warrior and a summoner? How was that possible?

A miserable cry suddenly came from the sky.
Yao Man suddenly raised her neck.
The huge Fire Cloud Wolf opened its mouth and bit the two horns on the head of the Electric Python, tearing them apart fiercely.
One of them was torn off! The Electric Python twisted its body in pain and let out a wail.
The man with a pair of huge wings on his back suddenly inserted his hands into the scales of the Electric Python and scraped off a layer of skin!

The Electric Python twisted its body in pain.
Seeing this scene, Yao Man’s pretty face suddenly turned pale.
The huge body of the Electric Python suddenly fell from the sky and also hit the ring, making a loud bang!

Little Fire and Lan Yi landed from the sky.
The two Magic Beasts had a lot of wounds on their bodies.
Little Fire spat out the horn it pulled off, and Lan Yi also threw the layer of scales in his hand on the ground.
The brutal personality of the Magic Beasts was obvious at this moment!

Everyone was silent!

At this moment, everyone knew very well who won!

Yao Man almost gritted her teeth to pieces.
She looked at the Electric Python that was wriggling in pain next to her, then at Yun Feng and the two Magic Beasts next to her.
She suddenly reached into her pocket and a bottle of medicine appeared in her hand.
When Yun Feng saw this, her black eyes suddenly darkened!

Yun Feng wasn’t unfamiliar with that bottle of potion.
As a master-level potion maker, Yun Feng had already learned a lot of potion formulas in the Pharmaceutical Institute, especially the from the notebook left by her master.
She only needed to take a look at the potion in Yao Man’s hand to know what kind of potion it was.
Elemental potion! And it was the potion with the highest concentration.
It could forcibly increase the power of the elements in a short period of time and even ignore any barriers!

Yun Feng had already met the potion in the Masang School of Magic.
At that time, Kasa directly reached the Commander Level after taking the potion, and Yao Man would reach the Lord Level in a short time after taking it!

Yao Man stood up from the ground and looked at Yun Feng’s slightly changed face.
She finally found some dignity.
She raised her head and drank the potion in her hand.
After a while, a huge energy suddenly rose in her body.
Yao Man felt that her entire body was boiling like water!

The Electric Python on the ground also changed.
A deep purple light completely surrounded its body.
The Electric Python suddenly hissed and stood up from the ground again!

“You can’t win and you use such a cheating technique.
That’s all you’ve got!” Little Fire watched the Electric Python stand up again and its momentum also changed obviously.
Suppressed wolf roars suddenly sounded.
Lan Yi frowned on the side.
“Things are getting tricky.
That human used such a technique.

Yun Feng looked at Yao Man, who had taken the potion, with a cold face.
A huge pressure surged out of her body.
That was the pressure of the Lord Level! Many people watching the battle couldn’t stand it anymore.
Some people shouted, “Do you want to die? You took such a powerful potion!”

“This will be interesting!”

Mu Canghai’s expression turned cold and he couldn’t help but look a bit nervous.
He couldn’t fight in the arena.
Even though he was a bit worried, he still believed… Yun Feng would win!

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