Yao Man burst into laughter.
“Although you’re a double-element summoner, the fire element and the wind element are nothing in front of the lightning element!” After saying that, Yao Man waved her wand again! “Lightning Field!” Instantly, the space around Yun Feng on the ring changed abruptly.
Purple elements instantly filled up around her.
The silver snakes kept flowing in the air with a faint power that was about to explode!

Yun Feng was completely enveloped, as if she was shrouded in purple.
Seeing that, Little Fire turned around and was about to rush down.
The Electric Python suddenly swept its tail, which Little Fire avoided.
Seeing that, Lan Yi shouted, “Brother Fire! Don’t forget that Master has the lightning element too.
Let’s beat it to the ground first!”

Little Fire was stunned for a moment.
Then, it raised its hand and burst into laughter! “Hahaha, you’re right! We’ve all seen Master’s ability.
This lightning summoner is nothing! Damn snake, I’ll skin you alive today!”

Yun Feng was shrouded in the lightning element in the center of the ring.
Everyone couldn’t help but exclaim when they saw this scene.
“She’s going to lose! She’ll definitely lose if she’s surrounded by the lightning element!”

“Although a double-element summoner is powerful, she’s more or less at a disadvantage against a lightning element summoner!”

If her expertise in magic is inferior, she won’t be able to win.”

“That lightning summoner is indeed powerful.
He’s not to be trifled with…”

Mu Canghai listened to the discussions around and looked at Yun Feng’s dilemma at this moment.
There was no worry on his cold handsome face at all.
Would Yun Feng fail just like that? These people were completely wrong.

“Yun Feng! Are you still not admitting defeat? If you admit defeat voluntarily, I’ll consider not letting you end up too badly!” Yao Man looked at Yun Feng, who was completely trapped by the Lightning Field, coldly.
There was indescribable joy in her heart and her eyes and words were full of arrogance.

Yun Feng, who was trapped in the Lightning Field, smiled in disdain.
There was ridicule in the depths of her black eyes.
Did she think such lightning elements could trap her? Seeing Yun Feng’s expression, Yao Man couldn’t help but feel angry.
“Very good! If you don’t admit defeat, I’ll make you get off this ring!” Yao Man turned her wand and the waves of mental strength gathered on it faintly.
It seemed that she was going to launch the most ruthless attack so far.
She wanted Yun Feng to lose face!

“Get off the stage!” Yao Man gritted her teeth and said.
The lightning element suddenly shot out of the tip of the wand, turning into a dark purple python! “Lightning…” Before Yao Man could finish, the entire ring shook fiercely, even the ground around it!

“What happened?” The crowd panicked.
The ground shook.
Was there going to be an earthquake?

The girl trapped in the Lightning Field on the ring laughed loudly.
Her slender body slowly stood up.
Under the pressure of the Lightning Field, she didn’t struggle at all, as if the restraint of the Lightning Field on her was nothing at all! Yao Man waited and looked at the girl who stood straight in her Lightning Field.
She couldn’t help but feel shocked.
She immediately waved her wand fiercely and roared!

“Lightning Spear!”

The dark purple lightning element gathered at the tip of the wand immediately turned into a sharp spear, whizzing towards Yun Feng! The audience all gasped.
This lightning summoner was too ruthless! If she couldn’t dodge this attack, she would be half-dead even if she didn’t die!

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Yun Feng stood still and didn’t move at all, which made the audience anxious.
“Damn! Why is she not dodging?”

“F*ck! How do you want her to dodge? Didn’t you see that she’s trapped in the Lightning Field?”

There seemed to be a storm brewing deep in Yun Feng’s black eyes.
There was killing intent in Yao Man’s move! What a ruthless woman! In such a free arena, nobody would think of killing their opponent.
She had no grudge against Yao Man, but she had never thought that this woman would want to kill her!

The mental strength in Yun Feng’s body suddenly burst out.
The same purple lightning element surged out of the wand and quickly formed an arc barrier around Yun Feng, breaking Yao Man’s Lightning Field in an instant! Sensing that her Lightning Field was broken, Yao Man was shocked.
Her Lightning Field was broken forcibly! From the inside!

However, Yao Man still smiled.
Even if the Lightning Field was broken, she wouldn’t be able to escape the lightning spear! The Lightning Field was meant to restrain Yun Feng.
Even if she broke it, she wouldn’t be able to dodge in time! A glint of light suddenly burst out of Yao Man’s eyes.
Yun Feng, you’re inferior to me! You’ll lose in my hands after all!

Everyone thought that Yun Feng couldn’t dodge anymore.
Mu Canghai suddenly clenched his fists and his black and gray eyes stared at the ring firmly.
Yun Feng wouldn’t lose!

“Hiss, hiss, hiss…” The sound of friction suddenly echoed.
Yao Man’s face suddenly turned pale and her body swayed a few times.
Impossible, impossible! The thing next to her… was the lightning element! She was also a lightning-element summoner.
How was that possible?

Yun Feng stood there straight.
The same purple barrier as Yao Man’s was around her body.
Yao Man’s lightning spear was blocked outside and was about to break through this barrier with a strong force and speed.
The spear and the barrier started fighting.

The spear tried its best to penetrate the purple shield, making an ear-piercing sound.
Behind the shield, Yun Feng stood with a smile at the corners of her mouth and looked at Yao Man, who was dumbfounded.
The crowd was silent and shocked when they saw this scene!

“Lightning element… She’s also a lightning element summoner!”

“She’s a multi-element summoner!”

Everybody gazed at Yun Feng passionately.
A multi-element summoner was such an enviable existence!

“Lightning element, you’re also of the lightning element!” Yao Man gritted her teeth fiercely and tasted the blood in her mouth.
She immediately clenched her fists and the spear that was desperately breaking through the barrier suddenly exerted strength.
Yun Feng frowned slightly.
The purple barrier around her had already been broken by the spear!

“Swish!” The spear broke through the barrier!

Yao Man’s body was trembling slightly.
The anger, unwillingness and humiliation that gathered slowly in her mind kept rolling.
Yun Feng was also a lightning-element summoner! How could she be a lightning-element summoner? Even though the barrier was broken, the spear was grabbed by Yun Feng before it got close to Yun Feng’s body.

Her fair hand grabbed the purple spear that was about to pierce towards her firmly.
Yun Feng chuckled and gathered her mental strength in her hand.
“Crack!” An extremely crisp sound came.
Yao Man’s body shook fiercely again and the purple lightning spear was crushed by Yun Feng!

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