“You’re right, Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall.
It’ll be great if the Thousand Snow Hall can hold such a convention.” The person who spoke was a silver-haired man.
He looked unimaginably young and his silver hair was glittering.
His eyes were so charming that people would never forget them for the rest of their lives.

“This is the Summoning Union’s own idea.
Hall Master Thousand Snow, why don’t you go and discuss with those people?” The short and shriveled body of the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall nestled on the chair.
A malicious smile appeared on his extremely tight facial features.
The silver-haired handsome man chuckled softly, as if he didn’t care.

“There must be a lot of summoners from your areas.
Why don’t we go and take a look? Hahaha!” The Master of the Bright Moon Hall got up and cupped his hand in the other in front of the two of them.
The Master of the Thousand Snow Hall also got up slowly.
His robe dragged on the ground, making some friction sounds.
The silver-haired handsome man walked to the door and was about to leave when the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall suddenly spoke.

“I wonder if you’ve heard of Yun Feng, Hall Master Thousand Snow?”

The silver-haired handsome man was slightly stunned.
“What ability does this person have to make the Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall so concerned?” The silver-haired handsome man turned around slightly and smiled.
The Master of the Ancestral Forest Hall burst into laughter and his shriveled body shook a few times.
“Of course, she’s quite capable and very interesting.”

The silver-haired handsome man walked out with a faint smile and didn’t say anything else.
However, Yun Feng remembered the name in her mind.
There must be someone that could make that old man with a changing personality remember her.

The silver-haired handsome man walked for a distance and saw a tall figure waiting in front of him.
The silver-haired handsome man walked over slowly.
The tall figure chuckled when he saw him and walked alongside him.
“Why aren’t you looking for Yao Man?” asked the silver-haired handsome man.

“Such an pretentious woman.
I can’t be bothered to look at her,” said the person next to him in disdain.
His black hair hung by his ears and covered half of his cheeks.
The other half of his facial features were indescribably beautiful, especially his peach blossom-like eyes, which seemed to be full of emotions at all times.

“Changge, Yao Man is your…”

“She’s not!”

The silver-haired handsome man frowned slightly.
“You’ve been a bit distracted since you came back from outside.”

The person next to him chuckled and then a trace of loneliness flashed through his face.
Perhaps there are too many beautiful women.
It’s not easy for me to pick.”

The silver-haired handsome man frowned even more tightly.
“Changge, you…”

“Alright, I got it.” The person on the side sighed softly.
There was a hint of gloominess deep in his peach-blossom eyes and on his handsome face.
“I’ll go find Yao Man right away.”

The silver-haired handsome man didn’t say anything.
The tall figure walking next to him had already left quickly.
It was sunny outside, but there was a hint of coldness in the tall figure.
Even though half of his face was covered by his black hair, the half that was revealed was enough to attract many gazes, especially those of a woman.

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Mo Changge stood right there.
He raised his head slightly and narrowed his eyes to look at the sunlight in the sky.
His black hair slowly fell from his cheeks.
His skin, which was as fair as jade, had a little luster and was very beautiful.
Those peach-blossom eyes had charming waves, as if they had a thousand things to say.

Yun Feng, have you forgotten someone called Mo Changge?

This sentence suddenly came to Mo Changge’s mind.
He raised the corners of his mouth in self-mockery.
Why would that girl remember him? He left in such a hurry that he didn’t leave anything behind except his name.
With her cold personality, she wouldn’t have come to find him voluntarily.

His handsome face became even more gloomy.
Looking at the corner of Region A of the Thousand Peak City, Mo Changge spat fiercely and his body suddenly jumped into the air.
In a flash, he had already disappeared completely.

The strong explosion on the ring in Region A shocked everyone.
The people responsible for supervising the ring all turned pale.
Little Fire slowly landed next to Yun Feng from the sky.
The Electric Python also shut its mouth and looked at the opposite side gloomily.
The two Magic Beasts seemed to be just greeting each other just then.

Yao Man stood there with an inexplicable smile on her face.
Tiny sounds kept coming from the body of the Electric Python on the side.
Little white snakes jumped out from time to time.
Yun Feng also stood there with her black eyes as calm as water.
Little Fire was communicating with Yun Feng telepathically.

“Master, that python is indeed quite capable.”

“Brother Fire, you must avoid those two horns on his head next time we fight.
That’s probably the place with the strongest lightning elements.”

“Don’t worry.
I’ll definitely find a chance to tear those horns off!”

Yun Feng listened to the conversation between Little Fire and Lan Yi as she flipped her hand gently and a Monarch Level wand appeared in her hand.
Yao Man burst into laughter when she saw this.
Instantly, the Electric Python raised its head and hissed, opening its mouth and pouncing over!

“Roar…” Little Fire also roared furiously.
Lan Yi spread its wings and went forward! In an instant, the three Magic Beasts fought! This scene indeed frightened many people.
“God, I’ve never seen such a chaotic scene…”

“Three Magic Beasts… Three Magic Beasts fighting each other!”

The Magic Beasts of summoners were the most important source of power for summoners.
When summoners faced summoners, they didn’t just compete with the power of the Magic Beasts! Summoners were also mages! Yao Man raised her arm with a complacent look on her face and shouted fiercely, “Thunder!”

Yun Feng’s face darkened and her body quickly flashed to the side.
A dazzling white light suddenly fell from the sky and smashed into the ground, creating a deep pit! The lightning element, a rare element that was a mixture of violence and speed, had astonishing destructive power! Among the most basic five elements, the lightning element wasn’t inferior in any aspect!

A thunderbolt struck.
The moment Yun Feng landed on the ground, she had already risen with a deep voice.
“Wind blade!” A huge wind-element blade slashed towards Yao Man.
Yao Man snorted coldly and raised her wand gently.
The lightning element and the wind element instantly clashed and shattered!

It was indeed tricky… Especially when her opponent’s strength was comparable to hers.
Yun Feng felt the various messages sent by the wind element and the lightning element when they came into contact and her heart couldn’t help but become much more serious.
The three Magic Beasts in the sky fought and the wild roars of the beasts came wave after wave.
Even though Little Fire and Lan Yi had the upper hand, that Electric Python was indeed tricky.

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