Discussions rose one after another.
Yun Feng turned a deaf ear to them.
She, who was originally quiet behind, had now become the focus of everyone’s eyes, the focus of the entire scene.
The man in purple next to Yao Man also looked up.
When he saw Yun Feng, he was suddenly shocked and then lowered his head.

Mu Canghai’s face darkened in the crowd.
Yao Man was obviously targeting Yun Feng.
Even though Mu Canghai was unhappy in his mind, this wasn’t an occasion he could interfere with.
Besides, Yun Feng wouldn’t let Yao Man bully her!

Yun Feng slowly raised her head and put on a rather lazy smile.
Yao Man looked at her provocatively.
The consecutive battles just then had already aroused the enthusiasm in Yao Man’s body completely.
Her usual elegance had already disappeared.

“You think I’ll go to the stage because you want me to?” Yun Feng replied lazily.
This reply made Yao Man blush.
Then, she thought of something and said loudly, “I think you’re afraid.”

Yun Feng raised her brows slightly and didn’t say anything.
Countless gazes sized Yun Feng up like a scanner.
Someone with sharp eyes also saw the two Rings of Contract on Yun Feng’s finger and shouted in shock, “She’s a double-element summoner!”

The crowd was in chaos again.
Incredulous exclamations rose and fell.
Yao Man sneered.
“So what if you’re a double-element summoner? You still don’t have the courage to come on stage! I think your contracted Magic Beasts are nothing!”

Yun Feng’s eyebrows twitched slightly, but she still didn’t say anything.
Yao Man’s even more mocking voice came.
“Don’t you have a student? If your student sees how cowardly her teacher is, she might be extremely disappointed! The student taught by such a cowardly teacher won’t be any better!”

Yun Feng’s lowered face slowly rose again.
It was still calm and indifferent, but there was an unbearable pressure on it.
Yao Man was stunned and became inexplicably nervous in her mind.
Yun Feng chuckled softly.
A hint of coldness suddenly flashed through the back of whoever heard this laughter and they couldn’t help but shiver.

Stepping forward step by step, the girl slowly approached the ring with lazy steps.
When Yun Feng passed by, the crowd stood on both sides uneasily, making way for Yun Feng.
The girl jumped up gently and stood on the ring, looking at Yao Man with her clear black eyes.

“If that’s your request, I’ll play with you.” There was coldness in Yun Feng’s black eyes.
She suddenly moved her slender fingers and a ball of green and red bright light appeared on both sides of Yun Feng.
Yao Man suddenly widened her eyes.
The man in purple stood in front of Yao Man with a solemn expression.

“How dare you insult my master!” The red light faded and the huge Fire Cloud Wolf appeared on the ring directly.
Its black wolf eyes that were as black as dazzling stones emitted shocking and furious light.
Suppressed wolf roars came out of Little Fire’s throat.
The green light on the side faded and a handsome man with a tattoo on one side of his cheek appeared with a cold expression.

“You angered Master and us.” After saying this, a pair of wings suddenly appeared on Lan Yi’s back.
The patterns on the wings were that of a huge and ferocious griffin!

“A Mutated Fire Cloud Wolf… and a griffin!” Yao Man’s pupils shrank fiercely.
Were they Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beast? Yao Man clenched her fists fiercely and an unwillingness to admit defeat surged in her mind.
Her contracted Magic Beast was indeed very strong, but she, Yao Man, wasn’t bad either!

The man in purple received Yao Man’s order and a ball of purple light suddenly surged out of his body.
His long hair fluttered even though there was no wind and the half of his face that was covered was also exposed.
That half of his face was surprisingly covered in purple scales! After the purple light with crackling sounds dissipated, they saw a huge snake standing on the ring.
The surface of its body was covered with purple scales that were so deep that they turned black, except for its abdomen.
Its snake-like head was wrapped in thicker scales and something like horns grew on both sides! Its dark purple snake eyes opened, emitting a bloody light!

“Hm! I thought it was something else.
It turns out to be the Electric Python.” Little Fire snorted in disdain, while Lan Yi looked solemn.
“Master, the Electric Python is one of the best among the lightning-element Magic Beasts.
Its bloodline and abilities are extraordinary! It’s quite a tricky guy!”


Little Fire roared in frustration.
Its sharp claws had already scratched the ground! It stared at Yao Man and the Electric Python next to her.
“No matter what kind of python it is, I’ll beat it to the ground!” A furious and wild wolf howl rose from the arena and spread throughout the sky.
The fiery red wolf had already turned into a beam of red light and rushed out.
Little Fire’s sharp claws slapped down fiercely.
The Electric Python raised its head and dodged Little Fire’s attack.
It opened its mouth and a purple ball of light appeared in its mouth!

Little Fire also opened its mouth and a ball of red and black light appeared.
The two giant beasts roared at the same time and the light balls collided, creating a deafening sound in the air!

“What’s going on?” The other three rings in the Thousand Peak City suddenly heard the loud noise.
Everyone was extremely surprised.
“It’s from Region A.
What exactly happened? Why did it cause such a huge commotion?”

“I don’t know…”

In Region C, Xia Qing was already waiting in the gathering area, while Qu Lanyi was waiting outside.
After hearing the loud noise, Qu Lanyi curled his lips.
It must’ve been his wife.

In the reception building of the Summoning Union, Ling, who was working, suddenly felt that the entire building seemed to shake.
The people in the reception building were a bit panicked.
Ling frowned slightly.
After a while, someone pushed the door open and ran in.
“Two powerhouses in Region A are fighting!”

A glint of darkness flashed in Ling’s eyes.
He pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and smiled quite deeply.
He continued doing the work at hand, but the smile at the corners of his mouth never disappeared.

The few people who were discussing something in a building somewhere in Thousand Peak City were also startled after hearing the loud noise.
“It’s indeed the Summoners’ Convention.
Such a huge commotion can only be seen in such a convention.” The rough man sitting there laughed.
He was the Master of the Bright Moon Hall!

Since we’re here, we certainly can’t miss it.” A slightly hoarse voice sounded.
The man who spoke was a short old man.
His facial features were densely distributed.

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