Chapter 87: The Discipline Head of Masang (3)

Yun Feng looked at Meatball, who was still discontented and couldn’t help but smile.
She picked its chubby body up and put it on her shoulder.
Meatball pointed its little butt at Yun Feng’s cheek, looking very angry.

“We’ll be leaving here tomorrow.
I promise I won’t throw you inside in the next three years.” What Yun Feng said made Meatball turn its body around slowly.
After seeing Yun Feng’s gaze, Meatball made a few sounds of satisfaction.
It rubbed its fluffy body against Yun Feng’s cheek, showing that it accepted this.

Yun Feng had already found the most suitable training venue for herself for the coming three years.
Little Fire and Meatball would certainly stay with her.
She gave a thought in her mind and the level-5 Magic Beast Crystal that had been stored in the bracelet for a long time appeared in Yun Feng’s hands.
There was a green colour spinning constantly inside the Magic Beast Crystal.

Yun Feng took out Yun Sheng’s single-hole wand.
She would be on her way tomorrow.
It was time to insert the crystal onto the wand for her brother now.

“Kid, tame the elemental force inside the Magic Beast Crystal first.” The ancestor’s voice sounded in Yun Feng’s mind.
Yun Feng nodded.
As her mental strength surged out, Meatball, who was standing on Yun Feng’s shoulder, jumped onto her arm and gently fiddled with the Magic Beast Crystal with its little claws.
The wind element spinning in the Magic Beast Crystal immediately calmed down and there were some faint glitters on the surface of the crystal.

“Nana, na, nana!” Meatball looked at Yun Feng as it tilted its head and blinked its big eyes.
Yun Feng was stunned.
She immediately enveloped that crystal with her mental strength and surprisingly discovered that the wind element spinning inside the crystal had been tamed!

Yun Feng picked up Meatball’s body.
She couldn’t help but think that there might be something hiding under the fluffy fur.
Her fingers groped Meatball’s round body unceremoniously.
Meatball kept twisting its body, but it still couldn’t escape from Yun Feng’s hands.

After a while, she still didn’t see anything under the long fur, except for its chubby, round body.
Yun Feng looked at Meatball carefully, while Meatball was enraged.
It twisted its body and pointed its butt at Yun Feng, refusing to turn around.

It fiddled with the crystal gently and could already tame the elemental force inside this level-5 Magic Beast Crystal? What kind of power was that?

“Kid, this little thing is something…” Yun Feng very much agreed with the ancestor.
Even though it was unlikely to be the legendary Fantastical Beast, it should also be a rare species.

Yun Feng poked Meatball’s body with her finger, but Meatball wiggled its butt furiously and refused to turn around.
Yun Feng found it funny when she saw Meatball’s uncomfortable look.
It seemed that she had truly gotten a treasure.
She wondered if Meatball would be able to deal with a Magic Beast Crystal of a higher level so easily.

Meatball’s help saved Yun Feng some energy.
The procedure was extremely easy after the elemental force was tamed.
She put the Magic Beast Crystal into the hole and covered the crystal with a thin layer of her mental strength, inserting it firmly inside.
A level-5 Magic Beast Crystal could only be taken out of the hole by someone above level 5.
Those below level 5 couldn’t even think about it.

After inserting the Magic Beast Crystal, Yun Feng infused her own mental strength into the wand.
The inserted Magic Beast Crystal immediately exuded dazzling green light, looking very bright.
Yun Feng knew clearly that the power of this wand was greatly increased because of this inserted Magic Beast Crystal.

“Brother has some protection now.” Yun Feng smiled gently as she put down the wand in her hands.
Thinking that she would be going on a long trip and would be away from her family for three years, she couldn’t help but feel a little sad.

Morning came again.
While many people in Park City were still sleeping, Yun Feng had already woken up quietly and walked to her brother’s room.
As she knocked on the door, Yun Sheng immediately opened it.
Yun Feng looked at her brother with slightly red eyes and realized that her brother also knew her decision.

“Feng, are you leaving today?” Yun Sheng pulled Yun Feng into the room and asked a bit anxiously.
Even though he wasn’t willing to let his precious sister go on an adventure alone, how would Yun Feng want to stay in Chunfeng Town with her strength?

“Hm, this is for you, brother.” Yun Feng nodded and took out the wand.
When Yun Sheng saw the crystal on the wand, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes slightly.

“You don’t have to worry about me, brother.
I’ll come find you in three years.” Yun Feng showed a mature smile on her slightly young and delicate face.
Yun Sheng was a little uncomfortable when he saw that.
He used to be the one who comforted his sister in the past, and now, it was the opposite.

“Alright! Then, you have to promise me you’ll be careful.
Your safety is the most important! I want you to come back safe and sound, okay?”

Yun Feng smiled as she grabbed Yun Sheng’s big hands with her small hands and shook them.
“Don’t worry, brother.
I’ll be careful.
I’ll not say goodbye to father this time.
I’m going directly from Park City.”

Yun Sheng also nodded after hearing that.
Their poker-faced father should have known this as well.
No matter what decision Yun Feng made, they would support her without hesitation!

There were things she had to prepare for three years of training, including medicines, food and clothes.
Yun Feng didn’t tell her brother where she was going and Yun Sheng didn’t ask either.
When she was almost ready, she looked at the sky.
“Brother, you should go back first.”

Yun Sheng’s lips shook as he said, “Feng, please be careful.”

Yun Feng nodded and watched as her brother got on the carriage.
She only looked away slowly after seeing the carriage leaving gradually.
The two of them came to Park City together, and now, her brother had to go home alone, while she would be going on a new journey.

Everything must be prepared well before going out for training.
She must think of everything thoroughly especially when she was going to train hard by herself.
Yun Feng checked some essential items in the dimension of the bracelet again.
Three years, she was about to spend such a long time alone.
She didn’t know how much she would improve in these three years.

People had to keep moving forward.
Even if there were thorns and obstacles ahead of them, they never stopped.
This was a latent instinct that the members of the Yun family had.
They feared nothing and never gave up!

After making sure everything was prepared, Yun Feng took a deep breath silently and then straightened her back.
Her slim body might not look wide enough and there was still innocence on her little face right now, but Yun Feng had a strong self, a strong mind.

This self made her omnipotent and invincible!

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