“A lightning summoner! Lightning is very rare!”

“Yes! And this woman seems to be very strong!”

The crowd discussed and focused on the dense purple light next to Yao Man.
Lightning summoners were rare, and so were lightning Magic Beasts! What exactly was Yao Man’s contracted Magic Beast? Yun Feng’s eyes couldn’t help but heat up.
She also wanted to see what her contracted Magic Beast was!

The man, who had already won twenty-five times in a row, took half a step back in panic.
Yao Man sneered when she saw this.
She suddenly raised her arm and the purple light faded.
The skinny man, who was wearing a dark purple robe and had pale skin, stood next to Yao Man and called her master softly.

Half of his long dark purple hair hung behind his head and the other half hung on his face, blocking half of his face firmly.
The other half of his face was revealed with endless coldness.
Yun Feng’s black eyes glittered.
That was her lightning-element contracted Magic Beast? She wondered how its original body was like!

“Stop… Stop pretending!” The man, as her opponent, roared.
The Magic Beast next to him suddenly roared and swung its sharp claws, pouncing on Yao Man.
Its speed and strength burst out in an instant! This man still had such astonishing explosive power after twenty-five consecutive victories.
This man wasn’t an ordinary person!

“He still has such power!”

“As expected of someone who has won so many battles in a row.
He’s also very strong!”

The commotion in the crowd started again.
The corners of the man’s mouth were about to rise proudly, but it instantly froze there! Yao Man sneered.
The man in purple on the side had already moved.
His skinny body instantly stood in front of Yao Man and he gently pushed his skinny arm forward, holding the sharp claws of the Magic Beast in his hand fiercely!

“What?” The man shouted in shock.
His Magic Beast’s attack was stuck there and it couldn’t move right now!

“Roar…” The Magic Beast, which had been stopped, let out an angry roar.
The man in purple lowered his face slightly.
The long hair that covered half of his face emitted a faint purple light.
A glint of viciousness flashed in Yao Man’s eyes.
The man in purple had already made the next move!

A thunderclap sounded! The Magic Beast on the ring, which was blocked by the purple-robed man, had already fallen to the ground with a bang and its limbs kept twitching! The entire venue was silent.
The man opposite to him was already dumbfounded.
His… his Magic Beast had the strength of the early stage of the Monarch Level! How could it be… beaten up so easily?

The limbs of the Magic Beast on the ring kept shaking.
It didn’t have any power to resist anymore.
It didn’t even have the power to stand up! Everyone was shocked.
The difference was too huge! Just once, just once!

Yun Feng looked at the silver snake that was crackling in the man’s hand and her red lips curled up slightly.
As expected of Yao Man at the peak of the Monarch Level.
Her Magic Beast seemed very extraordinary.
Yao Man stood there like a queen looking down at the man who was at a loss.
“Do you still need me to continue?”

The man gritted his teeth and a ball of light flashed.
The weak Magic Beast on the ring had already been put into the man’s Ring of Contract.
The man raised his eyes angrily and glared at Yao Man.
When he glanced at the man in purple, he showed a little fear.
He, who had won twenty-five rounds in a row, had lost!

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The man jumped off the ring and left angrily.
Yao Man snorted in disdain and glanced at the remaining people coldly.
The man in purple retreated to Yao Man’s side respectfully and didn’t say anything at all.
The crowd suddenly burst into enthusiastic cheers.
Yao Man had gained enough face by doing this.
Hearing the loud discussion and praise, the corners of Yao Man’s mouth curled up.
She looked at Yun Feng standing behind without hesitation.
Her clear black eyes were still calm and didn’t have any waves!

Yao Man was suddenly enraged.
She should’ve seen her strength, right? She wasn’t surprised at all.
How could she be so calm? A strong unwillingness filled Yao Man’s heart.
Yun Feng’s calm gaze stung her superior dignity.

The appearance of the lightning-element summoner aroused more enthusiasm.
Summoners jumped on the stage one after another.
Even though they knew that they weren’t as strong as Yao Man and they couldn’t win, the enthusiasm in their hearts kept burning and boiling! Her opponents lost one after another.
Yao Man gradually broke the highest record just then.
She had already won thirty-five rounds in a row! She would be able to successfully qualify after winning five more rounds!

Time passed minute by minute.
Yao Man subconsciously looked at Yun Feng whenever she defeated a contestant.
That woman still stood behind quietly and didn’t intend to go on stage at all! Yun Feng indeed didn’t intend to do that.
The free arena would last for a long time.
She didn’t want to fight today and only wanted to observe secretly.

Looking at Yao Man, who became more and more irritable on the ring, a hint of mockery suddenly flashed through Yun Feng’s eyes.
This mockery was caught by Yao Man fiercely.
When she knocked another opponent off the ring, Yao Man had already won thirty-nine rounds in a row!

The crowd was stirred! She was undoubtedly the first person to qualify today.
The first person to win forty rounds in a row!

Another summoner jumped onto the stage, but Yao Man raised her arm.
A beam of light flashed in the palm of the man in purple and sent the summoner who was about to get on the stage flying! He was completely shocked! Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel stunned when she saw this scene.
What was Yao Man doing?

Yao Man walked to the edge of the ring and spun her hand slightly.
A wand appeared in her palm! The crowd looked at the wand in Yao Man’s hand in confusion, but a tense atmosphere spread quietly.
Yao Man slowly raised her arm and pointed the other end of the wand at the back of the crowd, where the calm figure was standing!

“Yun Feng! Do you have the courage to come on stage?” Yao Man shouted loudly.
Everyone looked back in the direction of her wand.
They couldn’t help but make way in the crowd.
The girl, who had been standing behind quietly, suddenly smiled with a fierce glint in her black eyes!

“Yun Feng? Who’s that?”

“I don’t know.
I’ve never heard of this name.
She can’t be a big shot…”

“However, this lightning-element summoner called out to her.
It seems that the two of them must have a grudge, or they wouldn’t be like this.”

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